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Wednesday, 1 August 2012

"Step Up : Revolution" Movie Review

"Step Up : Revolution" Movie Review


The story of Step Up Revolution revolves around a group of flash mob dancers better known as The Mob. This dancing group is aiming to win a contest held in Youtube via their flash mobs video. This flash mob dance crew is led by Sean. Sean eventually falls in love with Emily, a girl who just arrives in Miami with the ambition to become a professional dancer. Conflicts come into picture when a wealthy business man, who is actually Emily’s father threatens to develop The Mob's historic neighborhood for his business purpose, In objection to his father’s action, Emily suggests to Sean and The Mob to turn their performance art into a form of protest art. Will they succeed in their protest? What awaits them as they risk their dreams for a greater purpose of saving their neighbourhood?

Find out as you dance along with Step Up: Revolution in Cinema this coming Thursday!


This is the fourth instalment in the “Step Up” Franchise. This time around, the main focus of the movie is about FLASH MOB. So basically most of the dances in this film are conducted in a Flash Mob style. There's no showdown contest, special performance and etc. But just a group of cool dancers making good flash mob in order to win the prize in the Youtube competition..

The dance in this film involves a lot of CONTEMPORARY DANCE.
There's still some street dance and breakdance. But majority are contemporary dance.
So, for those who are expecting more explosive dance which can make your body shake or make your heartbeat faster, you might get a little bit disappointed.
However, for those who can appreciate the choreography of contemporary dance. This may be a treat for you.

In this movie, you can expect to see some familiar face from the previous “Step Up” movies. Some of these dancers from previous episodes are the supporting casts this time such as Stephen 'tWitch' Boss. Some are just for cameo appearance, for eg. Moose.
But I am glad that my favorite from Step Up 3D, the super pop-locking guy who did the ROBOT ROCK also appears in this movie although just for a VERY VERY SHORT scene only.

It is undeniable that the dances are quite creative and nice. However, some of the dance scenes were filmed with a lot of Switching Camera Views.  These switching views make it a little difficult for us to truly appreciate some of the dance.

Other than the dancing, let’s talk about the plot and the acting in this film. This movie has a predictable plot and a typical “Step Up” style of storyline. You can almost predict what would happen here and there. Thus, it leaves you with no curiosity & excitement to discover what will happen next.

The scenes with no dance are mostly boring with unconvincing acting by the casts. The casts can really dance but they are really not good in expressing their emotions. The romantic scenes between Sean and Emily are also lacking of sparks.  

Well, it is a Dance Film after all, so it is still acceptable even though we have to bear with some poor acting with a flat story. The dances are NICE without a doubt! But it is NOT as MEMORABLE as those in the previous episodes!

What I like about the movie:
  1. A “ Step Up” Movie with cool dance moves.
  2. Love the creative idea of making Performing Art into Protest Art.
  3. Familiar casts and Dance Crew from previous episodes
  4. Shows us how to Plan a Flash Mob
What I dislike about the movie:
  1. Predictable storyline.
  2. Lousy Acting.
  3. Annoying Switching Camera Views
  4. Dances are Amazing but less Memorable
If you love dancing, then surely this is for you!
This movie will make you end up feeling wanted to plan a flash mob with your friends!

Rating: It deserves a 6.5/10.0

Expect this to be solely a dance film with less consideration of the storyline!
It will make you enjoy the film more!

However, if you are the types who like dances which are more aggressive and energetic, then it is still no guarantee that you will like the slow and calm contemporary dances featured in this film!

(Reviewed by W.L Jack, blogger for

1 comment:

  1. "It was really great! I really like the idea of using the mob as a protest art and to deliver unheard voices of the community via dances. It's totally different from the previous episodes as in their focuses are not on performances or competitions but trying to assimilate mobs as a culture instead of a crime. However, the only drawback is that the dance itself lacks some explosive feel as the power of the dance is quite dependent on the sound effects from the music. Overall, a good movie with blood-boiling and creative dances!"

    Quoted by Fellow Reviewer JJ Zai


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