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Thursday, 17 April 2014

Coverage: Jersey Boys @ Istana Budaya

Coverage: Jersey Boys @ Istana Budaya
Kuala Lumpur, 18th April 2014 – Our team of journalist and photographer from & has been given an opportunity to watch the amazing show of “Jersey Boys” yesterday. It’s not a wonder why the awards winning “Jersey Boys” could be one of the longest running shows on Broadway. It’s really spectacular!

Date: 15th-27th April 2014
Time: Weekday 1 show at 8:30pm, weekend 2 shows at 3pm and 8:30pm.
Monday (21st April) is dark day no show.
Venue: Istana Budaya

Summary Of The Story:
JERSEY BOYS revolves around the true-life story and the remarkable rise to stardom of one of the most successful bands in American pop music history – Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons - how a group of blue-collar boys from the wrong side of the tracks became one of the biggest American pop music sensations of all time.

Apart from featuring the band’s 60’s American pop worldwide hits, JERSEY BOYS also tells the story of the inspiring journey of The Four Seasons from the mean streets of Newark, New Jersey to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. It’s all about the friendships, hardships, fights and the success resulting from a New Jersey “handshake”.

Audiences were amazed by the top-notch singing by the casts!
Without any doubt, the crowd has totally enjoyed the singing by the casts. The quality of their vocal was brilliant. The whole show feels like a real concert of the legendary 60s American pop as more than 80% of the show has consisted of mesmerizing singing by the casts.

Impressive All-rounder Performers!
As mentioned, the casts have great voice. However, besides the splendid vocal, they also have great acting skills, good chemistry with each others as well as the amazing skills in changing props on stage. Different from other show, the casts in this show themselves were the ones who switched the props on stage for majority of the time! Their versatile talents were really remarkable!

Seamless flow of scenes with tremendous smooth props change!
The flow of the show is very well paced and there was not a single moment of interruption. Everything blends in seamlessly with music and well-written scripts without any moment of complete silence. (Except for the short break session of course.)

The most impressive part of the show is how good and smooth the props were changed throughout the show. The transition is so perfect and I am sure the audiences who have seen the show would totally agree with that. Totally brilliant!

Backdrop with comical relief! Scenes of real-life documentary video!
Throughout the whole show, the screen at the backdrop has been changing accordingly to the mood, theme as well as the background setting for the plot. Occasionally, there were some comical arts being shown on the screen which provide additional comic relief for the audience.

Besides, the team is also thoughtful enough to insert some real-life documentary video of THE Four Seasons to allow us to have a glimpse on the real 60s American pop band which has once stormed the music industry with their hits.

Experience the life of THE FOUR SEASONS!
Many important moments of THE FOUR SEASONS were really brought to LIVE with these wonderful backdrops and props. The audience could almost feel like they are in these boys’ shoes during the ups and downs of their life. You could almost feel like you are in the recording room with, in the club for their singing or even being at the backstage of their world tour concert.

Great Features of 60s Hits!
The show features many of the bands’ worldwide hits, including the ever-popular  CAN'T TAKE MY EYES OFF YOU as well as other hits such as WALK LIKE A MAN, BYE BYE BABY (BABY GOODBYE) and etc. It’s really entertaining to listen to all these good songs in one show! I believe the fans of 60s will totally enjoy it!

Inspiring and Thoughtful performance!
Despite being a jukebox musical, the show has provided some insightful moments for the audience as well. It has allowed us to see how a huge success was achieved from something as simple as a handshake. The obstacles and hardships throughout their journey provide a lot of inspiration to never give up in life. The friendship and relationship with the family has reminded us the importance of spending more time with the closest people in our life. All the messages delivered were really thoughtful!

Overall, it’s a brilliant musical which must not be missed!

“Jersey Boys” will be running in Istana Budaya from 15th-27th April 2014. Do check out the show before it’s too late!

Last but not least, million thanks to Milestone Production Sdn Bhd for bringing “JERSEY BOYS” to Malaysia. It’s a wonderful show not to be missed by any music lovers!

Published by WLJack.

