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Saturday, 31 August 2013

A-Prince Promo Tour In Malaysia

Hey, K-pop fans, take note! 
K-pop group A-Prince is having a Promo Tour In Malaysia.

The schedule of their promo tour in Malaysia are as stated below:

Date: 31st August 2013 (Sat)
Time: 9.30pm
Venue: Shop-In D'Park Sky TV - Autocity, Juru

Kuala Lumpur
Date: 01 September 2013 (Sunday)
Time: 2.30pm
Venue: Level 3, West Court, The Mines Shopping Mall

Kuala Lumpur
Date: 01 September 2013 (Sunday)
Time: 5.30pm
Venue: Sungei Wang Plaza, Concourse

For more info,please visit:
JNation Entertainment Facebook Page

Coverage: Bii 畢書盡 "Come Back To Bii” Promo Tour @ Sungei Wang Plaza

[Coverage] Bii 畢書盡 "Come Back To Bii” Promo Tour @ Sungei Wang Plaza

Kuala Lumpur, 31st August 2013 – Bii 畢書盡, a Korean-Chinese mixed singer has come over to Malaysia for a series of promotion of his second album, “Come back to Bii” from 27th August 2013 to 1st September 2013. The promo tour has taken part in a few different states including Selangor, KL, Johor, Perak as well as Penang. Our team was managed to do a coverage on his promo activity in Sungei Wang Plaza.

Huge crowd of fans in Sungei Wang Plaza!
Bii’s appearance in Sungei Wang Plaza has attracted many fans to come over to meet him LIVE. Most of the fans were well-prepared with fan boards written with “Bii”. A lot of them have waited more than an hour before the scheduled time for Bii’s appearance.

MyFM DJ Jym breaking the ice with fans!
The emcee of the day is MyFM DJ Jym. Before Bii’s appearance, he was interacting with the fans and kept them hyped up with some poster giveaways and etc. During his poster giveaways, he requested that each fans need to voice out one question for Bii if they wanted to get the posters.

Some of the questions asked by fans included:
  • How old is Bii now?
  • What is Bii’s favourite food in Malaysia?
  • Does Bii have girlfriend yet?
  • When does Bii plan to get married?
  • How does Bii think of Jym, does he think that Jym is handsome also?
  • What is the happiest thing that Bii has ever done in his life?

Apart from the ticket giveaway, Jym has also done a warm-up with the fans whereby he asked the fans to sing the chorus of Come back to Me from each side of the fans. The fans really knew the lyrics and they sang the chorus part as told by the emcee.

Fans cheering and screaming in excitement as Bii appeared on stage!
Bii has finally come on stage to meet-and-greet the fans with his charming smile. All of the fans were very excited and were screaming in joy seeing their favourite idol came on stage. Bii sang one of his most famous Hit song now, Come back to meand all of the fans sang along too.

Below is the video of his performance during the event:

Biis interaction with fans!
A few lucky fans were chosen from the crowd to go on stage for a mini-game and interaction with Bii. After the game, Bii took some photographs with the lucky fans.

Autograph sessions with very long queue!
The event then proceeded with the autograph session. The amount of fans who bought the CD album for Biis autograph was numerous. The queue was very long and the fans still remained at the venue even after their albums were signed.  From here, we can see that Bii really has a great fan base in Malaysia.

Overall, Bii is really a rising star and his songs are really great. Just in case some of you still do not know him yet. It’s time to Google for his name and check out his music!

Last but not least, thanks to Universal Music Malaysia for bringing Bii over to Malaysia.

Thursday, 29 August 2013

Coverage: Red Box and Green Box Food Review "World Buffet" Event

Coverage: Red Box and Green Box Food Review "World Buffet" Event

Kuala Lumpur, 29th August 2013- Red Box and Green Box Karaoke has carried out a food review event a few days ago (27th August 2013) and many media members as well as celebrities have attended the event to witness the launching of the all new international buffet in Red Box and Green Box.

Interview Session With The Chefs!
During the event, Red Box has invited a notable celebrity Chef, Bruce Lim who is a chef consultant to Lee Kum Kee. He presented his signature dishes along with Red Box and Green Box Chefs during the launch. Just in case you guys do not know yet, Chef Bruce Lim  is a Filipino-Chinese, which is often seen on Asian Food Channel Show. During the Food Review Event, he was interviewed regarding his experience throughout his career.
Some of the questions and answers during the event include as follow:
  • Chef Bruce Lim has learnt to cook in London.
  • It’s a new attempt for Lee Kum Kee now because it has finally approached western cuisine too. Previously, Lee Kum Kee mostly focuses in Chinese cuisine. Just like Red Box, now not only focuses in entertainment but also in providing a variety of international good food for the customers.
  • Best Food he has ever eaten was his grandmother’s steamed fish.
Red Box Chef was also interviewed regarding the launching of this international buffet. Anyway, in this international buffet, there will be many diversity of food from different countries such as Italian food, Brazilian food, Turkish food and etc.

