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About Our Team

ABOUT OUR TEAM (LOONG-UPDATES.BLOGSPOT.COM) & Facebook Page "Malaysia Events and Updates" were formed since 2011 and both have been prominent blog and facebook page in spreading and disseminating events news in Malaysia.

Beginning as just a blog, founder WLJack has published more than a few hundreds posts on events in Malaysia as well as the coverage for the event. Knowing his own limitation in managing the blog, a team of photographers and journalists have also been recruited to be part of this big family.

Besides, our blog has also been one of the nominees for the best entertainment & music blog in Malaysia Social Media Week 2014.

Our motto is to, "We spread the news, We cover the events, We share!"

About The Team

WLJack (Founder of
- Active event blogger since 2011
- Done coverage for more than hundreds of events in Malaysia.
Some notable events covered included Golden Disk Awards, Jay Chou Opus Concert Tour In Malaysia, CNBLUE LIVE in Malaysia, Barcelona FC vs Malaysia match, Twin Towers Alive 2012 and 2013 & etc. (Can refer to the coverage posts in my blog)
- Active movie reviewer blogger
- Currently a medical final year student.
- Owner of personal website which provides information other than events.
-Food, technology, Anime and more regarding the photoblogger can be found in the personal website.

Other crews
- Danny Leong, JJ zai, John Chong, JY Fam, Fiona Low (intern)

Movie Reviewer:
- JJ zai, John Chong, YeeYen

- YeeYen, Annabelle, Fiona Low (intern)

More about primary members:
1) Danny Leong - medical student, photographers for "Liang Photography", founder of "The Little Dream Production"
2) JJ zai - Psychiatry graduate, photographers for more than 20 events covered by, reviewed a few movies
3) YeeYen - Journalist and contributors for a few articles in Malaysia
4) JY Fam - Photographer designated for Astro events coverage
5) Fiona Low - medical student, enthusiastic intern who has helped to cover the event of Planet EUPE

Our team is always enthusiastic in spreading news and covering the events in Malaysia.

We are grateful for all the opportunities given by many organizing companies in Malaysia. (Example of companies which we have cooperated with as online media partner/blogger  are Jazzy Group of Companies, Astro, 8TV, KLpac, HIM Music, Easternworld Music, Sony Music, Sogo, Nuffnang and etc)

Of course, we do hope that in future, our team would get the opportunity to work with more companies as we hope to widen our coverage on events in Malaysia.

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