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Thursday, 30 August 2012

ZE:A Showcase Live in Malaysia 2012 (10th November 2012)

ZE:A  Showcase Live in Malaysia 2012 (10th November 2012)

Kpop fans, good news for you! You can now expect another Kpop event coming to Malaysia on this November 2012!
It is brought to you by none other than the management group which brings us T-ARA Showcase, A Pink & B1A4 Hi-Five Session, a.k.a Jazzy Group! 

It is the ZE:A Showcase Live in Malaysia 2012! 

Let's check out the press release below for more information of the showcase!

ZE:A  Showcase Live in Malaysia 2012
Another spectacular event brought to you by Jazzy Group ZE:A Showcase Live in Malaysia 2012 . Jazzy Group will be bringing ZE:A to Malaysia, to hold their Showcase at Kenanga Wholesale City (KWC) on the 10th November 2012, at 7.30 p.m. Ticket will official launch at 03rd September 2012, at 10a.m .

Good news to all the fans, as the first 200
fans who buys the VIP ticket (zone Z) will get a chance to be on stage to get an  autograph from ZE:A. Another good news is that there will be a “Lucky Draw Session” for everyone to have a chance to play and to interact with ZE:A on the stage.

The ticket price are listed as below:
- zone Z   (VIP)    : Rm 333 (Free 1 poster)
- zone E   (Z1)      : Rm 203
- zone A   (Z2)      : Rm 103

* Ticket price including RM3 processing fees

Korean male group ZE:A that is also known as Children of Empire, is a South Korean 9 members boy band formed under Star Empire Entertainment. They are Junyoung , Jung Hee Cheol, Kim Ji Yeop, Kim Tae Heon, Hwang Kwang Hee, Ha Min Woo, Im Woong Jae, Park Hyung Sik, Kim Dong Jun. ZE:A’s “Lovability” album got into second place in the highest sales ranking in Taiwan 2011. Furthermore, according to the G-Music Billboard charts, ZE:A is the number one selling K-Pop artist in Taiwan 2012. They have also ranked high in the country’s other music charts such as Five Music and eZPeer. Lastly, their song ‘Daily Daily’ has topped Japan’s charts (Channel V) in its respective category, which has further establishing their place in the music world.

Come and join us at Kenanga Wholesale City (KWC as the venue sponsorship) to enjoy their loveable and spectacular performances that will definitely melt your heart. On the other hand, you can do some shopping at KWC too; after or before the showcase.

Stay tune always with Jazzy Group Facebook, Jazzy Group Twitter, official radio station One FM & Hot FM, and official Tv station 8TV for their latest news update. Hurry up to book for your tickets by emailing to
marketing or call to +603-56221600

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

"The Watch" Movie Review

"The Watch" Movie Review
Thanks to Nuffnang , I was given the chance to attend the Premiere of “The Watch”.

Evan (played by Ben Stiller) is a very active guy in his community and is also the senior manager of the local Costco store. One day, his friend who is a night security guard was murdered. He felt sad for his friend and he decided to form a neighbourhood watch team in order to capture the murderer.
He was only able to recruit three funny characters who were just fooling around. However, as they discovered that aliens have invaded their town, they fought against the aliens to save their neighbourhood from danger.

So, what will the Watch do to save their neighbourhood?

Watch out in the nearest cinema this Thursday!


“The Watch” is a sci-fi comedy with a small amount of horror. It features a great line-up of casts such as Ben Stiller, Vince Vaughn, Jonah Hill and Richard Ayoade.  Well, to be honest, this movie can really give a lot of laughter but can also be boring in some scenes.

The whole movie is basically full of vulgarity whereby 70% of the dialogues include the 4 letter “F” words and also a lot of vulgar yellow jokes. It is a funny movie if this kind of humour is your cup of tea.

The dialogue and script of the film is quite spontaneous in my opinion. It feels like the comedians are given freedom to speak out the dialogues according to their own preferences. It is quite laughable. But can become boring too as you are being desensitized by some yapping dialogues over and over again. Not all the lines are funny. Some can be quite filthy and annoying too.

