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Sunday, 18 August 2013

Coverage: Myolie Wu Adonis Meet-and-Greet with fans @ Sungei Wang Plaza

Coverage: Myolie Wu Adonis Meet-and-Greet with fans @ Sungei Wang Plaza

Kuala Lumpur, 18th August 2013 – Myolie Wu who has been Adonis ambassador for 7 years has arrived in Malaysia a few days ago to meet-and-greet with her fans. In conjunction with Adonis 25th Anniversary, the company has decided to reward the loyal customers with one-time free facial treatment, worth RM 500,000 in total.

Fashion show by ADONIS 1st Academy of Cosmetology to entertain the crowd and Myolie as well!
Shortly after Myolie has been invited on stage, she was asked to take a seat to enjoy the model catwalk show by ADONIS 1st Academy of Cosmetology. It was a colourful catwalk show indeed and Myolie did seem to enjoy the show.

After the fashion show, Myolie has stepped up to the stage again for a sharing session with the fans regarding her relationship with Adonis.

“I am very grateful with the 7 years of cooperation with ADONIS.” mentioned Myolie. She said that it has been a great experience for the past 7 years and she has enjoyed the using the products and service by ADONIS. She even said that if she happens to have a daughter next time, she wished that her daughter can use become an ambassador and use ADONIS products too.

“You can feel the friendliness during ADONIS treatment. It feels like a home.” Myolie further expressing her views on ADONIS service.

ADONIS upcoming promotion and rewards for the loyal customers!
Free Facial Treatment worth total of RM 500,000!

The emcee then invited Ann Lee, CEO of ADONIS Group to introduce a little on their upcoming promotion and rewards for ADONIS fans and loyal customers. She mentioned, ADONIS has been established in Malaysia for 25 years now and has been receiving the support from the customers for years. Some customers have been using ADONIS product and services for at least 10 years and have been growing along with the company. Within these 25 years, the company has accumulated more than 1,500,000 customers and has provided the opportunity for many to shine in their life.

In order to reward the loyal customers who have been so supportive to ADONIS, there will be a one-time free facial treatment for existing customers from 22nd September onwards at specific ADONIS centre, including the centre in Sungei Wang Plaza, Klang AEON Bukit Tinggi & Johor KSL City Mall.

Game Session with the fans!
After the launching ceremony, there was another small game session whereby a few lucky fans were selected to play a games with Myolie on stage. The fans were required to sing a song using ADONIS slogan as the lyrics.

Press Conference
After the public event, there was a small press conference done at the venue itself whereby Myolie was interviewed by the online media.

Some of the questions asked during the press conference:
Since Charmaine Sheh will be coming back to TVB again, will she feel threatened in her current position in TVB?
She replied, “No. I think that it’s a good thing too because the audience can get to see more variety of stars in the dramas. It won’t be that nice if every drama has almost the similar casts.”

Rumors said that Nancy Wu has stopped her from getting back together with Bosco, is it real?
She verified, “This is not the truth. It’s just some news created by some media.”

Any characters which Myolie has never tried to act as before and feel like trying the role next time?
Myolie stated that, “If given a chance, I hope I can play the characters as doctor or even madam (police). Because I have never took up such role before. It will be new challenge for me.”

Apart from the ADONIS launching event, Myolie has appeared as a guest judge for Miss Astro Chinese International Pageant 2013. Stay tuned for the coverage of the event!

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