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Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Coverage: Jason Chen and Clara C LIVE in Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur, 31st July 2013 – Youtube sensations Jason Chen and Clara C have performed for us, Malaysians last weekend for their LIVE concert, “Jason Chen and Clara C LIVE in Kuala Lumpur”. The concert was held in Bentley Music Auditorium, Mutiara Damansara on 28th July 2013, 9.00pm.  

Apart from Jason Chen and Clara C, the concert has included performance by other talented singers from Malaysia too.  The event was hosted by a funny emcee Johann Razali who can speak not just Malay, but also Cantonese and Mandarin. He has used his humor and Cantonese words “Ngam Jor” to keep the audience entertained during the gap between performers.

The first opening act was by a Malaysian singer Charis Ow who has performed songs such as Thrift shop, Boyfriend and etc. Her voice was not bad and she’s quite sweet. Shortly after Charis’s performance, Revellers came on stage as the second opening act for the show. Just in case you do not know, Revellers was the group who has performed in Simple Plan’s concert last time. He has performed a few of my favourite hits such as Mirrors and Radioactive. However, the lead singer’s voice was not at his prime because he was not feeling well that day. But his effort to try his best is something respectable. J

After the two shortening acts, Johann came on stage again and cracked a few jokes which have made the audience laugh. The audience kept on insisting him to sing a song. But of course he didn’t sing. He was about to welcome Clara C to come on stage. But I think there was a switch in performance sequence. So, Jason Chen came on stage instead! All of the fans were screaming his name as he came on stage. He came on stage wearing his “Music Never Sleeps” black T-shirt!

Jason Chen has performed some covers such as Wang LeeHom’s song and Bruno Mars’s “When I was your Man”. He has also performed a few of his originals such as “Thank You”.  Besides singing, he has also thrown some free T-shirts for the fans. The T-shirt has a Chinese Music Never Sleep words “音乐不夜 written on it. The audience was excited and everyone was trying hard to grab the T-shirts.  In addition, Jason has also taken the chance to take a photo of him on stage and tweeted it!

One notable mention is, all the band members that day were amazing and they were playing the background music for both Jason and Clara. They seem to be really enjoying music! That day was the birthday for his drummer, Jason has also sang a Birthday song for the drummer.

After Jason Chen’s performance, there was another guest singer who came on stage to perform. She was Mandy Star, a nine years old kid who can sing rock songs quite well. After her performance, there was a giveaway session for the lucky tweeters who have tweeted about the event.

It’s finally Clara C’s turn to perform. She was a really cheerful and adorable singer. The crowd was shouting for her too as she appeared on stage with her painted guitar. The guitar decoration was done by her ownself. There was some issue with the microphone and the guitar sound during her turn to perform but she was able to keep the fans entertained by singing melodies with lyrics related to “technical error”. The fans were impressed by her spontaneity. She has also requested the hall to turn the light on because she would really want to look at how her Malaysian fans look like. Some of the songs sang by her that day include Heartstrings, Fish and Offbeat. The fans seem to know Clara C really well!

There was a technical error during the performance and Clara was a bit emotional. However, she was still cool enough to continue singing, in ACOUSTIC. It was very soft in volume at first. But fortunately one of the crew came and raised the microphone in order to let it reach Clara for a better voice projection. It was a funny scene but we were able to see that the crew was trying his best to keep the show going smoothly.

As Clara left the stage, everyone was shouting for an ENCORE. But, it was a bit disappointing because there was no encore during the show. I guess many people were expecting for a duet between Jason and Clara too. At least, I was expecting for that.

Overall, I can still see that the fans left the hall with a smile on their faces. They seem like they have really enjoyed the show. Although there was no encore, the fans actually get to meet and greet with the stars that night post-show. They even have the chance to get autographs and photos with Jason Chen and Clara C. I am sure those moments would definitely become priceless memories for the fans.

Well, thanks EXECS EVENTS for bringing these two prominent youtubers to Malaysia! I am sure most of the fans really appreciated it very much!