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Easternworld Music Anniversary Open Day 环东周年庆开放日 (20th April 2014)

Easternworld Music Anniversary Open Day 环东周年庆开放日  (20th April 2014)

Easternworld Music Anniversary Open Day 环东周年庆开放日! Public is Welcomed to Attend the Celebrities’ Sharing Session!

Kuala Lumpur, 15th April 2014- In order to expand the company, Easternworld Music has shifted to a new location at The Scott Garden since beginning of 2014. This shifting of location can provide a better atmosphere and more comfortable environment to train and discover more talents who love music.

In conjunction with Easternworld Music Anniversary and also the shifting of new location, an open day will be held this coming 20th April 2014. All the general public is welcomed to pay a visit to the place and you can also take part in a few sharing sessions by the celebrities.

The open day details are as follow:

Date: 20th April 2014
Time: 11am – 6pm
Venue: 环东艺校3-11, The Scott Garden, 289 Jalan Klang Lama, 58000 K.L

The recording labels and music academy under Easternworld Music has always set 音乐·梦想· (Music, dream, family) as the main goal and priority. Apart from producing more and more musical talents, they also hope that they can provide these talents with a “family”. A “family” that belongs to music and dreams.

With their passion in providing training, Easternworld Music Academy 环东艺校 has produced so many different talents such as prominent singers, actors, producers, songwriters, Radio DJ and etc over the years. Besides, the academy here also consists of prestigious tutors who can promise a high quality musical course for the enrollments.

Free Session of Voice Recording – A chance to experience being a singer!

During the upcoming open day, there will be a plenty of special packages as well as free session for voice recording in order to provide a golden opportunity for the general public to experience how it would be to be a singer.

Due to limited vacancy available, do grab this opportunity quick and register earlier to prevent disappointments.

The contents of the sharing session include:
  • The sharing of experience by popular musician陈彦珲& singer张起政
  • Athena马嘉轩 sharing on how to sing as good as her
  • 可晴&Zen俊倩  alongside with 环东Junior sharing regarding the changes you might face after becoming a celebrity.
  • Kindermusic” (0-7 years old) course trial for the first time
  • Etc

So, everyone, do check out the open day! 

For more infoplease visit『环东艺校』facebook page:

or enquire/ register via 03-7980 1406.

Published by WLJack.

Monday, 14 April 2014

Jersey Boys @ Istana Budaya (15-27th April 2014)

Jersey Boys @ Istana Budaya (15-27th April 2014)

Date: 15th-27th April 2014
Time: Weekday 1 show at 8:30pm, weekend 2 shows at 3pm and 8:30pm.
Monday (21st April) is dark day no show.
Venue: Istana Budaya

Get ready for the awards winning “Jersey Boys” performance as it is finally coming to Malaysia. Jersey Boys has been performed over 3000 times and is now the 14th longest running show on Broadway. It has been seen and adored by over 18 million people.
Without a doubt, the show this time will definitely mesmerize the Malaysians with its brilliance and energy.

Introduction of the show:
Organised by Milestone Production Sdn Bhd, JERSEY BOYS revolves around the true-life story and the remarkable rise to stardom of one of the most successful bands in American pop music history – Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons - how a group of blue-collar boys from the wrong side of the tracks became one of the biggest American pop music sensations of all time. Apart from featuring the band’s 60’s American pop worldwide hits, JERSEY BOYS also tells the story of the inspiring journey of The Four Seasons from the mean streets of Newark, New Jersey to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. The Four Seasons: Frankie Valli, Bob Gaudio, Tommy DeVito and Nick Massi wrote their own songs, invented their own sounds and sold 175 million records globally – all before they were thirty!

JERSEY BOYS, winner of 54 major awards including the 2006 Grammy® Award for Best Musical Show Album, 2009 Olivier Award for Best New Musical and winner of the Best Musical Tony Award® on Broadway, in London and Australia is not a tribute band but a full-scale Broadway musical that takes audiences behind the music” to tell the story of the group through each of the four members’ perspectives.

The storyline tells a tale about friendships, hardships, fights and the success resulting from a New Jersey “handshake”. The show opened on Broadway in 2005 and 3000 performances later is STILL running to full houses. JERSEY BOYS is the 15th longest-running show in Broadway history; having surpassed the record previously held by Hello, Dolly!

