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Monday, 19 August 2013

Coverage: Olivia Ong 等等 Promo Tour @ Berjaya University College of Hospitiality

Kuala Lumpur, 19th August 2013 – Singaporean Singer, Olivia Ong was in Malaysia for her latest album “等等” promo tour as well as a performance at MYFM Fantastic 15 Birthday Bash Concert.  A few hours before her performance at MyFM concert, she has spared some time to meet and greet her fans at Berjaya University College of Hospitiality!

Close interaction with fans!
Many people might think that Olivia is a cool person who doesn’t speak much. Olivia has proved them wrong because she is quite outgoing during the autograph session and has interacted well with the fans.  She has performed 3 songs in total during this session.

Olivians truly know Olivia Ong!
After Olivia’s performance, there was a short break. During this time, the emcee has approached and interviewed a few Olivian (Olivia Ong Fans). Those fans really knew Olivia very well and most of them have supported Olivia for years!

Fansigning and Handshakes
Olivia is very friendly towards her fans. As the fans approached her for autograph, she took the initiatives to shake the fans’ hands. However, due to the fact that she needs to be hurry for the next event, only a few lucky fans managed to stay right in front of her longer and have the chance to shake her hands. However, all the fans managed to get their album signed.

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