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Monday, 25 June 2012

MTV World Stages Live In Malaysia 2012 @ Sunway Lagoon Surf Beach (14th July 2012)

MTV World Stages Live In Malaysia 2012 @ Sunway Lagoon Surf Beach (14th July 2012)

Venue: Surf Beach, Sunway Lagoon
Date: 14th July 2012

This is an event that you must know, one of the largest concert of this year, World Stages Live In Malaysia. It is a money can't buy grand concert experience featuring the lineups of Justin Bieber, Jay Park , Kara and Mizz Nina.
Justin Bieber, the phenomenon in today pop culture is going to be your boyfriend of the night! 
Jay Park is going to amaze you with his explosive dance moves, singing and rapping.

Kara, the sweet melody South Korean girl group is here to mesmerize you too!

Malaysia very own Mizz Nina is one of the lineups who's going to spice up the concert as well! 

MTV World Stage Live in Malaysia is sponsored by Sunway Integrated Resort City, Lenovo, Xpax and Twisties, and supported by Astro as the broadcast partner. There's no sales for the tickets of the event, thus you must win the tickets from the link below:

By the way, Take Note!
The contest will end on 30th June 2012. So try your luck to win it as soon as possible to secure your pass to this must-not-miss concert ya!

For more info,please visit their websites:

Friday, 22 June 2012

Kay Tse Promo Tour @ Malaysia (22-24 June 2012)

Kay Tse Promo Tour @ Malaysia (22-24 June 2012)

Kay Tse Promo Tour Details:

2pm     : Pharmacare BuildingPekeliling
9pm     : Studio Restaurant and Cafe,K-Gallery,Bandar Manjalara

4pm     : Aeon MallIpoh
9pm     : House BarAlor Star Perak

3pm     : Selayang MallSelangor
6pm     : Musizone KaraokeSri Petaling

Thursday, 21 June 2012

《T – Ara Showcase in Malaysia 2012》 Press Release + Tickets details

*Update: Latest T-ara showcase related post can be found in the link below:

To all T-ARA Fans, I know all of you are curious to know more regarding the details if T-ARA showcase especially the ticket price list. Here's some extra informations for you guys. Below is the press release from Jazzy Group which has included all the details for the T-ARA Showcase in Malaysia.

Press release on T-ARA Showcase in Malaysia 2012

T – Ara Showcase in Malaysia 2012 Press Release
T – Ara will be coming to have their 1st showcase in Malaysia. It will be held at Dewan Wawasan, Menara PGRM, Kuala Lumpur on 3rd October 2012 (Wednesday), at 8.30p.m.

T – Ara is a popular Korean girl group formed by Core Contents Media in 2009. This Korean girl group consisted of 7 members, Lee Ji-hyun, Jeon Boram, Park In-jung,  Park Ji-yeon, Ryu Hwa-young, Ham Eun-jung, Park Sun-young . They has signed a $4.3 million contract with management company J-ROCK for their Japanese debut, which is the highest out of all the girl groups debuting in Japan.
 T - Ara first single, a remake of their 2009 hit "Bo Peep Bo Peep", debuted at number one on the Oricon weekly charts with 49,712 copies sold and became the first for a debuting Korean girl group ever in history. T – Ara has also won “Top Artist of 2011”at Billboard Japan Awards.

The ticket list range for your favorite girl K-Pop group’s T-Ara tickets are as below :  -
-VVIP (Lovey) – RM 683.00 + Free 1 T-Ara t-shirt and  1 T-Ara cap (Limited Seat),
- T1 (Dovey) – RM 383.00 + Free 1 T-Ara cap (Numbered Seating),
-T2 (Roly) – RM 283.00 + Free 1 T-Ara lanyard (Numbered Seating),
- T2 (Roly) Upper Level - (L) & (R)– RM 283.00 + Free 1 T-Ara lanyard (Numbered Seating),
-T3 (Poly) – RM 183.00 + Free 1 Transformer toiletries set  (Free Seating),
-T3 (Poly) Upper Level – RM 183.00 + Free 1 Transformer toiletries set  (Free Seating),
-T4 (We were in Love) -  RM 103.00 (Free Standing)
*Ticket Prices including RM3 processing fees*.