The Four Seasons are played by Grant Almirall (Chicago, Evita, Jesus Christ Superstar) as Frankie Valli; Daniel Buys (Boys in the Photograph, Mamma Mia!) as Tommy DeVito; Kenneth Meyer (Boys in the Photograph, Evita, Jesus Christ Superstar) as Bob Gaudio and television star Emmanuel Castis (Scandal, Isidingo, season 4 winner of Strictly Come Dancing) as Nick Massi with Jaco van Rensburg (Showboat, Chicago, Grease) playing Frankie Valli at certain performances. The three leading female characters, fondly dubbed, the “Jersey Girls” are played by Carmen Pretorius (Footloose!, Mamma Mia, Cabaret), Taryn-Lee Hudson (Rocky Horror Picture Show, Kidz Rock, Let the Good Times Roll) and Kirsten Murphy-Rossiter (Some Like it Vrot, Grease, M-Net’s Crimes Uncovered).

According to Grace Lee, Managing Director of Milestone Production Sdn Bhd, “In our constant endeavor to introduce world-renowned and the best theatrical productions to Malaysia, we are proud to be bringing this multi-award Broadway musical to our shores. In addition to bringing in world class quality entertainment to Malaysians, we hope it will also help boost tourism for our nation.” We believe Malaysians have a growing appetite for live theatre productions and it is our hope that with more of such world class quality presentations, Malaysia will be recognized as a hub for the performing arts in this region thus further boosting our nation’s tourism appeal.”

Ticket Prices

For more information on ticket sales, please log on to .

For Show information, please visit:

Published by WLJack.

Friday, 11 April 2014

The Listing of Stage Play @ KLPac on June 2014

The Listing of Stage Play in KLPac on June 2014
Attention to all stage performances fans, there will be a ton of great shows happening in KLPac this upcoming June 2014. Here are some of the lists of shows which you might be interested in:

Shows available:
JUNE  2014
JUNE6-8 : The Typist
JUNE 7: Live @ The Actors Studio
JUNE   7-22: The Legends by Dama Orchestra
JUNE 12-22: Butoh Season by SoubiSha
JUNE9,10,16,17 : World Best Movies

Details of the show:
JUNE6-8                      The Typist《打字經》

TAS SeniTeater Rakyat, penangpac&klpac
Wong Lay Chin
Date & Time:
6-7 June @ 8.30pm, 8 June @ 3.00pm
Pentas 2, klpac
Ticket Prices
RM 38 (adult)
RM 28 (TAS, student)
When Jason Wong reports for work as a typist, he makes it clear to his fellow worker, Miss Lee, that his employment is strictly temporary. Jason, a married man, is studying O Level at night, and with his uncle already in successful practice, there is every hope that his future will be a promising one. Miss Lee, the "supervisor" of the two-employee office, has a few dreams herself mostly of the romantic variety so often indulged in by not so young spinsters with widowed mothers to support. Jason and Miss Lee hit it off well, and as Jason's "temporary" tenure stretches on from weeks to months to years, they become involved in the shared experiences of close daily contact. And, within the short span of the play, they begin to age and grow grey. While they go on chattering of the important things that have happened to them and of the bright future that will be coming up any day, the futility of their existence becomes increasingly evident. When they finally dodder off with friendly "good night" to their unseen employer we have witnessed a cycle of life complete with the humour, sadness, self-delusion and reconciliation that underlie and infuse the human condition.


JUNE 7Live @ The Actors Studio
The Actors Studio, klpac
Acoustic Gig
Date & Time:
June 7 @ 8.30pm
Indicine, klpac
Ticket Prices
Minimum donation RM10
Come and be a part of a live studio audience as Live @ The Actors Studio returns in a lighter and more intimate format. A bunch of Malaysian singer-songwriters will present a line up of their very own original compositions and behind-the-scenes insights into their work, to be recorded at the event for later broadcast.

Live @ The Actors Studio was conceived in 2011 under The Actors Studio Teater Rakyat as a platform to promote the work of home grown singer-songwriters by recording their work for broadcast and ultimately a compilation album. Presented in English and Bahasa Malaysia.

