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Monday, 26 March 2012

Full coverage on 1st day of Twin Towers @LIVE 2012 on 23rd March 2012

Last friday night has been a great night for me.
There's this amazing concert Twin Towers @live 2012 being held in KLCC last friday to replace F1 Rocks Malaysia which has been cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances.

I have been able to involve myself as part of the media during this event.
Despite knowing that I can only register myself on evening, I still decided to go KLCC earlier to check out the settings and check out the crowd.

And here's the pic:

The stage is ready..waiting for the night to come!
Since the registration for the concert is not open yet, so I decided to check out the booth at Concourse.

After walking around the shopping mall, at around 4pm, I moved to the concert site again.
This time, a huge crowd has started to build up gradually.

By the time it reaches at around 6.30pm, which is the time when the entrance is opened for ticketed audience, the crowd there has already fully occupied the freezone.

This is the largest crowd I have ever seen in an event.

Above is the picture of all other fellow media members! :)

Not long after the entrance is opened,the host of the night, Jojo appeared in front of us greeting all of the audience!

Then, it is followed by DJ Prem who played a few remix songs to warm up the crowd. Most of the songs being picked are later being used in the next performance,which is a dance performance. Some example,include "Party Rock Anthem", "Bubble Pop" and etc.

The songs are played for almost more than half an hour, then Jojo came out again, interacted with the crowd, by giving certain instructions. Such as, asking the crowd in front [Golden Fan Zone] to say "hey", the crowd in the Premiere Fan Zone to say "Ho" and the crowd in free zone to say " G ".
"G" has been a magical word for the night because it's the initial for the group that we were waiting for,aka Girls Generation.

At around 8.30pm, after the prayer, everybody was so hyped up as they thought they are gonna finally see SNSD perform on stage. With hints by Jojo, it seems almost obvious that the first act about to start.
Everyone was expecting SNSD because in the schedule, SNSD is set to perform at 8.30pm-9.15pm.

However, when Jojo invited the artists out, it turned out to be Showdown 2011 champion, EleColdXHot. Yeah, some of the crowd seems disappointed at first but eventually were dancing along, shouting and enjoying themselves, as Showdown 2011 champion has been able to bring a Top-Notch Dance performance to the crowd and made them excited too.

Bubble Pop Dance
LMFAO dance

Finally, Jojo came out again, however, due to the delay of the girls' arrival, the host has to keep the crowd attended by asking the crowd to do what she has instructed before the dance performance. The "Hey" "Ho" "G" thingy.

However, due to the long wait, some crowd started to fear that the girl did not actually come. To reduce everyone's worries, DJ Prem showed the crowd the picture he has just taken with the Girls, as an evidence that the Girls from Korea is at backstage.

5 minutes of wait..
2 minutes of wait..
1 minutes of wait..

"Finally you are here" is shown on the screen.

Some of the SONEs (SNSD fans) started to shout "bring the girls out"..and eventually the girls came out..
Their presence has made all the crowd shouted..! :)

Here's the photos of Girl's generation performance:

It's amazing that the girls can actually perform dance and singing so well on stage. Another amazing thing of SNSD is, they were actually able to make almost all the crowd to sing along and fanchant along!
That night, the fans must be enjoying themselves a lot. Even I myself enjoyed very much too because I am a SONE too. I still remember the feeling of fanchanting, "jigeumeun So Nyeo Shi Dae. apeurodo So Nyeo Shi Dae. yeongwonhi So Nyeo Shi Dae"! It's so much fun actually! :-)

I have missed to capture the part whereby Tiffany shouted "Malaysia, put it back on!" during their song "Genie"!
Everyone shouted during that part!

Despite having some technical errors such as some sound system glitch (some part,mic no sound), the girls are still able to successfully deliver a great sensation to the crowd!

They have satisfied the crowd who came for them by singing 6 songs which are "the boys", "genie", "hoot", "Run devil Run", "Mr.Taxi" and "Gee".

That night, only 8 out of the 9 girls have come, Yuri did attend the concert. But the girls promised that they will come back again to Malaysia with Yuri! So, SONEs who missed the opportunity this time, don't worry, keep your fingers crossed, you might still have the chance to go for their concert again!:-)

After their performance, a lot of the crowd went to the exit to wait for them to come out. Some lucky SONEs even get to take their picture at close distance! :-)

Then, after their performance, we can see that a lot of the crowd have left the place. Because it's not deniable anymore that, most of the crowd that day who came are actually die hard fans of Kpop SNSD! Plus, since they knew SNSD is gonna take their flight that night too, so I believed that some of these fans have actually left immediately after SNSD Performance so that they can be able to reach KLIA in time to send off their idols.

Anyway,even though a lot of the crowd have left, mainly in between 13-25 years old, the people who are foreigners and people who are seemingly above mid-20s started to fill up the space which was originally occupied by the SONEs.

Nevertheless, the other performance that night after the girls are also great. With the lineup of James Baum, Reshmonu and of course Nicole Scherzinger who has liven up the crowd again!

Below are some pictures of Nicole performing.

It has been a great night for me and of course all of the people who attended it!
That's all for what I can cover for the 1st day of Twin Towers @live 2012.