It is a comedy alright. But do expect to see some gory scenes when the alien murders someone. Do not afraid though. Because there will be jokes and funny dialogues right after these scenes.

Well, I think the plot is mediocre and I think there is not much meaningful message in this film. It is just a comedic version of sci-fi movie “Alien” which is merely intended to create some laughs for the audience.

It is fun but definitely not suitable for all categories of audience. I would advise the minors to stay away from this movie. However, it would definitely be a quirky FUN ride if you are watching it with a bunch of buddies!

What I like about the movie:
  1. Some funny scenes and dialogues (Yeah. Some vulgar jokes in this movie can really be quite funny)
  2. Good comedic acting.
What I dislike about the movie:
  1. Overuse of vulgarity can desensitize the audience, causing some lines to become too repetitive and eventually boring.
  2. Mediocre plot

This movie deserves a 6.0/10.0!

It is a cheeky, vulgar fun meant for buddies to watch! If you are one of those people who love dirty jokes, yeah, you will love this movie!

However, it is not suitable for all audience. Not appropriate for minors. And it’s a turn-off for people who are coming for some sensible laughs. This is a full movie with sexually-related jokes. So, if you do not like to spend an hour plus listening to this kind of jokes, then it would be best that you skip this movie!  

(Reviewed by W.L Jack, blogger for

Thursday, 23 August 2012

"Katy Perry: Part of Me" Movie Review

"Katy Perry: Part of Me" Movie Review


"Katy Perry: Part of Me" is a documentary movie of Katy Perry during her world tour in 2011. In this film, you can have the chance to experience the backstage, front row seat and close-up look at this famous, funny and passionate singer.

How does it feel like to watch Katy Perry performs in 3D in Cinema?

Check it out in cinema soon!


First and foremost, this is a film for Katy Perry’s fans. So those Katy Perry’s haters, you can definitely skip this movie.

Now, let’s talk about the movie. It is an MTV-film production and it is a documentary film. So, basically, there is no plot in this movie. It is a mash-up of interviews related with Katy Perry’s life, photos sharing, backstage scenes during the world tour concerts, Katy’s fans shoutout and also the ever wonderful LIVE Performance of Katy Perry Concert in 3D effect! Of course, Katy’s life experience during the tour is also shared here. Since it is a documentary film, most people may find it less interesting and boring because it is different from normal plot-driven movie. Well, to put it straight, the movie feels like a reality interview TV talk show along with high-quality footage of her concert performance.

The movie has a sufficient amount of contents to allow the audience to know about Katy Perry’s efforts in achieving her dream. A lot of self-recorded video of Katy when she was young are shown in this film. All of these videos have shown that she has been fighting for her dream all the time. Apart from that, some videos have also displayed the conflicts that she has faced throughout her musical journey.

A lot of fans videos are also featured in this film. Well, I believe many people will be delighted to see how Katy interacts with her fans. We can also see the excitement in the faces of the fans as they were interviewed before and after the concerts.

Last but not least, the film will also allow the audience to get close to Katy Perry because a lot of naturally-filmed backstage scenes are also shown here. For example, like how she interacts with her manager, stylist, her sister and also her crew can be seen in this movie.
Her relationship and Russell Brand is also highlighted in this film.

From the aspect of soundtrack, all of them are her hit songs such as “California Gurls”, “The One That Got Away”, “I Kissed A Girl” and etc. These songs are all taken from her LIVE performance in her concerts. Prior to each song, there will be footages introducing some of her real life experience and thus showing us the stories behind some of these songs that she has written.

Anyway, the camera view during her concert is great. It makes me wish that the concert for other artists can be captured like this too. The 3D effect of the film on the other hand is ok but not excellent. Not all scenes are in 3D because I did take off my 3D Specs occasionally to make comparison. 3D effects are mostly seen only during her concert footages and also in the photos that they have shared on screen.

However, the movie also contains a few unnecessary videos which has no connection with the flow. Apart from that, the movie also does not reveal in details for some her personal conflicts. For example, her relationship problem is not explained in details. But this is understandable too because it’s her privacy.

