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Sunday, 11 August 2013

Coverage: FC Barcelona Vs Malaysia XI (2013)

Coverage: FC Barcelona Vs Malaysia XI

Shah Alam, Malaysia, 11th August 2013 –  The world most acclaimed football club, FC Barcelona has finally clashed with Malaysian Tigers, Malaysia XI team at the Shah Alam Stadium yesterday. The game was switched from Bukit Jalil Stadium to Shah Alam Stadium because FC Barcelona team felt that the state of pitch at our National Stadium was not ideal. The match ended with FC Barcelona team triumph over Malaysia XI with the score of 3-1.

Cesc Fabregas scored the 1st goal for FC Barcelona!
Cesc Fabregas, the international Spanish midfielder has demonstrated a spectacular performance in the match against the Malaysian Tigers yesterday!  At around 33’, he was able to send the ball to the back of the net and made FC Barcelona lead the game with their first goal.  

Amri Yahyah’s goal has thrilled the Malaysian Fans!
Amri Yahyah has made the Malaysians proud by netting a goal against the giant football team. He has surprised all of the audience by blasting a beautiful shot which went past Victor Valdes goal-keeping. It was undeniably a magnificent shot which put Malaysia XI on the same score with FC Barcelona at 41’.

Neymar is the main focus of the game!
With Lionel Messi not being one the starting players, Neymar has become the main star of the game! His wonderful display of skills has earned the respect by the audience as he scored the 2nd goal for FC Barcelona 2 minutes after Malaysian Amri Yahyah’s shocking goal.

Gerard Pique, the MAN OF THE MATCH!
At 75’, FC Barcelona defender Gerard Pique has launched a shot past Malaysian goalkeeper Farizal Marlias and thus creating the third goal for FC Barcelona team! This 3rd goal has further confirmed Barcelona’s win that night! His great performance during the game was noted and he was recognized as the MAN OF THE MATCH by the sponsors!

Malaysia XI has played according to the Game Plan!
During the post-match press conference, Malaysia XI head coach Datuk K.Rajagobal stated that Malaysia XI team has been trying their best in this match and has played well according to the strategy. Although Malaysia XI has lost in the international friendly match, it was still a good experience for all of the players.

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