Friday, 26 July 2013

(Featured Post) Press Release of The Launch of ‘Nationwide Campaign Against Domestic Violence’

Press Release – The Launch of ‘Nationwide Campaign Against Domestic Violence’

KL SOGO, is an organization very much involved in reaching out to the community especially in organizing many yearly CSR projects beneficial to the community and also bringing awareness to the public for each of their causes every year. It has always been KL Sogo priority to serve the community better and play their part to help in tackling community issues that are happening around.

This year, KL SOGO has embarked on yet another Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Project, to raise awareness among the public about domestic violence against women and also to form core groups in every state to continue with this advocacy work. 

The ‘Nationwide Campaign Against Domestic Violence’ was officially launched on the 13th of June 2013 at KL SOGO.  The ‘Nationwide Campaign Against Domestic Violence’ was initiated by Carol Lee (Mrs Malaysia Universe 2013) and is fully funded by KL SOGO and organized by the All Women’s Action Society (AWAM).

The main objectives of this campaign are to raise awareness on the issues of domestic violence, to promote and encourage volunteers to join the force as advocates and trainers, as well as to form core groups to maintain and continue the advocacy work throughout the country.

The campaign will run for approximately 1 year, starting from July 2013. Phase 1 will include Kuala Lumpur, Perlis, Penang, Kedah, Johor, Kelantan, Terengganu, Pahang, Perak, Melaka, Negeri Sembilan and Selangor, all of which will be divided into 4 zones.

The campaign involves organizing half-day workshops in every state for approximately 100 participants. The workshop will provide information on domestic violence and its effects and causes, legal rights and aid provision by Legal Information Clinic  in collaboration with the State Legal Aid Centres & NGOs, the impact that it has on Muslim women and also recruitment of participants who are interested to be Advocators.

KL SOGO and Carol Lee are hoping that many will come to know of this cause and join in to give their support to AWAM in order to help those who have been or are victims of domestic violence.

For more information, kindly contact AWAM at 03 – 7877 4221.

By the way, viewers, do  join in to vote for Mrs. Malaysia Universe, who was the one who initiated the CSR programme. 

Do check out noscara page too. If you vote at the noscara page ( and submit the details by 31 July, you might stand to win a VVIP Ticket to Opus Jay World Tour on 3 August 2013! So, remember to check it out!

Thursday, 25 July 2013

"The Wolverine" (2013) Movie Review

“The Wolverine” takes place after the event in X-men:The Last Stand. As wolverine survived the battle in X-men: The Last Stand, he was haunted by the fact that he has to kill his love, Jean Grey who had gone berserk during the event in that movie. He was constantly living under his nightmares. This time around, a mysterious Japanese girl has found him and invited him to Tokyo. One of Wolverine’s old Japanese friend, Yashida is dying and he wishes to see him for the last time. In Tokyo, due to certain events, Logan (a.k.a Wolverine) has lost his healing ability. He is going to face enemies who would be able to put him to death.

What has happened which caused Wolverine to lose his healing ability?

Who are the real enemies he is about to face?

Will he finally free himself from his misery and die like a normal human?

Let’s put your claws up and check it out in the nearest cinema!

Full Review: 
(for summarized review, please visit:

“The Wolverine” as mentioned above, is the sequel after the event in X-men: The Last Stand. Wolverine has lost most of his friends and most importantly the love of his life, a.k.a Jean Grey. The psychological impact faced by Wolverine was well portrayed in this movie making it not just a mindless slashing and hacking action movie, but it has also delivered the insight of how it would feel when you have lost someone important in your life.

James Mangold has done a good job in making the film not just focusing on the action sequence but also the storyline and characters development. The film has some twist of events which might surprise you in the end. Throughout the movie, there were a lot of unanswered questions. But all of these were not plot holes as they were brilliantly answered as the movie progresses. Every scene happens for a reason. Thus, making its story-telling quite compelling and mysterious at certain times.

As for the action sequences, it was simply amazing. There are quite a lot of action scenes which were creatively shot. The most notable moment is when Wolverine is fighting a bunch of Yakuza on top of the bullet train. It is really nice and I am sure a lot of audience will like that part of the movie too.