JUNE 7 - 22     The Legends
Dama Orchestra
Date & Time:
June 7 -22
Pentas 1, klpac
Ticket Prices
In conjunction of DAMA 20th ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION 2014, DAMA Orchestra proudly presents The Legends, featuring The Signature Songs Of Danny Chan, Leslie Cheung, Anita Mui& Roman Tam(with English narration) 

JUNE    Butoh Season
Date & Time:
12-22 June
Pentas 2, klpac
Ticket Prices
Experience the beauty of Butoh, a modern Japanese dance which allows the body to move in an organic, natural way.

JUNE    9,10,16,17          World’s Best Movies
Movie Screening
Date & Time:
9,10,16,17 June @ 8.30pm
Indicine, klpac
Ticket Prices
Free admission
Films about father and mother for parents day.

Published by WLJack. (based on official release by KLPac to

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Coverage: 4th Global Chinese Golden Chart Awards 【第四届全球流行音乐金榜颁奖典礼】

Coverage: 4th Global Chinese Golden Chart Awards 【第四届全球流行音乐金榜颁奖典礼】
4th Global Chinese Golden Chart Awards 【第四届全球流行音乐金榜颁奖典礼】has been held successfully at Putra Indoor Stadium, Bukit Jalil  a few days ago. It was a star-studded awards which was organized in collaboration between 12 mandarin radio stations from all around the world, including 7 main onesMalaysia MY FM, China MusicRadio音乐之声, Taiwan Hit Fm联播网, China CityFm城市之音, Singapore UFM, Canada 中文电台 and Los Angeles AM1300中文电台联办Astro AEC & Astro全佳HD as official TV stations.

Good chemistry between the emcees despite being from different stations!
As mentioned above, this event was organized in collaboration between many stations. Although all emcees are from different stations, their interactions were very good. The emcees for the night were MY FM贾森, Jym庄靖毅, HIT FM联播网阿娟, MusicRadio音乐之声Kevin 王文超, Singapore UFM1003林良泉& Canada中文电台陈敏愷. They have built a good rapport among each other and also hosted the stage very well.

Non-stop presentation of awards! 50+ awards winners were announced! 
This award show has announced more than 50+ awards winners. Due to the limited time, the presentations were done in a non-stop but well-paced flow with performances in-between the awards announcement. (The winners list can be found at the bottom of the article)

Although not all of the winners were present at the awards show, the organizer has filmed pre-recorded videos of the winners thanking the audiences and the fans for the support. Otherwise, the winners who have attended the show have performed on the stage after they have received their awards. After their performances, the celebrities were invited to the backstage for a short interview by the media members!

The celebrities who have attended the show include Yen-J 严爵, Bii毕书尽, Diana Wang 王诗安, Shang Wenjie 尚雯婕, Momoko Tao陶晶莹, Koala 刘思涵, Serene Koong 龚芝怡, ZChen 张智成, Eric Lin 林健辉, Thomas & Jack 东于哲, Soo Wincci 苏盈之, Fuying and Sam & Bell 宇田.

"年度全能艺人" Momoko Tao 陶晶莹 The Biggest Winner Of The Night!
After taking 8 years of break in singing, Momoko Tao is finally back and has proven to us that her singing and her latest album have won the hearts of the Mandopop fans because she has won年度最佳合唱歌曲, 年度全能艺人, 年度20大金曲, 洛杉矶 AM1300中文电台 (年度各电台点播率冠军).

Throughout the whole awards show, she has been doing a good fanservicing as she has greeted the audiences with “Tuan-tuan dan puan-puan” and etc. She has thanked all the fans for the support and love. She also thanked her husband after receiving the prize.

In the backstage, she stated that she would be interested to have a concert here in Malaysia. However, she wanted to check and see whether she has enough market or fan base for her concert to be carried out successfully. Well, I believe these awards have given her enough evidence on her popularity here. Thus, really hope she would be coming over for a concert soon!

