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Friday, 29 March 2013

Freya & Friends Musical Sharing Session 林凡"幸福零缺口音樂會 "

Freya & Friends Musical Sharing Session 林凡"幸福零缺口音樂會 "

Freya Lin, a Taiwan-born Malaysian Mandopop singer is going to have a musical sharing session this April in The Bee, Publika. 

The details of the sharing session are as stated below:
Venue: The Bee, Publika
Date: 5th April 2013
Time: 8pm

If you love her songs such as "五天幾年","一個人生活" and etc, you should check out this event!

For more info, please visit:
Freya Lin's Facebook page

Coverage of Della 丁噹 【真愛好難得】Fans Gathering @ Malaysia (Neway Puchong Casa Square)

Coverage of Della丁噹 【真愛好難得】Fans Gathering @ Malaysia (Neway Puchong Casa Square)
Last weekend, I was provided with the opportunity to attend Della 丁噹 【真愛好難得】Fans Gathering at Neway Puchong Casa Square.

Just in case you guys do not know yet, Della is going to have her concert on 31st May 2013 (Friday) & 1st June 2013 (Saturday) in Arena of Stars, Genting Highlands. So, the gathering on last weekend , 23rd March 2013 was organized in conjunction with her concert promotion in Malaysia.

Here's some photo taken during the fans gathering:
The gathering was consisted of more than 50 of Della's fans!

The Della's fans who was asked to lead the welcoming song for Della's appearance!

MYFM DJ Jym,the host of the gathering and Della!
Della and the fans!

Della was showing some love to the fans!

There's a short Q&A session between Jym and Della.
Anyway, Della is a very friendly artist and she really cares about her fans.

*Just a hint for those of you who love Della:
She actually really reads the fans' comments in her Weibo.
So, if you have something to tell her, can try to leave a message for her in Weibo! 
Della was patient enough to sign more than 50+ posters for the lucky fans!

The fans surprised Della with an early celebration of her birthday!
Della was about to leave. So, she gave all her fans a high-5 before leaving! 
Della and us who got the invitation via Neway!
Can spot me? :-)
There are a lot more photos in my FB page, you guys check out the photos here:

Last but not least, million thanks to Neway for the precious opportunity to attend the gathering!

Tuesday, 26 March 2013



International, K-Pop and Local Line–Up Got the Crowd Pumping to Fever Pitch

KUALA LUMPUR, 25th March 2013Twin Towers @Live 2013 held at the base of the iconic PETRONAS Twin Towers on 22 and 23 March 2013 was a roaring success attracting more than 50,000 fans over both days to watch its stellar artiste line-up.

Fanzone tickets holders flocked to the Twin Towers @Live hours before gates open at 5pm.
The two-day music gala opened on Friday, 22 March with Atilia who set the mood with renowned numbers like Selagi, Indah, and Sangkar. Next up was K-Town Clan who took to the stage to keep the energy going with catchy numbers like Backstreets Back and Trap Intro.

Malaysian own Jazz starlet, performed a catchy number, Pack Up.
The K-Pop phenomenon received a warm welcome from its fans when U-Kiss hit the stage with their boy charms. Performing their signature songs like Never Land, Standing Still, and Someday, the band received a rapturous response from the sea of K-Pop fans, who were all dancing and taking photos and videos to capture the best moments throughout the band’s performance.

 U-Kiss wowed fans with their boy charms and performed hit numbers like Never Land, Standing Still and Someday.
The stage was then dominated by the energetic performance of Demi Lovato. Despite an earlier short downpour, her fans stood ground to watch her perform her biggest hits that include Unbroken, Here We Go Again, and La La Land. The one-hour show brought on a screaming frenzy among her fans who managed to catch her first ever performance in Malaysia. To close out the first night of performance, DJ Face took to the stage and switched the crowd to a party mode.

Multi-talented singer, Demi Lovato performed for the very first time in Malaysia.
Returning with the same vigour on Saturday, 23 March, the Twin Towers @Live 2013 stage opened with local boy Caprice, who then handed the floor to the Earth Hour celebrations. The show continued with a spirited performance by internationally-recognised Malaysian, Mizz Nina. Both Malaysian artistes got the crowd pumping as the opening acts for the night’s two headliners Backstreet Boys and 2NE1.

 An internationally recognised singer, Mizz Nina got the crowd pumping with catchy numbers like Around The World and Take Over.

Accompanied by his dance crew, Caprice brought some popular hip-hop flavour to the show whilst Mizz Nina brought her pulsating energy along with chart busting numbers like Around The World and Take Over to energize the music lovers.

First time performing in Malaysia, 2NE1 brought on screaming frenzy amongst fans.
The K-Pop megastars performed their signature tracks like I Am The Best with pumping dance moves.
2NE1 were on stage next bringing their K-Pop vibe with tracks like Lonely and I Am The Best, that brought their fans to their feet, dancing and singing along to their performance. The girls who are set to make their US debut this year, were charming and addressed their fans in both Korean and Bahasa Malaysia. It was a sight to behold with the quartet performing heart pumping dance moves to their numbers and featuring energy levels which are exclusive to the K-Pop genre.

