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Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Video Coverage: “The Scavenger” 千门八将, ntv7 brand new local Chinese drama!

Video Coverage: “The Scavenger” 千门八将, ntv7 brand new local Chinese drama!
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Kuala Lumpur, October 2014- Following the end of the drama “Daddy Dearest”, ntv7 will be having a brand new local Chinese drama titled “The Scavenger” 千门八将 to be aired from 8th October 2014 onwards, every Monday till Thursday, 9.30pm.

Using conning tricks as the main theme, “The Scavenger” is a drama with 25 episodes. The drama will be featuring characters with wise personalities and complemented with well-written human nature related dialogues. 

The cast members include Kyo 庄仲維, Karena Teo 张惠虹, Jeffrey Cheng 庄惟翔
Fabian吕志勤,  Ruby Yap狄妃,  Jordan 温绍平, Ong Ai Leng王爱玲, Rabbit Chen陈沛兴, Michael Chin陈逸豪, 陈旻伟 and Tommy Kuan关东珉 . The cast members will be utilizing mind-reading and human psychology knowledge as the foundation for tricking the others.

Our team from &  was given a chance to do a coverage on the press conference held a few days ago.

Video Coverage:

All of the cast members have shared with us regarding their experiences and memorable moments during the process of shooting.

To know what they spoke during the press conference, you can watch the video above or browse my link below for Full-written coverage:

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