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Tuesday, 29 April 2014

James楊永聰 “Stay留守”Promo Tour大馬宣傳之旅 @ Sungei Wang + Johor (10 May 2014 – 11 May 2014)

James楊永聰 “Stay留守”Promo Tour大馬宣傳之旅 @ Sungei Wang + Johor (10 May 2014 11 May 2014)

HIM MUSIC 華研音樂most potential singer of the year 2014, James楊永聰 will be coming over to Malaysia to meet the fans and promote his latest albumStay! Since his achievements in《中國夢之聲》, he has been well recognized by the music label company as well as all the audiences for being a talented singer.

Apart from having aStayPress Conference, James will be meeting the fans on 10th May 2014 (Saturday) at 7pm in Sungei Wang Plaza. He will also meet the fans in Johor on 11th May 2014 (Sunday) at different time and different location.

Do you want to meet James in person and watch him performing LIVE with his guitar? If yes, then you should check out the details below:

James楊永聰《StayPromo Tour大馬宣傳之旅schedules

James楊永聰《StayPromo Tour
10th May 2014 (Saturday)
7.00 – 8.30pm
Sungei Wang PlazaConcourse
11th May 2013 (Sunday)
3.00 – 4.30pm
Johor, City SquareConcourse
6.00 – 7.30pm
Johor, Plaza Tasek, Concourse

Monday, 28 April 2014

Official Media Release: Astro Wellness On The Go 2《星级健康2》 Returns! Everyone Exercised Along At Paradigm Mall!

Official Media Release: Astro Wellness On The Go 2《星级健康2 Returns! Everyone Exercised Along At Paradigm Mall!

4 Popular Hong Kong Artistes Exercised Along With The Public!

29th April 2014, Kuala Lumpur – After having such a positive reception from the Malaysian audiences over the Health Info TV Show “Astro Wellness On The Go《星级健康》 , Astro Wah Lai Toi 华丽台 has decided to cooperate with TVB again to produce the second season for  the show. It is currently titled as ,”Wellness On The Go 2”《星级健康2. This time, it has even included the sports elements into it in order to encourage more people to take part in exercise and to create a healthier community.

4 hosts from “Astro Wellness On The Go 2 《星级健康2Oscar Leung梁烈唯, Ruco Chan陈展鹏, Sharon Chan陈敏之 and Benjamin Yuen袁伟豪 has come over to Malaysia last weekend to take part in a “Exercise Along With The Public” Activity. This activity is a promotional event for the show.

Oscar梁烈唯 & Ruco 陈展鹏 has already appeared since 11.30am during that day and has given surprise to all the public who are present during that time. They have played some games with the public. On 3.30pm that day, the other two artistes,Sharon 陈敏之& Benjamin袁伟豪,have joined along Oscar and Ruco for the exercise and the launching ceremony.

Wellness On The Go 2《星级健康2will be featuring the original hosts including梁烈唯, 陈展鹏. 陈敏之, 陈智燊, 胡定欣, 姚子羚 and artistes who are famous for their roles inOn Call 36小时》which are 袁伟豪&黄智雯.

Wellness On The Go 2 《星级健康2will be filmed at a few places in Klang Valley. All the hosts will be hosting the show based on different sports such as jogging, swimming, basketball, badminton, cycling, dancing and etc. They will provide and share more information about how sports can improve our health conditions.

Besides, every host will be accepting challenges set by the crews and all of them will demonstrate their determination in getting through the obstacles. The show will also invite professional nutritionist to analyze the nutrition value and healthy diet as a reference for the audience to practise.

Main Sponsored by Watson Co-sponsored by Ogawa Pensonic & Nestle, Betadinc as cooperating partnerMelody FM & MY FM as official radio station, Astro Wellness On The Go 2《星级健康2 will be premiere on July via Astro华丽台(311频道)& Astro至尊HD(第310频道).

Published by WLJack.

Saturday, 26 April 2014

Rynn Lim林宇中【捨得】Malaysia Promo Event大馬簽唱會 (26th April 2014 -11th May 2014)

Rynn Lim林宇中【捨得】Malaysia Promo Event大馬簽唱會

26th April 2014 Saturday
3.00pm JB KSL City LG
7.00pm The Summit Batu Pahat

1st April 2014 (Thursday)
8.00pm Melaka, Mahkota Parade

9th May 2014 (Friday)
7.00pm UUM
新春晚會(Required Tickets Admission

10th May 2014 (Saturday)
9.00pm Raja Uda, Paprika

11th May 2014
2.00pm Taiping Sentral Mall
After 3 years since his last album,  “金曲獎新人” talented singer Rynn Lim 林宇中 will be bringing his new album【捨得】 to meet the Malaysia fans who have been supporting him all the time. Apart from performing the new song during the promo event, he will also sign autograph for the fans.