Ticket will be open on sale at Monday (25/06/12). If necessary, please contact Jazzy Group to get more details.

For Early bird, ticket starting from 25th of June to 30th of June will have discount 10% or free gift  for every tickets purchase [Excluded the ticket for VVIP (Lovey) and T4 (We were in Love)].
Ticket for VVIP (Lovey) only avalaible at Jazzy Group office and the first 120pax who bought VVIP ticket entitle to be on stage to get T-Ara poster autograph.
Tickets are available at all Ticket Charge outlets ticketing counter and Jazzy Group office only.

Stay tune with Jazzy Group Facebook, Official radio station One FM, Hot FM and official TV station 8tv for their latest news update. Do not miss out your opportunity to see an awesome and beautiful performance from your favorite girl K-Pop group in Malaysia. Grab your ticket now. See you there!

For more information, please visit our website or contact enquiry hotline:
TicketCharge 03-9222 8811 / JazzyGroup 03-5622 1600 & 016-2706253

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Shrek The Musical Review

Thanks to Yvents! , the organizing company of Shrek The Musical in Malaysia. I have got a pair of tickets to attend the musical show with my partner, Josephine. We have enjoyed the show and here's the review for it:

The singing and dancing were great. However, don't expect hip hop dancing or break dance like those in "Showdown" competition. The dancing were classical stage dance, tap dance and etc which mainly just to fit the singing of the show. The main focus would be the singing instead of the dance.  

The flow of the show is fast-paced and has done a successful job to link between each scenes. The character switching for each scene was smoothly done. For example, there are scenes whereby Princess Fiona switched between her older and younger self  & also switched into her Ogre form. The performers were able to make the switch in the nick of time.

Other than singing and dancing, other notable performance highlights include the puppeteer performance. Imagine, seeing Ginger breadman's talking with his lips moving. And also the manning of a giant creature! This Giant Creature is in my opinion the biggest limelight of the show!
(What is this giant creature? Well,if you have watched Shrek before, you will know. It's the creature whereby the knights are supposed to slain if they want to save the princess. )

The casting of fairy tale characters were great. The kids love them.

Overall,the musical show has successfully brought the story of 1st Shrek Movie onto the stage. It's entertaining and can bring a lot of joy especially for the family with kids or for people in a gang who love musical adaptation of films.

The Costumes were great as they were almost identical with the costumes shown in the movie. The dancers outfits were perfectly fitting for the scenes as well.

Props and Settings: 
This was the best part of the show. The backdrop were well made as they were able to bring the 3D effects to the audience. The switching of backdrops were fast between each scenes. 

The lighting has been well-coordinated too. There's a part whereby lighting play a major role in it. The lighting will make the house appear to be transparent so that we can see what happened between the conversation of Donkey and Princess Fiona.

The props were awesome, especially the Giant Creature I mentioned above! Seldom we would see such a creature at that large size to be presented on stage. And its eye could blinked as well. It was very cool! 

It was a pleasant Musical Show which is definitely suitable for family and for musical lovers! 
Nice performance!

I did not manage to take photos during the show as photo taking is strictly prohibited. But here's some picture taken from the Youtube trailer video: 

This show will be running from Tuesday (19th June 2012) till Sunday (24th June 2012) at KLCC Plenary Hall. 

You can book your tickets at:

For corporate and group bookings of more than 30 tickets, call 03-2287 2811 or email

T-ARA is coming to Malaysia on October!

*A new blog post regarding tickets details has been posted, here's the link:
T-ARA Press Release and Ticketing details

Yup! You heard it right! One of the hottest Korean Kpop girl group T-ARA is coming to Malaysia soon on 3rd October 2012! It's not a rumor anymore!