Overall, it is a quite inspiring and entertaining documentary movie of Katy Perry on-stage and off-stage!

What I like about the movie:
  1. Quite a lot of contents (interviews, fans shoutout, high-definition concert footage, backstage candid style scenes)
  2. Nice assembling of footage videos link us with the stories behind her songs and her success
  3. Inspirational
  4. Cameo appearance by some other famous artists
What I dislike about the movie:
  1. Not all footages shown are interesting. A few of the footages are quite boring and unnecessary.
  2. 3D effect is inconsistent
  3. Some of her personal life conflicts are not well-explained
  4. An abrupt ending which is different from what I have expected (I am expecting an ending with an inspiring or moving quote! But it didn’t happen)

This movie deserves a 6.5/10.0!

It is an inspiring documentary movie! Highly recommended for Katy Perry’s fans!

However, take note, this movie is not for anyone, it’s only for the categories of audience below:

1) Katy Perry fans
2) People who have passion and enthusiasm in music
3) People who knows what to expect from a documentary movie
4) People who are open-minded and willing to try out a rare genre of movie

If you are not anyone from the category above, then, I DON’T think you will enjoy the movie!

Special thanks to ChurpChurp and Hype Malaysia for the tickets! 

(Reviewed by W.L Jack, blogger for

Sunday, 19 August 2012

Popular Bookfest 2012 @ Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (KLCC) [ 18/8/2012 - 26/8/2012 ]

The huge celebration for literacy and literary works from all around the world, a.k.a Popular Bookfest is back!

Popular Bookfest 2012 @ Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (KLCC) 

Venue: Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre
Date: 18th August 2012 - 26th August 2012

Details of Admission Fees: 

Some of the highlights for the bookfest can be seen below:

- Celebrities Appearance 
  • 范瑋琪, 黃美珍, 江美琪, 何芸妮, 趙潔瑩, 顏慧萍

- Comic Artist Appearance

Of course, other than these highlights, there are more fun activities to expect from this book fair. Most importantly, there are a lot of promotions for you guys,the book lovers!

So,what are you waiting for?
Visit the Popular Bookfest 2012 now to fill your day with reading joy.

For more info,please visit:

Thursday, 16 August 2012

The New Snow World @ Genting Highlands – Attraction Spots

New Snow World @ Genting Highlands – Attraction Spots

The Winter Downtown + World Heritage Concept
This is a new concept whereby the sideway of the snow chamber depicts a winter downtown experience.  There is a stretch of streetscape along the slope which is going to create a pleasant visual experience for the visitors.
The authentic streets is also going to let the visitors feel and experience the culture and heritage of different countries around the world as it is filled with rhythmic lights twinkle from the windows of the shops which houses an English Tea Shop, a French Bakery, an Italian  Pizzeria as well as shops displaying Spanish red wine, Dutch clogs and Swiss chocolates.

LED Light Animation Scheme
The visitors will also be impressed with the unique light scheme that will gradually transform the Snow World from daytime to nighttime.

Lookout Point
The attraction spots in the Snow World provide a nice backdrop for photography. A lookout point has been created at a castle up the stairs. Here, the visitors can have the bird-eye view of the whole surroundings and is definitely a great spot to snap some nice photos!

Warm House
Another attraction in the new Snow World is the Warm House. Drop by this chamber if you wish to take a rest before continuing to explore this winter wonderland!

Ice Sculpture + Play Slide + Cresta Run Slide + Snowball Time
The visitors will also be amazed by the spectacular ice sculptures on display. For those who are adventurous, you can also take a spin on the Play Slide or Cresta Run Slide that will definitely steal your breath away!

For more information of the tickets price and Operation Hour, please refer my previous post about The Snow World:

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

"The Expendables 2" Movie Review

"The Expendables 2" Movie Review


The Expendables are back! This time, they are being enlisted by Mr.Church and are assigned to take on a seemingly simple task. However, things go wrong, and now the Expendables are going to seek for revenge in a hostile territory.

What is the danger that they are going to encounter?

Check it out at your nearest cinema this week!