During these past three years of hiatus, Rynn Lim宇中 has been focusing on his filming career and has taken part in a few Malaysia and China movies and dramas. He has received positive remarked and satisfactory outcome from his filming career. Now, he is stepping back into music again.

He stated that he will not change his enthusiasm and will not be easily influenced by the current trend of music. He will be presenting the music which is original to his own style.

For those of you who wish to meet Rynn in person, please don’t miss his promotional events for his latest album《捨得》.

For more info, please visit The WonderLand+ Official Facebook Page:

Published by WLJack.

Special Deal: Jersey Boys Musical Exclusive 50% Discount

Special Deal:  Jersey Boys Musical Exclusive 50% Discount
Just a few days ago, our team has reviewed the awards winning Jersey Boys. It was a mesmerizing show.

Now, there’s a good deal for all of you. The organizer has extended 50 % discount to all of our facebook fans and followers. You can use the PROMO CODE on the voucher below to purchase ticket online or can come to Box Office at Istana Budaya (1.30pm for weekend) with the saved image of the voucher.

The show will be available at Istana Budaya from 15th-27th April 2014. So remember to catch the show before it’s too late!

Published by WLJack.

EasternWorld Music 13th Anniversary Open Day!

EasternWorld Music 13th Anniversary Open Day

EasternWorld Music 13th Anniversary Open Day Celebration!  Heartfelt Gifts By The Artistes!

Kuala Lumpur, 26th April 2014 – A week ago, Easternworld Music has celebrated its 13th anniversary. The artistes under the companies have prepared gifts that are full of sincerity. Athena Beh 马嘉轩 who is about to release her second mini album Right Nowstated, she would be devoting all of her time for the company and for her upcoming promotional events and performance.  She wished that she could earn more and help the company to form an exclusive building for Easternworld Music.  In addition,张起政 has mentioned that he will try to create a song for Easternworld Music and he will continue to lead all the junior colleagues towards their musical dreams.

EventEasternWorld Music 13th Anniversary Open Day环东13周年庆开放日
VenueEasternWorld Music环东音乐 The Scott Garden

EasternWorld Music Announced 2014 Plans For The Artistes

In conjunction with the shifting of headquarters to a new location and 13th anniversary, EasternWorld Music has announced the 2014 plans. They wished that their shift to the new location can bring them an even better achievement. Artiste Manager Guo Rong announced that李承运 has joined Easternworld Music and will have a few upcoming projects. 张起政 while having a break, will continue to produce songs. It is revealed that he has three new songs confirmed to be sold to oversea artistes already. The most important plan this year is to help Athena Beh马嘉轩 release her latest album. The company will put a lot of focus on that.

KeQing可晴 who is the ambassador for prominent luggage bag and camera brands have presented the gifts from these two categories to the company. She wished that the artistes under the company can have more opportunity to perform in other countries. Zen who has released her single了解我” last year on the other hand has used ukulele to sing a birthday song to the company. She is confirmed to be releasing an EP within this year.

EasternWorld Music Academy环东艺校Determined To Produce More Highly Potential Talents in Musical Industry!

For the past 13 years, EasternWorld Music has produced many notable singer including马嘉轩、张起政、可晴、Zen俊倩 and etc. Now, the company has shifted to the new environment in hope that its comfortable atmosphere could help in producing and moulding more new talents in musical industry.

The recording labels and music academy under Easternworld Music have always set 音乐·梦想· (Music, dream, family) as the main goal and priority. They hope that they can provide these talents with a “family”. A “family” that belongs to music and dreams.

With their passion in providing training, Easternworld Music Academy 环东艺校 has produced so many different talents such as prominent singers, actors, producers, songwriters, Radio DJ and etc over the years. Besides, the academy here also consists of prestigious tutors who can promise a high quality musical course for the enrollments.

During the open day, artistes under EasternWorld Music such as 张起政, 马嘉轩, 可晴& Zen俊倩 have done a few sharing sessions. I am sure those who have attended the open day must have gained a lot of knowledge through those sharing session.

For those who have missed the open day, you can find out more about it at EasternWorld Music Academy『环东艺校』official facebook Page:

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Friday, 25 April 2014

h2o+ Meet & Mingle with Priscilla Wong黄翠如 & Aric Ho 何志健@ One Utama & Sunway Pyramid (26th April 2014)

h2o+ Meet & Mingle with Priscilla Wong黄翠如 & Aric Ho 何志健@ One Utama & Sunway Pyramid (26th April 2014)
To all TVB fans, I am sure Priscilla Wong黄翠如 is no stranger to you all, right?