The Backstreet Boys are back to wow their fans with solid performances and sung their repertoire songs.
The stage was then home to Backstreet Boys, who performed to thousands of ecstatic fans. Their rendition of their chart-topping hits like Larger Than Life, I Want It That Way, and Everybody (Backstreet’s Back), truly brought the superstardom feel to Twin Towers @live. The crowd sang and danced along to each and every number of the hits they belted. Malaysian fans were given a special treat with the performance at the Twin Towers @Live 2013 especially with the Backstreet Boys set to embark on their 20th Anniversary celebration world tour. Expressing their love and gratitude for their fans across Asia, the group also performed some of their much loved dance moves that brought their fans literally to their feet.

Closing the night was DJ Tatsuro who opened the outdoor dance floor at the Twin Towers. Blending beats and sounds from various genres; including hip hop, electro-house, dubstep and trap, he kept the crowd going until 2.00 in the morning.

For more information/ images:
TWIN TOWERS @LIVE 2013 – Facebook:

Monday, 25 March 2013

Coverage: Twin Towers @live 2013 Day 2 (Featuring 2NE1 and Backstreet Boys)

Coverage: Twin Towers @live 2013 Day 2 (featuring 2NE1 and Backstreet Boys)

On 23rd March 2013, it was also the day for 60+ Earth Hour. In conjunction with Earth hours, Twin Towers @live 2013 has also allocated a slot for this electricity-saving programme.

The giant switch was turned off and the audience get to witness the progressive shutting down of lights from the peak of the twin tower buildings to the base.

Apart from that, the day 2 event of Twin Towers @live 2013 has just as much variety as during the day 1 event. It was consisted of performances by local artists such as One Nation Emcees, beatboxer Shawn Lee, Malaysia superstar Mizz Nina and etc. The night has also been liven up by miscellaneous performances as well such as dances, drums and etc.

After a series of performances, here comes one of the biggest act that night, K-pop sensation girl group, 2NE1! Just like during day 1, a lot of the audience came here just to see them perform. I am sure Malaysia K-pop fans were really very excited because they finally get to see 2NE1 performing LIVE.

There's a surprise birthday celebration for Bom!

After 2NE1's performance, it's finally the time for the main highlight of the night to come onto stage. It's the Backstreet Boys! This year is their group's 20th anniversary.
Thus, as a reward, the boys sang around one hour of songs for the audience!
All the audience were very excited watching their performances! 

Wanna have a look of the crowd that were there for Backstreet Boys performance?

Here's some pictures during Backstreet Boys' performance:

Backstreet Boys were very sporting during their performance. They have even done the Gangnam Style horsie-dance on stage in the middle of their performance. They were also good enough to allow 3 fans to come on stage and sing to these lucky fans right by their side.

Trust me, the atmosphere during Backstreet Boys were overwhelming! Most audience knew all the lyrics for their songs and thus you can hear a lot of fans singing along!
They said they will come again to Malaysia this year. So, for those who have missed their marvelous performance, you might have something to look forward to this year! 

Overall, Twin Towers @live 2013 has been a FANTASTIC show which has complemented well with the grand F1 Championship that was happening on that same weekend! Bravo to JoJo Events for the wonderful events with an awesome line-ups!

For more pictures of Twin Towers @live 2013 Day 2 event, please visit:
Twin Towers @live 2013 Day 2 Photo Album

Click here to read first day coverage: Day 1 coverage

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Coverage: Twin Towers @live 2013 Day 1 (Featuring U-kiss and Demi Lovato)

Coverage: Twin Towers @live 2013 Day 1

It has been a great weekend last week with the kick-off of the exciting TWIN TOWERS @LIVE 2013 on 22nd March 2013. The event was lined up with performances by Atilia, K-Town Clan, U-kiss, Demi Lovato and etc!

Date: 22nd March 2013
Venue: Plaza KLCC

The concert was not just all about singing. It was also filled with a lot of other performances such as hip-hop dancing, drums as well as fashion shows.
Quite a number of the local artists were also been given the opportunity to perform on this international stage.

Atilia on stage

K-town clan rocking the stage

One of the main scream during the event was during the appearance of the hot K-pop boy group, U-kiss! 
A lot of fans came here just to watch their performance!

After the awesome performance by K-pop U-kiss, the concert was proceeded with other miscellaneous acts such as fashion shows, drums and etc.

One of the weirdest fashion I have ever seen. Pillow man?
But still I have actually quite enjoyed the fashion show.
Drum performance (mixture of eastern and western drums)
There is some issue during the first day event though. There was a heavy rain that night. Thus, a number of the audience who did not have umbrella or raincoat have left the area before the last act, which was Demi Lovato's performance.

However, Demi Lovato's fans were still patient enough to wait till the end for their idol to come out on stage! Their patience were worth it as at around 11.40pm, Demi Lovato appeared on stage and this was the peak of the night! Everyone was screaming for her!

Demi Lovato's performance has been a splendid one! And I am really glad to see her LIVE because she was charming and her voice was really amazing! The concert ended with an encore by Demi Lovato singing, "Give Your Heart A Break"!

Overall, the first day of Twin Towers @live 2013 was a nice one!
But personally I have enjoyed the second night even more. Why?
Check out my blog soon for the coverage of the second day of Twin Towers @live 2013!

For more photos of the day 1 event, please visit the link below:
Twin Towers @Live 2013 Day 1 Photo Album

For Day 2 coverage, please click here: Day 2 coverage

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