“The Expendables 2” is the second instalment to the franchise. This time, Con Air's Simon West has taken over the job as the director.

Many people surely have a high expectation towards this movie since the actors featured in this film are the best of the best action movie Superstars. Even Arnold Schwarzenegger, Chuck Norris and Van Damme have joined the party in this star-studded film. Well, trust me, these big guys do not fail to live up to their reputation!

The plot for this story is actually quite simple and direct, even kids can understand the plot without any confusion at all. It is not a bad thing anyway since the main focus of this film is the amount of action that it can provide.

I can’t say that it is a non-stop action movie. Because in between the action sequence , there are a plenty of scenes showing the interaction between each character. Do not worry. You will not get boring at all during their chit-chat because funny dialogues and jokes are scripted in during these scenes. These scenes will convince you that these characters are really like true buddies. It feels a bit similar to how the superheroes interacted with each other in “The Avengers”.

Now, let’s talk about the action. The action is truly solid with cool moves and amazing stunts. Shooting scenes were also great in it. The amount of explosions and fights are impressive. And the appearance of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Chuck Norris are EPIC! The addition of these two film legends brings back some nostalgic moments from their classics.

Apart from that, every action scene is never lacking of blood. Yeah, blood can be seen everywhere during their action scenes. But the bloodshed is not too gory or fake. In fact, the presence of it makes the fights in this movie seem to be more realistic!

The movie also has some surprising events. Thus, making the audience curious to know whether anyone of the Expendables will die?

Overall, this movie is SIMPLY FANTASTIC!

What I like about the movie:
  1. Massive, explosive and solid action
  2. An Unbelievable Cast of Great Actors
  3. Nice Interactions between each character
  4. Simple and direct storyline
  5. Pleasant Nostalgic moments
What I dislike about the movie:
  1. Nothing too unique about the plot
  2. Jet Li’s appearance is too little

This movie deserves an 8.5/10.0!

Overall, this movie has the top-notch action scenes and is a MASTERPIECE in this Genre!

However, people who like fresh storyline will dislike the plot as it is too superficial and common! And people who do not know the actors, will find it hard to grasp some of the jokes in it!

(Thanks to 988 FM for invitation to this movie Premiere!)

(Reviewed by W.L Jack, blogger for

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

"Paranorman" Movie Review

"Paranorman" Movie Review

Thanks to Nuffnang and ChurpChurp, I was given the chance to attend the 3D Premiere of “Paranorman”. Here’s the introduction of the movie followed by its review.

Norman is a kid who is able to speak with the dead and also ghosts such as her Grandmother who is supposedly dead. His father does not understand him, his sister dislikes him and he is the victim for the bullies in school because no one believes that he can really speak with the ghosts. Thus, he is being treated like a Freak.

Now, his town is about to face a crisis whereby the undead zombies will rise again due to the curse of the witch.

So, what will Norman do to save his town?

Find out the “AbNorman” story of Paranorman in cinema this Thursday!


“Paranorman” is a a 3D stop-motion animated film produced by Laika, the same creator for “Coraline”. Well, the movie is absolutely good-looking and well-crafted with nice colours. The Stop-motion animation is really quite unique and refreshing.

The whole story starts off at a medium pace with every scenes delivering suitable amount of progression and fun for the story from the introduction till the end. The introduction for this kid, Norman is quite well done. We can actually see and even feel the loneliness that he is going through from the mistreatment by others. However, some might find it boring as there is not much climax in this film.

Throughout the whole film, there is a lot of funny moments and also some black humours. Some human attitude is also depicted in a funny way in this movie. There is also humour in this movie which requires the intelligence of the viewers in order to understand it.

Anyway, though it is a comedy animation, it is actually quite heart-warming and thoughtful. The moral of the story is also mind-stimulating for the kids who might be having some bully issues in their life now. Other than that, the approach of the theme of death in this movie is also quite kid-friendly and also let the audience have a different view towards the dead.

Personally, I think the movie is quite entertaining not just for kids but also for adults who appreciate animation movies! Plus, it is a quite meaningful movie!