In conjunction with h2o+ Roadshows that are happening on that day, the sweet and pretty celebrity Priscilla Wong黄翠如 & singer Aric Ho 何志健 will be in Malaysia on Saturday (26th April 2014).

The details of their Meet & Mingle session are as below:
One Utama
Oval, First Floor, 1 Utama Shopping Centre
26th April 2014
11.00 am till 12.30pm

Sunway Pyramid
Ground floor, Sunway Pyramid Shopping Centre
26th April 2014
3.00pm till 4.30pm

Do check out the event if you are their fans!

Published by WLJack.

Astro Wellness On The Go 2”星级健康 2” Promo Event @ Paradigm Mall Boulevard (26th April 2014) [Featuring Oscar Leung梁烈唯, Ruco Chan陈展鹏, Sharon Chan陈敏之 & Benjamin Yuen袁伟豪]

Astro Wellness On The Go 2星级健康 2 Promo Event @ Paradigm Mall Boulevard (26th April 2014)
Do you guys still remember the fitness and health programme by Astro, titled Wellness On The Go last year? Last year the hosts of the show have come over to Malaysia for a series of promotion activity such as fitness dance along with the crowd. Watch the video below for a glimpse of the promo event last year.

This year, the programme has a second season titled, “Wellness On The Go 2”《星级健康2 . Similar like last year, 4 of the hosts in Astro On The Go 2《星级健康2Oscar Leung梁烈唯, Ruco Chan陈展鹏, Sharon Chan陈敏之 & Benjamin Yuen袁伟豪 will be coming to Malaysia on  26th April 2014 (Saturday)  and meet the fans at Paradigm Mall Boulevard to promote about the show.

This event will start from 11am till 5pm. The four Hong Kong Celebrities will be meeting the fans and do aerobic dance with the fans for two different sessions.

Event details:

26th April 2014 (Saturday)
Boulevard @ Paradigm Mall
Time and celebrities:
Ruco Chan陈展鹏、Oscar Leung梁烈唯
Oscar Leung梁烈唯, Ruco Chan陈展鹏, Sharon Chan陈敏之 & Benjamin Yuen袁伟豪

Thursday, 24 April 2014

SummerNats Malaysia @ Sepang International Circuit (29 August to 1 September 2014)

SummerNats Malaysia @ Sepang International Circuit (29 August to 1 September 2014)
SummerNats Malaysia: The largest congregation of classic, custom, hot rods, muscle and super cars and motorcycles!

  • Malaysia to host the first international show for Australia’s Biggest Auto Event
  • A four-day auto escapade with diverse proportions

Take note to all motorsports fans. Australia’s biggest automotive event, Summer Nationals or SummerNats is coming to Malaysia soon!  For motor heads, the hosting of the very first SummerNats Malaysia is going to be the start of a huge annual pilgrimage for custom and collectible car and motorcycle lovers.

Details of SummerNats Malaysia:
Date: 29th August 2014 – 1st September 2014
Venue: Sepang International Circuit
Ticket Fees: RM100 for four days

Monday, 21 April 2014

Kpop Alphabat First Showcase in Malaysia & Audition For New Members (26 April 2014 – 27 April 2014) @ Johor Bahru & Kuala Lumpur

Kpop Alphabat First Showcase in Malaysia & Audition For New Members (26 April 2014 – 27 April 2014) @ Johor Bahru & Kuala Lumpur
The Kpop group ALPHABAT will be coming over to Malaysia this coming weekend for their first showcase. Apart from performing LIVE, they are also having an audition session to recruit new members into their team!

Do you love Kpop? Are you interested to find out who are the Malaysians that are going to become the new member for this group? Check out the details below:

Alphabat 1st Showcase @ Johor Bharu
Date: 26th April 2014 (Saturday)
Time: 3pm
Venue: Danga City Mall ,JB.
Entrance: Free admission

Alphabat 1st showcase @ Kuala Lumpur
Date: 27th April 2014 (Sunday)
Time: 3pm
Venue: Summit Subang USJ, KL
Entrance: Free admission

For more information, please visit:

Published by WLJack. 

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Coverage: Jersey Boys @ Istana Budaya

Coverage: Jersey Boys @ Istana Budaya
Kuala Lumpur, 18th April 2014 – Our team of journalist and photographer from & has been given an opportunity to watch the amazing show of “Jersey Boys” yesterday. It’s not a wonder why the awards winning “Jersey Boys” could be one of the longest running shows on Broadway. It’s really spectacular!

Date: 15th-27th April 2014
Time: Weekday 1 show at 8:30pm, weekend 2 shows at 3pm and 8:30pm.
Monday (21st April) is dark day no show.
Venue: Istana Budaya

You may also check this out:

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