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Press Release: SS501 Park Jung Min South America Tour with Overwhelming Response

SS501 Park Jung Min South America Tour with Overwhelming Response
Join us on October 12 in Kuala Lumpur!

Korean male lead actor of Taiwan idol drama "Fondant Garden" – SS501 Park Jung Min, with the huge fans base in South America since his debut, has finally successfully organized three individuals’ fans meeting in Peru Lima, Mexico and Peru Arequipa of South America. Each sessions have gathered averagely thousands of fans to attend.

Since the tour related news were announced on June, South America’s fans took initiative to meet up every week to practice fans’ chant, and memorized every songs of Park Jung Min in order to leave a unforgettable memory for the idol. Park Jung Min always received a lot of invitations from South America, but due to Park Jung Min's full itinerary, he was only able to make the trip possible this year.

Park Jung Min himself handled everything hands-on from the planning to the songs selection for this tour. He has continuously put efforts via rehearsing repeatedly, in order to present the stage performances as perfect as he could. During the fans conference, Park Jung Min has delivered fascinating stage performance to his fans while also interacting closely with them by playing games and even speaking in Spanish with them.

Anyway, fans in Asian countries are also waiting eagerly for Park Jung Min's updated news every day and night. Despite of being in South America, Park Jung Min was still mindful of the Park Jung Min featuring ROMEO 1st Malaysia Showcase which is jointly organized by New Pro Star and PMP Entertainment on 12th October 2013 (Saturday) at Star Stage, Level 15 @ KWC Fashion Mall, Kuala Lumpur.

Park Jung Min who has come to Malaysia before said that he misses the Malaysia fans because they are very enthusiastic.  In the upcoming "Dual Personality" tour concert, you can expect to see him perform ROMEO performances and also some interaction with the fans. It will definitely worth the price.

Want to see the transformation of Park Jung Min charismatic stage performance? Then, you should not miss this rare opportunity. Tickets price for this showcase are ranged from VVIP-RM390, VIP-RM290, Zone A-RM190 and Zone B-RM120.

For more information about ticket launch, please contact official Ticketing Agent- TicketCharge: +603-9222 8811 / or
New Pro Star: +603-7960 0779 /

[Featured Post] Animangaki 2013

Kuala Lumpur, 28th August 2013 – Animangaki 2013, a grand anime manga event has occured in Sunway Pyramid Convention Centre last weekend (24th and 25th August 2013). It has gathered many cosplayers, anime and manga lovers during the event to take part in many interesting activities such as:
  • Doujin booths 
  • Art Competition 
  • Photography Competition 
  • Touhou Festival : Animangaki'13 
  • AniManGaki Idol 
  • Cosplay SOLO Competition 
  • Cosplay DUET Competition 
  • Video Games Competition 
  • Bands and Stage Performances 
  • Omatsuri 
  • AniManGaki Cosplay Workshop

Admin Blogger WLJack has the opportunity to do a coverage on the event, below are some photos taken during the event:

For the full article coverage and more photos during the event, please visit Admin WLJack's website:

Monday, 26 August 2013



Kuala Lumpur, 26th August 2013 –  Infinite “One Great Step” Malaysia Concert Ticket Launch Event was held in Fahrenheit88 Mall last Sunday (25th August 2013) and it has gathered a lot of fans who were anticipating Infinite’s performance in Malaysia. Some INFINITE Fans even queued up for 30 hours in order to grab the  VVIP tickets.

By the way, INFINITE is a Korean megastar band who is currently gaining a massive popularity among the Kpop fans. It was consisted of 7 male members (Sung Kyu, Dong Woo, Woo Hyun, Hoya, Sung Yeol, L, and Sung Jong) and they were successfully debuted in June 2010. They have made a few No. 1 hits, like ‘Paradise’, ‘The Chaser’, ‘Man In Love’ and more.