What I like about the movie:
  1. Nice storyline with well-balanced pace
  2. Amusing 3D Stop-Motion Features
  3. Suitable amount of humors
  4. Heartwarming and meaningful themes
What I dislike about the movie:
  1. Some minor plot-holes
  2. Not much of climax (however, it is compensated with the well-distributed amount of fun for every scenes.)

This movie deserves a 7.5/10.0!

It is a fun, thoughtful and unique film! Highly recommended for couples who like animation movie and also for families with kids!

However, those adults who are too serious and do not like childish scenes may not like it!

(Reviewed by W.L Jack, blogger for

Monday, 13 August 2012

A Pink & B1A4 High-5 Session Official Press Release

A Pink & B1A4 High-5 Session Official Press Release (REVISED)
Take note to all A Pink & B1A4 fans, you favourite idols are coming to town this coming September!
Below is the official press release regarding their High-5 Session. Check it out for more information about it.

Korean groups B1A4 and A Pink “High-5 session” to be offered to the fans
Male Korean group, B1A4 is coming to Malaysia to held on their concert together with Female Korean Group, A Pink at One Fm Concert on the 29th of September. Therefore, to give more satisfaction to all B1A4 and A Pink fans in Malaysia; Jazzy Group will be conducting a “High-5 session” for all B1A4 and A Pink fans at The Butter Factory on the 30th of September.

Dear Boys and Girls ,
A Pink and B1A4 album + poster,and you entitle to hv  high 5 session with the adorable B1A4 and Apink!! 

The High-5 Sessions details are stated below:

A Pink High-5 session:                                                
Venue : The Butter Factory, Kuala Lumpur.  (Behind Pavilion)                                            
Date    : 30 September 2012                                       
Time   : 1.00 p.m.                                                         

B1A4 High-5 session:
Venue : The Butter Factory, Kuala Lumpur (Behind Pavilion)

Date    : 30 September 2012   
Time   : 4.00 p.m.  

For each High-5 sessions’ passes are limited to 400 pax only*

B1A4, a South Korean idol group based in Seoul that is consists of 5 members namely CNU, Jin Young, Sandeul, Baro, and  Gongchan. This group has got chosen as Best Male Cover at Gaon Chart Awards 2012. They have also being nominated for Best New Male artist at Mnet Asian Music Awards 2011.

This visitation to Malaysia is the first time for A Pink, a seven-member South Korean girl group (Park Cho Rong, Yoon Bo Mi, Jung Eun Ji, Son Na Eun, Hong Yoo Kyung, Kim Nam Joo, Oh Ha Young). On the 5th of January 2012 they won their very first music show award on M! Countdown for their single "My My". This group has also won New Star Awards at 7th Asia Model Festival Awards 2012.

Do come to The Butter Factory and meet them in person to have warm high-5 with each members of your favorite K-Pop group.

Stay tune always with Jazzy Group Facebook and official radio station One FM & Hot FM for their latest news update. See you there.

For more information, please visit our website or contact enquiry hotline :
JazzyGroup 03-5622 1600,  010-2694819 (Hp)(

Stay tuned to my blog for more further updates! 

Sunday, 12 August 2012

The New Snow World @ Genting First World Facts

Yup. The New Snow World is back! So, I am going to share some important facts you need to know about the New Snow World! :)

Location                     : Level T2A, First World Plaza, Genting Highlands
Temperature              : -6°C
Area                            : 22.8k sq ft. (Biggest Winter Wonderland in Malaysia)

Yup. At the temperature of  -6°C, the new SnowWorld is going to let you feel the experience of a cool winter!  There are a lot of new attractions being added into Snow World such as new lookout points and winter downtowns. Check out my blog again soon for more info regarding the new attractions!

Below are the ticket price for the entry of new Snow World:

Ticket Price
Ticket price is inclusive of jacket, boots, gloves and all sizes are subject to availability.
Normal (RM)
Genting Rewards Card (RM)
Child / Senior Citizen
*Rates are subject to change without prior notice
Express Lane: Not Available

Operation Hours

Some rules and regulations in the new Snow World:
Rules & Regulations
Please Do:-
  • Refer to the height requirements
    v  min. height: 4 ft ; max. weight 65kg to board the Cresta Run
*There is no weight and height limit to enter the SnowWorld.