On the other hand, the pacing of the movie is fast.  But the movie does slow down a little at certain scenes for the development and interaction between the characters. By the end of the movie, you will get to know the sentimental side of Wolverine better. Besides, there were a few jokes and funny dialogues inserted in a few of the scenes too.

For the acting and performances, overall most of the casts have done a magnificent job in their roles. Hugh Jackman has returned again reprising his role as the Wolverine for the sixth times on screen.  It is seldom for us to see the same actor playing the similar superhero character for so many times. But nevertheless, Jackman has never disappointed us. His acting is undeniably good and his portraying of The Wolverine character is spectacular. To me, Hugh Jackman is already the real Wolverine.

As for the new casts, Tao Okamoto (playing the role of Mariko) and Rila Fukushima (playing the role of Yukio), both have done a good job too. I am sure the audience will probably like both of them too by the end of the show. I have to admit, I don’t really like Yukio at the first glance, but due to her stunts and her performance later on in the show, she has convinced me to like her too.

The soundtracks blend well with the movie and they were good enough to immerse you into the fast-paced action scenes. It might not be as fantastic as Hans Zimmer’s soundtrack but it can provide a certain amount of epic background atmosphere which complement well with the mind-blowing actions.

Apart from that, the movie is mostly filmed in Japan. Most of the scenes involve Japanese buildings or landscapes which are visually beautiful for the viewers. All of these have added a new flavour to the X-men franchise. Throughout the film, the audience are also exposed to some Japanese cultures too (such as the funeral ritual, Japanese language, ninjas and ..even..the love hotel). This setting is something fresh in a western blockbuster movie. Some other western movies might have been filmed in Japan too. But The Wolverine has actually taken the effort to really introduce more regarding the local cultures to the audience.  

There is one bad thing about the movie though. It’s regarding the villains in this movie. I found that the villains were not as well depicted as the protagonists. For example, Viper (one of the mutant villain in this movie) feels somehow coming out of nowhere and nothing much is really explained about her. At times she seems to be a very tough opponent but at times she just seems like a joke as a villain because she’s rather weak in the end. Her character just doesn’t feel right and a bit inconsistent. Same goes to another few antagonists too.

Another minor issue is, there is lacking of blood in this film. You can see Logan (Wolverine) slashing the enemies, but you can’t see any blood, would that be possible? But it’s still an understandable issue due to the viewership rating of PG-13.

Overall, this is definitely something more than I’d expected from an X-men movie. To be frank, I really hated the first wolverine standalone movie a few years back, X-men Origins: Wolverine. But, to my surprise, this movie seems to stand out from the other movies of the same series. Instead of feeling like the usual “superhero” movie, The Wolverine makes me feel like it’s an insightful movie with some James Bond movie element in it.

I totally love it!

What I like about the movie:
  1. Great storylines with a twist, fast-paced yet engaging, serious mood but has humours too
  2. Cool action sequences
  3. Convincing acting by most of the casts
  4. Epic background soundtracks
  5. Nice background settings and visuals
  6. HUGH JACKMAN!!! (He has made Wolverine comes to live again!)
What I dislike about the movie:

  1. Villains which are a bit out-of-place and inconsistent
  2.  Lacking of blood from enemies who were basically slashed with claws (but can be acceptable because not all audience can accept scenes with too much blood)

This movie deserves 9.0/10.0!

In my opinion, this movie has surprised me with the standard much higher than what I have expected. It is easily one of the best movie in the X-men franchise!
Cool actions, good storylines with surprise, epic soundtrack and nice cultural settings! Thus, it is a must watch for Wolverine fans or audience who enjoys action movie!

By the way, remember to stay behind for the post-credit scene!

However, for people who are anticipating a movie which can top the Dark Knight Rises, you might be disappointed or might not like The Wolverine that much! Or else, the audience who simply hates X-men or Wolverine, this is a movie you should stay away then!

Published by WLJack.