On the same day during the ticket launch event, all tickets purchased came along with a limited edition poser and fans also have the chance for a lucky draw. According to the organizers, VVIP R1/R2/L1/L2 tickets were sold out while other tickets category are selling fast and the availability is very limited.

For those of you who have yet to get any tickets yet, do check out the ticketing agent website for further ticketing enquiries:

Do grab your tickets fast before it is sold out!



Kuala Lumpur, 26th August 2013 – CNBLUE BLUE MOON WORLD TOUR Concert has happened in Stadium Negara on last Saturday (24th August 2013). It was brought to you by Samsung Malaysia Electronics and organized by Daol Entertainment. It was a spectacular treat for the BOICE as they were amazed by the splendid performance of Jung Yong-Hwa, Lee Jong-hyun, Lee Jung Shin and Kang Min-hyuk. The concert has provided the excitement as anticipated by the fans!

The whole concert was crowded with BOICE and k-pop fans who love the Seoul-based rock band. The whole stadium was like an ocean with blue light sticks. The fans even prepared a big cloth with written words welcoming CNBLUE to Malaysia.

Opening act brought the beat on!
A group of band members playing beatbox complemented by guitar and cello were the opening acts for the show. It was a unique opening and the crowd was already very hyped up even during the opening act.

BLUE MOON Finally Arrives!
After the opening act, an introduction video was shown on screen displaying a Blue moon followed by the members’ appearance with their names displayed. This was the time whereby the fans were really screaming really loud and the heat continued on as the band members finally came on stage to perform for the fans.

Non-stop singing begun!
As CNBLUE came on stage, they began to sing approximately 20 songs for 2 hours continuously. In between a few songs, they moved around the stage and interacted with the fans too. Yong-Hwa being the vocalist has been moving to the front stage most of the time. He was singing in the middle of the front stage and the fans were delighted as they could see him at such a close distance. Of course, near the later part of the show, the other members also strolled around at the front stage too.

Prominent Efforts to Interact with MALAYSIAN fans!
It’s obvious that CNBLUE members have put in a lot of efforts to build more rapport and closer interaction with our local fans. Throughout the whole concert, they have spoken many Malay sentences such as, “Apa Khabar?””Terima Kasih” and etc. Of course, “Apa Khabar?” and “Terima Kasih” were common terms used by other K-pop singers too during other concerts. However, CNBLUE has gone beyond that and mentioned other words such as, “Sekali lagi”,”Kanan”,”Satay” and even “Kuat Lagi!” It was so much fun seeing how they actually took their time to learn Malay language. I guessed they must have gone through intensive Malay Language class prior to the concert.

Unique Video Presentation!
Apart from audio amusement, the video streaming of their show on screen was spectacular too. Many effects were used such as retro filter, TV News filter and even a cool manga-like video was shown on the screen. It’s not just a concert with great music but also with entertaining visuals!

Encore Which Seems Endless For The Fans!
After CNBLUE has performed “I’m sorry” and stated that it was the last song, none of the fans even left the place because they were expecting encore from their beloved idols. Without disappointing the fans, CNBLUE did come back for an encore. But it was not like a usual encore whereby the main stars would usually sing only additional 1 or 2 songs. CNBLUE was totally different! Once they came on stage for encore, they began another wave of awesome music again and sang another 7 songs!

Overall, it was a SUPERB concert! I am sure everyone who attended to the concert would be having a good memory of the show because it was really magnificent!

Published by WLJack for ONLY & .

Sunday, 25 August 2013

Coverage: Astro’s Merdeka Day Campaign Aims to spread positivity and happiness!

Astro’s Merdeka Day Campaign Aims to spread positivity and happiness! 

Kuala Lumpur, 26st August 2013 – In conjunction with Malaysia’s 56th Independence Day, Astro celebrates the best of Malaysia through a variety of activities on air, online and on ground to spread positivity and happiness. They are the #gobeyond and #UrMalaysianisShowing campaigns, as well as the launch of a new music video, entitled, “Excuse me Sir, your Malaysian is showing.” The launching of all these campaigns have taken part on last Saturday (24th August 2013) with the presence of a great lineups of celebrity guests, bloggers as well as a huge public.

During The Launching Programme:
Date: Saturday, 24 August 2013
Time: 3:00PM
Venue: Level 3, North Court (in front of Food Juntion), Midvalley Megamall, Kuala Lumpur

Among the celebrites who have attended the event included赵洁Astro本地圈艺人颜慧萍,关萃汶 and MY FM DJ贾森Besides, Dato’ Aznil Hj NawawiRevathyLisa SurihaniLingkeshVinothHaniff (ERA)Arnorld ( De Alwis ( (MIX fm) and Uthaya (THR Raaga) have also attended the event. Many bloggers were there too participating in an activity organized by Nuffnang and Astro.