Just a little reminder :-
  • No Smoking
  • No Camera, Video Camera & Mobile Phone
  • No Food & Drinks
  • No Baby Stroller & Wheelchair
  • No Slippers or Heels
  • No Bermudas or Shorts
The following persons are NOT suitable in this attraction:

  • Visitors with asthma
  • Pregnant women

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s visit the new Snow World in Genting!

For more info,please visit:

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

"The Silent War 听风者" Movie Review

"The Silent War 听风者" Movie Review


"The Silent War" is adapted from the novel "Year Suan/Plot Against".  The story of the film is set in 1950s, where the China Republic Government has just been established. During that time, there is the presence of revolutionists in different parts of China seeking for the opportunity to revolt and create chaos. In order to intercept telegraphs which are related with rebel actions, the 701 Headquarters is formed. This 701 Headquarters is composed of Inspection, Interpretation and Operation departments. Chang Xue-ning (played by Zhou Xun) is a government agent who is being sent back to 701 Headquarters because her identity has been compromised. She was then assigned with a different task which is to seek for someone with good hearing ability. At first, she targets Luo San-er, a piano tuner. Eventually she has brought in Luo's personal assistant, He Bing (played by Tony Leung)  instead because she saw more potential in He Bing. Bing is a blind man with an awesome hearing ability.

What will He Bing do with his hearing ability to contribute to 701 Headquarters?

Listen out for the story in the cinema this coming Friday!


"The Silent War" is a nice and fresh movie. This movie has taken a different attempt in filming a spy-style movie whereby the main focus here is related with the Spy Radio Station, a.k.a Numbers Station as well as the Morse Code.  A good explanation of how Numbers Station works can be seen in this movie.  

The plot is nice with a good flow in storyline supported with good explanation for everything that is happening inside. Apart from the main plot which is related with 701 Headquarters, the movie has also done a pretty good job in tackling the elements of love in this movie. There’s no real relationship between the two main characters but there is a bond between them whereby both of them care for each other very much.

Apart from that, kudos to Tony Leung and Zhou Xun for showing their charms and good acting in this film. Tony Leung is indeed a veteran actor who is able to deliver the mood of his character convincingly to the audience. He is also able to create quite a lot of laughter for the audience via his funny way of speaking in this movie. Zhou Xun on the other hand has also done a very good job in portraying her character as a cool and calm person. Her interaction with Tony in this film is splendid. Her acting has also made her character feel so alive.

Despite the good acting by some veterans in this film, most of the other actors in this film are quite poor in their acting. For example, there’s this scene whereby the man is supposed to be crying. But his expression makes us feel like he is actually smiling.

Besides, the finale for the film seems a bit not as excited as I have thought it would be. There is not much direct confrontation between the main characters in this film with the villains. In fact, I feel like there is no main antagonist at all even though efforts can be seen that they are actually intending to make a group of villains to be the main antagonist. However, it is still acceptable because the main characters in this film are not the frontline but are the agents for the back-up Headquarters.
Anyway, there is also a surprise in this movie which has made us feel shocked. At that point, I wished that the surprise incident does not happen. But come to think of it, it is a must for it to happen in order to make the story progresses.

This is a very good movie with a fresh storyline.

What I like about the movie:
  1. New type of storyline.
  2. Well-written plot.
  3. Good acting of Tony Leung and Zhou Xun
  4. Quite an amount of humours present in this film
What I dislike about the movie:
  1. Less exciting finale
  2. Lack of a main antagonist
Overall, it is a very good Cantonese movie with a new and well-explained storyline.

It deserves a 7.0/10.0

It is a very good Cantonese movie for people who enjoy good stories!

However, this film has more focus on the people who are usually minor in other spy movies. Thus, some of you might find it boring if you guys expect the movie to be like infiltrating the base of the enemy, actions-filled and conspiracy-driven. Because none of those elements is present here .

You may also check this out:

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