Anyway, just in case you don't know T-ARA yet, it is originally a 5 members group. But as some members have withdrawn from the group and now new members come in. It is now actually a 9 members girl group with the latest 9th member being Dani, a 14 years old girl.
Current members of the group include Boram, Qri, Soyeon, Eunjung, Hyomin, Hwayoung, Jiyeon, Ahreum and Dani.

The showcase will be held in Dewan Wawasan, Menara PGRM, KL this october! But still not sure whether Dani will be joining the group for the showcase as previously she was announced to be only joining the group for promotion on December.

By the way, this event is organized by Jazzy Group Of Companies which has brought a number of stars to Malaysia last time such as Hu Xia, TVB stars such as Myolie Wu, Michael Tse and etc.
So, I am sure the event would be presented well under good hands!

For more information on the showcase, do check out Jazzy Group websites: or Jazzy Group FB page

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Movie Review: Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter

Movie Review: Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter 

I got a pair of invitation to the exclusive premiere of Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter just now. So now I would like to share the review of the movie with you guys.

Anyway, just in case you guys have not heard about this movie before. This movie is based on the popular novel of the same title by Seth Grahame-Smith. The whole plot of the story is basically revolving around the famous 16th President of the United States, Abraham Lincoln. But it involves a fantasy-like fictional story line. So, what you will see in this movie may not be appropriately true with the history of United States.  

The story began with young Abraham Lincoln and his parents working as slaves for a guy called Jack Barts. Due to a conflict between Lincoln and Jack Barts, Abraham's mother was killed by Jack Barts via a strange method. Jack Barts was later revealed to be a vampire. In an incident, Abraham was trying to kill this vampire to take revenge for his mother's death. However, his plan was backfired and he was nearly killed by the vampire. A mysterious guy appeared and saved his life.  In order to gain enough strength and abilities, Abraham Lincoln requested for a training under that mysterious guy whose name is Henry. Henry trained Abraham enough for him to become a vampire hunter. Later, Abraham was assigned by Henry to kill a few vampires before he can take his revenge on the vampire who has killed his mother. The story then progresses with non-stop axe-wielding action and a lot of blood. I mean..REALLY a lot of blood.  The movie then also showed how Abraham Lincoln eventually became the President. 

I won't tell more about the story because I don't want to spoil the fun. However, what I can comment is that the movie is really action-packed and its visual is cool & stylish. It has reminded me of "Wanted" the movie. 

What I like about the movie?
1) There's a lot of actions, almost non-stop from when he started to hunt vampires till the end of the movie.
2) Cool stylish scenes with a lot of slow-motion effects.
3) Fast paced movie.
4) Nice make-up in Abraham Lincoln's appearance, especially the part when he has already become the President. He looks almost identical to the real Abraham Lincoln!

What I dislike about the movie?
1) Some scenes are seem to be disjointed and do not link well. Plus, some of the scenes may look a bit silly.
2) Lacking of strong plots. 

Additional point:
May not be suitable for minors due to excessive amount of blood spilling scenes.


My partner reviewer Josephine Yap said,
" It's a marvellous action thrilling movie!" 
giving a score of 7/10.

My opinion,
"It's definitely one of the most action packed movie this year! If you love "Wanted" the movie style of visual effects, you will love this movie!"
I give a score of 8/10 because I am an action movie fans.

So overall from us, review score is:
                              7.5/ 10.0 stars

Monday, 18 June 2012

Dreamworks' Shrek The Musical @ Plenary Hall, KLCC (19th - 24th June 2012)

DreamWorks’ Shrek The Musical LIVE in Malaysia  

Date: 19th-24th June 2012
Venue: Plenary Hall, Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre

Schedule for the show
Hey, everyone, do you guys have any plans this week? Wanna have a dose of musical fun & joy for you yourself and your family?

Take Note! 

Yvents! is now exclusively bringing Dreamwork's Shrek The Musical! to town this whole week from Tuesday (19th June 2012) onwards till Sunday (24th June 2012) in Plenary Hall, Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre. 