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Malaysia IT Fair (16th August 2013 onwards)

Malaysia IT Fair (16th August 2013 onwards)
Malaysia IT Fair is coming back again! Here are the list of places and dates for Malaysia IT Fair:

Kota Kinabalu
Date: 16th – 18th August 2013
Venue: 1 Borneo, KK

Kuala Lumpur
Date: 30 August- 1 September 2013
Venue: Mid Valley, KL

Date: 6-8 September 2013
Venue: Stadium Indera Mulia, Ipoh

Date: 18-20 October 2013
Venue: PISA, Penang

Johor Bahru
Date: 6-10 November 2013
Venue: KSL, JB

Malaysia IT Fair main sponsors are Kaspersky and Tech Titan!

Besides Malaysia IT Fair, in conjunction with Launching of Kaspersky 2014, Jay Chou has been invited for the launching ceremony.

Click on the link below for the details of “Witness Kaspersky 2014 Launching with Jay Chou”.

Witness Kaspersky 2014 Launching With Jay Chou (5th August 2013)

“Witness Kaspersky 2014 Launching with Jay Chou” is happening this August 2013. Below are the details of the event:

Venue: GSC Pavillion
Time: 3.00pm
Date: 5th August 2013

To score a pass to get up close with Jay Chou, you can participate the event below:

Eugene Ionesco's MACBETT @ KuAsh Theatre, TTDI

Eugene Ionesco's MACBETT

Produced by: The Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre (klpac)
Venue: The Actors Studio @ KuAsh Theatre, TTDI
Opening Date: 14 August 2013 (Wednesday)
Show Dates & Time: 14 - 18 Aug @8.30 pm; 17 & 18 Aug @ 3.00 pm
Ticket Price: RM35 (Adults); RM25 (students, senior citizens, disabled, TAS Card members)
Ticket Promotions: 5 tickets for the price of 4
Show Type: Play

About the show:
After crushing a violent rebellion for the cowardly Archduke Duncan, loyal generals Macbett and Banco are seduced by two unassuming witches into starting their own revolution. Duncan meets his fate, but the throne is guarded by intruding ghosts, singing nobles and a walking forest. Only one will remain king, but for how long?

A surrealistic take on Eugène Ionesco's absurdist parody, MACBETT is a story of a familiar world gone insane. Irreverently written, it takes your preconceived notions about ambition, politics and theatre and turn it into a never-ending nightmare. Be prepared to throw the sanctimonious out the window.
MACBETT contains traces of unfathomable language, audience involvement and sexual tension. For grown-ups only.

Our Sister's Son - A Story of a Boy Through the Eyes of His Queens @ Pentas 2, KLPac

Our Sister's Son - A Story of a Boy Through the Eyes of His Queens

Produced by: The Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre (klpac)
Venue: Pentas 2, Klpac
Opening Date: 1st August 2013 (Thursday)
Show Dates & Time: 1 - 3 August @ 8.30pm; 3 & 4 August @ 3pm
Ticket Price: RM43 (Adults); RM33 (Students, Disabled, TAS Card members)
Ticket Promotions: Preview night tickets (1 August) - RM33 for all.
Show Type: Play
About the show:
Don't we all have a relative who is a bit different? They could even be a brother, son or daughter... Our Sister's Son is the story of Ah Mei, who has always known her son, Ah Ren, was not like the other boys. Ah Ren would flee from a football, and found fishing far less exciting than singing Cantopop with his quirky Aunties.
Now that Ah Ren has grown up and left the nest, his mother and her sisters are left in their kampung house in Kulim reminiscing and imagining the life that Ah Ren would lead as an 'unconventional' boy.
Suitable for mature audiences only. Presented in English, Bahasa Malaysia and Hokkien, with surtitles.