I couldn't attend the 2nd day of the event because I was having some other things to do on that day. However, I am sure 2nd day of Twin Towers @live 2012 would be a great night too! :-)

Friday, 23 March 2012

A short review of Twin Towers @live 2012 (23rd March)

Just came back from TWIN TOWERS @LIVE 2012...

Anyway, as you can see from my third picture..there's quite a lot of crowd that has come over to the concert..

From what I see, a lot of the crowd, if based on the way they dressed (pink t-shirt), come along with Korean banners and so on..It's no doubt that they came here for SNSD!

Yup..that's right..SNSD is what the crowd came here for...

this concert has successfully flooded the whole KLCC with people...and honestly, it's amazing how the organizer was able to seal a deal with SM Entertainment and become the first company in Malaysia who has FINALLY successfully bring SNSD here!

SNSD has performed six songs in total which include "the boys", "genie", "hoot", "run devil run", "mr taxi", "gee"..

More coverage on the concert will be done tomorrow. Thanks.

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Girls' Generation (SNSD) Rock the Stage of Twin Towers @live 2012 This Friday!

Yup. It's confirmed and official. The nine girls from Korea, GIRLS GENERATION is invading our country this coming Friday in the gig none other than Twin Towers @live 2012!

SNSD, the female korean group who has conquered Asia, and has even spread their magical sensation to other countries outside Asia such as US, UK, France is finally coming over to Malaysia.

SNSD have become even more popular in the world stage and was even featured in ABC Talk show "Live with Kelly" and American show "Late Show with David Letterman".

All of the members in this Kpop group are well talented in singing, dancing choreography and also acting with some of the members taking part as lead actress in upcoming Korean drama such as Yoona in KBS 2TV Drama "Love Rain" which will be aired on 26th March and Yuri in SBS new drama "Fashion King" which has just aired a few days ago in korean.

A lot of their fans in Malaysia, a.k.a SONE have been left disappointed for the last few months because the girls have landed and performed in our neighbouring country such as Thailand and Singapore, but yet to perform here.

Thanks to Twin Tower @live 2012, all the fans' wishes can now finally became true!

SNSD will be performing along with other renowned artists such as American singer, songwriter and dancer Nicole Scherzinger, A-list class international singer Orianthi, R&B Star Kelis and a lot more.
Other than that, multi-award winning Malaysian artist, Faizal Tahir and DJ Nikki will be there too.

The event will be hosted by Deborah Henry, who was the Miss Universe Malaysia 2011.

This event is a two-day event show. The details is as below:

Venue: Kuala Lumpur City Centre (KLCC)
Date: 23rd and 24th March 2012
Admission: Free

Ticket information:
Free to the public in the public access area.

Tickets for ticketed areas obtainable through: Purchase RM150 worth of merchandise at the 2012 Formula 1™ PETRONAS Malaysia Grand Prix Showcase at the concourse level of Suria KLCC and be entitled to two (2) Fan Zone tickets. Spend RM300 worth of merchandise and be in the running for four (4) Fan Zones tickets. Tickets are available for both concert days. Subject to availability.

So, what are you waiting for?

Let's have fun in TWIN TOWERS @LIVE 2012 this Friday and Saturday!

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Twin Tower @live 2012 (23/3/2012- 24/3/2012)

In conjunction with the Formula 1 Petronas Malaysia Grand Prix, Petronas has announced that the TWIN TOWERS @LIVE will return this year on 23rd March and 24th March 2012.

The full artiste line-up has yet to be announced. However, rumors has it that KPOP group Girls Generation is going to perform for this event. ( Though still not verification from SM Ent, but it is being stated in Newspaper already )

Nevertheless, some of the artists who are confirmed including Orianthi, Nicole Scherzinger Kelis are definitely going to rock your day on Twin Tower @live 2012 ( 23rd March 2012 - 24th March 2012 )

Anyway,do come over on that 2-days for the fun you are gonna have in Twin Tower @live 2012! :-)

For more info, please visit:

Thursday, 15 March 2012

TVB Drama The Hippocratic Crush "On Call 36" Meaningful Proposal Scene The Hippocratic Crush Proposal Scene【on call 36小时】张一健婚礼告白

I am currently addicted to this latest TVB Drama by Kenneth Ma and Tavia Yeung about doctors.
The latest episode 24 has a very meaningful wedding scene which I feel like sharing with all of you.


Personally,I like a lot of the meaningful quotes and scenes in this drama series. They are quite inspiring and touching. :-)

JJ Lin Promo Tour 2012 @ KL + Penang (25-27 March 2012)

林俊杰《学不会》签唱会 Malaysia

JJ Lin is coming to town this March!
He will be coming for KL and Penang Autography session to promote his latest album 
And Fans out there,JJ Lin will be spending his birthday in Malaysia too!

Activity Info
25th March 2012 (Sunday)
4 pm
JJ <學不會>
簽唱會 Autography session
Lowyat Plaza Outdoor Main Entrance, KL

7 pm
CD Rama Music Carnival

One Utama New Wing Main Concourse, KL
26th March 2012
Penang JJ <學不會>簽唱會 Autography Session
Penang Gurney Plaza New Wing Main Concourse
27th March 2012
JJ Birthday Celebration + Fans Gathering

Mutiara Damansara Bentley Music Hall
For more info,please visit:

(posted by W.L Jack @

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