This musical show is based on the Oscar winning film "Shrek" and is going to feature a wonderful score of 19 all-new songs as well as cult Shrek anthem "I'm a Believer". This musical show promises to bring awesome dancing, laughters, breathtaking sets, costumes, along with strong cast, orchestra and crew which are definitely going to amaze the audience. 

So, what are you waiting for? Get the tickets now and rush to this box office sensation this week!

Book your tickets at: 

For corporate and group bookings of more than 30 tickets, call 03-2287 2811 or email

Friday, 15 June 2012

Twins Concert 2012 Coverage + Review

Million thanks to Nuffnang for providing me with a pair of invitations to attend Twins Concert. However, due to unforeseen circumstance, I could not attend the concert as I have no transport to come back KL after the concert. Plus, the hotels are fully-booked or is a bit too pricey. So,I decided to give my tickets to one of my friend who is a Twins fans for quite some time.

Here’s some of the photos taken by my friend followed by his review on the concert:

Review by my friend:
Performance: Twins concert was like a performance which has compressed their 12 years journey in music industry into a 2-hours show. Although they have performed a few shows in other countries around the world, it’s quite obvious that Gillian's tempo in dancing was a bit off-beat. On the other hand, we can also see that Charlene has grown a lot on stage. There’s a lot of time whereby Charlene has helped to support and back up Gillian on the stage. Overall, their performance in singing and dancing were still able to satisfy the fans and kept them excited.  Their sincerity and determination in delivering the best performance for the fans can be felt by the fans themselves.
In addition, their Band group was very professional. During the second Encore, they were able to play the whole song of any songs that are being suggested by the fans immediately during that time.

Costume: Their costumes this year and their costumes during 2010 concert were quite similar. However, both were also as attractive and gorgeous.

Verdict: It was a very nice performance. Well done!

That’s all from my friend’s review.

Thanks to Twins for bringing the excitement for the fans who have been supporting you guys for so long!

Not to forget, thanks to Celcom for bringing them here!

From me, thanks to Nuffnang for providing the invitation! Really appreciated it!

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Super GT Malaysia 2012 Coverage Part 2 ( Race and GT Queens)

The biggest motorsport event of the year has ended last weekend in Sepang International Circuit with Team No.18 Weider Honda Racing winning the GT 500 class and Team No.33 Hankook KTR claiming the chequered flag in GT 300 class.

This event has attracted around 80,000 fans which is even more than the number of crowd last year. The race this year has become a great challenge to the drivers as the weather was very hot and the track temperature has reached 47 degree celcius. The racing this year has been very furious and it has totallly amazed the fans.

Results of the race can be seen here:

Below are some of the photos taken during the race:
And here are some of the pics taken at the pit before the race starts and also picture when the race is finished:

Of course, other than the race, one of the biggest attraction of the event is the GT Queen, here are some of the pictures of the GT Queens I have taken:

Okay. That's all from me for the coverage of Super GT Malaysia 2012. It has been a wonderful weekend for me with the participation into this event. Hope there will be opportunity for me to join this event again and share with all of you again!

*For more photos of the race and GT Queens, please click on the link below:
Super GT 2012 (Race, Pit and GT Queen) Album

Super GT Malaysia 2012 Coverage Part 1 (Booths and Autoshow)

Well,last weekend has been very happening for me. Thanks to JPM Motorsport Media Revolution(M) Sdn Bhd, I was able to become the media for Sepang Super GT Round 3 Malaysia 2012.

Before we talk about the race, I would like to share with you some of the pictures of the booths and stage during the event:



This is a totally eventful festival with lots of nice and pretty display of cars as well as the presence of a lot of hot babes models. Apart from that, it is filled with a lot of nice activities such as the Muay Thai Performance, PS3 Gran Turismo 5 Competition Finals. It's totally worth the tickets to come to such a happening event! 

More photos of the booth models and Autoshow can be found at the photo album below:
Sepang Super GT Malaysia 2012

The next post would be about the race, pit walk and also the GT Queens. So stay tuned,everyone!

You may also check this out:

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