Apart from all these, the venue also has a photography spot whereby the public can take photos there. Some of the celebrities also went there to interact and take photos with the public. And there was a booth whereby we can customize our own unique Malaysian Lingo T-shirt on-the-spot.

Spreading Positivity and Happiness!
Henry Tan, Chief Operating Officer, Astro said “This year, our Merdeka Campaign revolves around celebrating our uniqueness as Malaysians and encouraging everyone to do something positive to put a smile on the faces of others. We invite everyone to participate in our #gobeyond campaign and tell us about it on social media with the #gobeyond hashtag. Your positive action can be helping someone in need or even writing an inspiring message, which trigger the Positive Engine. Every positive act will be tabulated. To date, we have received over 140,000 positive contributions and we are aiming to exceed the million mark.”

Unique Malaysianess!
The Positive Engine is the first of its kind that features Malaysian landmarks and is housed in the 3rd floor in Mid Valley Megamall for all to see. Astro celebrates the best o 1Malaysia and our Malaysianess by recognizing our unique lingo such as Syok!, Gostan, Brudder, Fuyoh, Macha, understood only by fellow Malaysians. Everyone can be part of this and own their favourite lingo on T-shirt via the #UrMalaysianIsShowing Facebook app. Proceeds from the sale will contribute towards a charitable cause.  

Malaysian themed Music Video!
A music video aptly titled “Excuse me Sir, your Malaysian is showing” is also created. A few Malaysian artists have also sang the song LIVE during the launching of the campaign on 24th August 2013. The music was indeed full of the flavor of Malaysianess.

(This article was published by admin WLJack for both and only.)

Saturday, 24 August 2013

Coverage: Press Conference of CNBLUE BLUE MOON TOUR IN MALAYSIA

CNBLUE BLUE MOON World Tour In Malaysia Press Conference Coverage

Kuala Lumpur, 24th August 2013 – CNBLUE BLUE MOON World Tour In Malaysia  press conference was held on 23rd August 2013 at Grand Hyatt, Kuala Lumpur.  All the Malaysia media members met and greeted the popular K-pop group CNBLUE with warmth at the ballroom.  

Prior to the conference, Vincent Chong, Head of Mobile Phone Division, Samsung Electronics stated, ”The wave of South Korean popular music is ever-growing and this evident with the excited fervor amoungst Malaysians for CNBLUE’s arrival in Kuala Lumpur. As the first leg of CNBLUE’s Blue Moon World Tour, we wanted to give the fans an unforgettable CNBLUE experience through various opportunities to win concert tickets and meet and greet passes.“

“Samsung recognizes how passionate Malaysians can be about music and we found this to be a great avenue to enrich their lives with a unique CNBLUE experience.” Said Chong.

Press Conference Sessions
Before the conference began, the emcee has introduced a little about the Korean wave, Hallyu and regarding CNBLUE. The Seoul-based rock band, consisting of Jung Yong-Hwa, Lee Jong-hyun, Lee Jung Shin and Kang Min-hyuk then arrived into the press room and greeted the media members with “Apa khabar?” and “Kami ialah CNBLUE.” The members then introduced themselves to the press members.

Quite a number of questions were asked during the press conference. Below are some of the questions:
Q: How do you feel about Malaysia so far? Probably about the weather or the food?
A: The weather is just like Korea right now and we are here for our very first concert in Malaysia. So we have so much expectation and we are so looking forward to it.

Q: Have you tasted the food yet?
A: I would try “Satay”. Satay will be the number one thing I would like to try.

Q: Yonghwa, you have written many tracks for CNBLUE, so how do you get the inspirations when writing your song?
A: It’s not like I plan it, these are inspirations that just come naturally depending on the environment around me. Sometimes I get inspiration for the lyrics and sometimes I get inspired for the music/melody.

The Emcee then said that hopefully his stay in Malaysia can inspire him. Yong Hwa then spontaneously sang, “Oh Malaysia..this is my nolstalgia.”
Q: Jong-hyun, you were a judo Gold medalist in hugh school, so can you take on a bad person when you’re in a top situation?
A: Well, now I have a lot of security brothers around, so I don’t think it’s necessary for me to actually take action.