By the way, Momoko has had a sharing session done earlier on the same day with the award show, you can check out her sharing via the link below:

Celebrities Performed Their Best On Stage!
Despite not being their own concert show, the artistes have demonstrated their professional performance skills on stage for the audiences. All of them have sung well on stage and have proven that they totally deserved winning the awards. They all have gained the cheers and screams from their fans on the floor!

Perhaps due to the hot weather lately, some of them even performed till sweats could be noticed. One notable artiste who is obvious is Yen-J 严爵 who have noted to be sweating all over his face when it was shown on the big screen. In addition, Yen-J also has a piano performance on stage which has totally mesmerized his fans!

Worth mentioning is Soo Wincci’s performance which is full of challenges. Apart from singing, she has also displayed her acrobatic skill and stunts on the stage. She has been lifted up high during her performance. It was a very dangerous act. She even mentioned that she was stuck in the mid-air for a while. Without any doubt, she has gained a lot of applause from the floor that night.  

Backstage Specials:
[Video Coverage] Backstage interview

The Two Major “Photography Poses” at the backstage:
All of the winning artistes have been sporting enough to pose according the official photographer’s instruction. They were asked to kiss the trophies which were prepared in the backstage.

Ever since the #Selfie trend created by Ellen DeGeneres during the recent Oscar, more and more people including the famous people have been taking group selfies! This award show is doing it as well at the backstage! Both the emcees at the backstage have requested the celebrities for a selfie after their interview with them!

#SELFIE (Compiled from 小MY FB Page)

How The Selfies were taken

So, out of all these celebrities? Which one do you think has the nicest “KISSING THE TROPHY” and “SELFIE” photo? Do comment below and let me know.

Winner List for 4th Global Chinese Golden Chart Awards 【第四届全球流行音乐金榜颁奖典礼】

Best Male Singer Of The Year年度最佳男歌手:陶喆
Best Female Singer Of The Year年度最佳女歌手:蔡健雅
Best Band Of The Year年度最佳乐团:五月天
Best Group Of The Year年度最佳组合:动力火车
Best Newcomers Of The Year年度最佳新人:
SilverFuying & Sam

Best Duet Song Of The Year年度最佳合唱歌曲:陶晶莹&方大同《是爱》
Best Album Of The Year年度最佳专辑:田馥甄《渺小》
Best All-rounder Artiste Of The Year年度全能艺人:陶晶莹
Best Movie Song of The year年度最佳电影歌曲:王菲《致青春》(《致我们终将逝去的青春》)
Best Television Drama Song Of The Year年度最佳电视剧主题曲/插曲:苏盈之《不应该勇敢》(《美味的想念》)
Most Popular Newcomer Of The Year年度最受欢迎新人:王诗安
Most Popular Band/Group Of The Year年度最受欢迎组合/乐队:五月天

严爵《好的情人》、丁当《手掌心》、蔡健雅《单恋曲》、苏打绿《我好想你》、Olivia Ong《等等》、黄鸿升《超有感》、田馥甄《渺小》、曲婉婷《爱的海洋》、罗志祥《爱投罗网》、Bii毕书尽《Come Back To Me》、陶晶莹 《真的假的》、东于哲 《第三个心愿》、张智成《记得是最好的遗忘》、陶喆《一念之间》、林俊杰《修炼爱情》、陈奕迅《稳稳地幸福》、林健辉《内伤》、王菲《致青春》、五月天 《伤心的人别听慢歌》、杨丞琳《天使之翼》

加拿大中文电台:Olivia Ong
新加坡 UFM 1003:龚芝怡
洛杉矶 AM1300中文电台:丁当
HIT FM联播网:Bii毕书尽
马来西亚 MY FM:张智成

新加坡 UFM 1003:龚芝怡《幸福不难》
洛杉矶 AM1300中文电台:陶晶莹《真的假的》
HIT FM联播网:林俊杰《修炼爱情》
马来西亚 MY FMBell宇田《雨是甜的》

The show ended at around 10.30pm. In my opinion, this awards show has definitely provided a good stage for the Mandopop artistes to perform and demonstrate their skills to everyone around the world!  Well done! 
Photograph and video by WLJack & fellow photographer JJ zai.    
Published by WLJack.

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