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Recap on 2013 红星关怀·生命有爱 LIFE IS LOVE 慈善音乐会

2013 红星关怀·生命有爱 LIFE IS LOVE 慈善音乐会

温昇豪自由发挥almost missed the concert due to typhoon
11 overseas singers attended to contribute their“Love”
温昇豪 and 自由发挥 who was coming to Malaysia for the first time almost missed the show due to typhoon. Luckily, they were still managed to reach the venue before the concert started. However, 自由发挥’s luggage hasn’t reach the airport in time. So they have switched their costumes into “Love” event t-shirt creating an extra effect during their performances.
Organized by Malaysian Red Crescent Penang BranchMY FM as the official Radio FMRedBox & GreenBox Karaoke as the media partner KK Box as mediaKBS 韩国美人、aeioustudio Infinity Dimet as sponsored. 2013紅星關懷、生命有愛》charity concert was successfully held on 13th July 2013 in Straits Quay!

Kimberly 陈势安 has high popularity
Joanna 王若琳Brought her personal band to Malaysia
During the concert,Joanna王若琳 has brought her personal band over to Malaysia and performed in a LIVE BAND style. She has performed a few songs including “Chitterchat”, “You and Me” and etc.
Kimberly who has been popular for her song “愛你” was cheered and shouted in joy by the audience as she appeared on stage. In fact, there were fans who gave her present during the concert. In order to have a closer interaction with the fans, Kimberly even went down to the ground to shake hand with the fans. The whole crowd that day were singing along with her during her “愛你” song. On the other hand, 陈势安 has purposely come back to Malaysia for the concert.  During the interview, he has revealed that he would be releasing his latest album this end of the year. He hoped that his fans can stay tuned for his new album.

马嘉轩 represented Penang by speaking in Hokkien when welcoming the emcee
马嘉轩who was born in Penang has spoken in Hokkien dialect welcoming Taiwan emcee吴恩星. Her appearance began with the song “认错” and her singing has earned her a round of applause from the floor.《相信着》is 马嘉轩’s latest release, it has also able to make the fans to clap hands and sing along when she was performing the song. During interview,马嘉轩has revealed that her music company was in the midst of plan to allow her to expand her career in Taiwan. She hoped that everything will go smoothly.陈仁丰 who has been in a 5 years hiatus to further his study in musichas also appeared LIVE to perform in a solo style. (playing instrument and singing at the same time). He stated that this was his first performance after taking a break for 5 years. “问号少女可晴has also appeared LIVE in the concert performing《收留》,the song which has been one of the 2013 MyAstro至尊流行榜颁奖典礼《至尊金曲》。

张起政created the main theme song for the event,named asLOVE
张起政,who has recently awarded 《最佳迷你专辑》in AIM has made a lot of songs for other celebrities before. This time, he has created the main theme song for the event named as “Love” and he performed the song himself too alongside with  马嘉轩、可晴 and 陈仁丰. This song is a heartwarming song which has definitely deliver the message of “Love” to the crowd.

蔡健雅performed for Finale  梁文音appeared on stage with short hair
梁文音 who hasn’t been here to Malaysia since two years ago finally came to perform in our country for this concert which was held in penang. She has appeared on stage with a new short haircut and performed “最幸福的事”. Besides, she has also performed 3 songs from his latest album. Last but not least, the finale of the concert was performed by Tanya蔡健雅. The moment she entered on stage, there was a big round of applause and cheers from the audience. During intereview, 蔡健雅 said that she has forced herself to take a break for one day before the concert because she would be performing 6 songs including《抛物线》and《陌生人》. Lastly,蔡健雅has ended the concert with her most iconic songBeautiful Love》。

Song Lists:
Joanna 王若琳   -  Coins\Remote Control\Chitterchat\亲密爱人\You and Me\
马嘉轩 - 认错\相信着
陈仁丰 - 幸福意外
可晴  - 收留
张起政 - 爱像瘟疫蔓延+说爱了
马嘉轩、陈仁丰、可晴、张起政 - 大会主题曲《Love
Kimberly 陈芳语  - 没有办法没有你\Never Change\爱你
陈势安   - 势在必行\再痛也没关系\天后
梁文音  - 最幸福的事\你为什么那么快乐\心里的孩子\月光地毯
自由发挥  - 3D舞力全开\G.Y.M
温昇豪  - 何苦\别找我麻烦
蔡健雅  - 红色咖啡鞋\抛物线\陌生人\说到爱\Beautiful Love

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