Q&A by the members of the floor:
Q: Both Yonghwa and Jong-hyun are successful singer song writers, what about the maknaes?
MH: Usually I take notes on the lyrical idea that I get but we are still in the learning process. Yong-Hwa is teaching us pretty much. But we usually edit songs together. So whenever we are doing work together I get to learn more things. So by the time when we reached their level, maybe we will have some songs written by ourselves.

Q: What inspired the name BLUE MOON for your tour?
A: Blue moon only comes once in a while. Since it’s going to be our very first world tour, we want our tour to be special. So we named it Blue Moon.

CNBLUE members were given a token of appreciation after the press conference session.

The coverage on CNBLUE BLUE MOON CONCERT will be up soon. So, stay tuned to our website.

By the way, thanks Samsung Malaysia Electronics for offering the fans various opportunities to get up-close and personal with their South Korean rock heroes and thanks Daol Entertainment for organizing the event.

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Coverage: Press Conference of《换乐瑞士360》featuring Host萧慧敏

《换乐瑞士360- 40 days filming featuring Host萧慧敏

Kuala Lumpur, 22th August 2013 - 《换乐瑞士360 is broughtto you by Astro 本地圈 and is hosted by Siow Hui Mei 萧慧敏. This is a big challenge for萧慧敏 because she has to learn to cook and bring 13 Malaysian food recipes to be shared and exchanged with the people in Switzerland during the 40 days of food exploring trip.

萧慧敏 while skilled at hosting was a beginner in cookery. Thus, before the programme was filmed, she has undergone some practice and learnt how to cook nice dishes like popiah, nasi lemak, curry chicken and etc. She even sought for some guidance from her mother in making TeoChew Steam Fish, Chinese Cruller and etc.

A sequel to 《换乐Europe360but with main focus on Switzerland!
Following 《换乐Europe360 on 2012 which travels around 6 European countries , 《换乐瑞士360is a sequel which again brings the audience to European country to experience the atmosphere at that region of the world.   Distinct from the previous program, this time around, the production team has fixated the film setting to be at Switzerland which has a unique culture and great scenery. 《换乐瑞士360 provides a golden opportunity for the audience to explore this beautiful country.

Delicacies with its unique background story!
In every episode which lasts for 30 minutes, 萧慧敏 will lead the TV audience to use their eyes to witness the mesmerizing scenery and discover the famous spots in this wonderful country. Besides, the audience can also learn the lifestyle in Switzerland. The program will also feature a variety of Switzerland food and also explains the story and origin of the food.

Wonderful Trip at Switzerland!
Switzerland is like a fairy tale country. This time, 萧慧敏 has visited large city in the south of Switzerland, in the Italian-speaking canton of Ticino, which borders Italy. 《换乐瑞士360has also left a footprint at Bellinzona, the administrative capital of the canton Ticino in Switzerland, which is famous for its three castles that have been UNESCO World Heritage Sites since 2000. 萧慧敏has even taken Revolving Gondola Lift up to the Mt.Titlis and attempted some exciting snow activity too!

Different hosts, different feeling!
Lenna, the Winner of Miss Astro Chinese International Pageant 2011 was the host for  《换乐Europe360萧慧敏 said that Lenna is very pretty and at every angle during the scenes, the audience can be mesmerized by her beauty while watching the programme. For 萧慧敏 herself, she jokingly said that while she doesn’t look as pretty as Lenna, she will try her best to distract the audience with more talks regarding on food.  She also stated that her advantage compared to Lenna is that she can act ugly in the scenes. Surely, 萧慧敏’s hosting will definitely be a different experience and I am sure it would be a fun TV program to be watched too.

Dreams achieved! Many Challenges Throughout the course!
萧慧敏 has a dream to host a food program for years. Her dreams have finally come true. However, she has gone through many challenges throughout the program. She doesn’t know how to cycle. In this program, she is required to learn it within days for the filming. She was also required to learn many Malaysian food recipes before she went to Switzerland. It’s really not an easy job.

Cookery skill improved! 萧慧敏 demonstrated her skills during the press conference!
From a zero to a hero, 萧慧敏 who used to be a beginner in cooking has learnt to cook good food after the 40 days of filming. Her skill was evidenced by her demonstration of how to cook a Rosti  at Marche, The Curve yesterday.
《换乐瑞士360is going on air from 25th August 2013 onwards at 9pm via Astro华丽台 and Astro至尊HD.

So, stay tuned for the show because it is going to be like a fun ride to Switzerland!

You may also check this out:

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