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Wednesday, 30 October 2013



One of the most anticipated K-pop concert “FTISLAND 2013 WORLD TOUR LIVE MALAYSIA” is coming up soon this coming December 2013.

Just in case you guys are still not aware yet, FTISLAND (FIVE Treasure ISLAND) is actually one of the longest-existing idol band in Korea.

This coming December 2013, FTISLAND is definitely going to impress and amaze the fans with their powerful and addictive music. FTISLAND have captivated the hearts of many fans from overseas including the fans from Malaysia!

The 4th mini album “Grown-up” have been sold out during FTISLAND SUMMER TOUR 2011 MESSENGER in JAPAN. In addition, their title song ‘Severely’ has also achieved the No.1 position in a few musical charts.

Below are the details of the concert:

2013 FTISLAND World Tour Live In Malaysia
Date: 22nd December 2013 (Sunday)
Time: 5.00pm
Venue: Stadium Negara
Organizer: DAOL Entertainment SDN BHD

The tickets is already on sale now, you can purchase the tickets via:

This is going to be a great show! Don’t miss it!

Published by WLJack.

Monday, 28 October 2013

HARI “ GWIYOMI SONG”MEET & GREET AUTOGRAPH SESSION (2nd November 2013- 5th November 2013)

HARI “ GWIYOMI SONG”MEET & GREET AUTOGRAPH SESSION (2nd November 2013- 5nd November 2013)
The Gwiyomi Song is a K-pop single by South Korean singer Hari and was released on February 18, 2013. The song appeared as a viral success after Korean Media outlet Sports Seoul uploaded a clip of Hari performing the gestures and singing the song. This video has since inspired many Asian netizens to upload their own versions onto the internet and created ‘Gwiyomi’ wave via social media.

The original singer for the song, Hari will be coming to Malaysia this November 2013 for a meet & greet autograph session!

Friday, 25 October 2013

《Neway K歌榜頒獎典禮2013》 @ Penthouse @ The Icon Jalan Tun Razak (8th November 2013)

Neway K歌榜頒獎典禮2013

Venue: Penthouse @ The Icon Jalan Tun Razak
Date: 8th November 2013 (Friday)
Time: 8pm
Presented by Neway and CEOJointly presented by Multipurpose InsuranceMain Sponsored by Tiger MusicMYFM as official radio station2013 most anticipated Karaoke chart awards “Neway K歌榜頒獎典禮 will be held on 8th November 2013 (Friday)8pm at Penthouse @ The Icon Jalan Tun Razak!

The attending celebrities include馬嘉軒,蘇盈之,許亮宇,黃威爾,張起政,Bell宇田,陳珂冰,蔡憶雯,顏慧萍,趙潔瑩,可晴,Fuying & Sam,林樂偉,黃俊源,dayDreamGINA。當晚的表演嘉賓:Zen俊倩,Virus吳禹錡,Hau徐梽豪,佳旺

Oversea Special GuestRegen Cheung 張惠雅 @ HotCha

Yahoo Launches Online Short Film Contest for Malaysia!

Yahoo Launches Online Short Film Contest for Malaysia
Celebrity judges Lisa Surihani and Sharifah Amani join ‘Yahoo-MAS Cili Padi Awards’

Kuala Lumpur, October 26, 2013 – There is a prominent demand for video content nowadays even in Malaysia. Looking at this growing consumption for video contents, Yahoo has announced a very interesting short film competition, named as, ‘Yahoo-MAS Cili Padi Awards’. Named to signify that even tiny fruits like Cili Padi, can metaphorically ‘blow your brains’, Yahoo is inviting filmmakers – amateurs and professionals – to produce movies under three minutes and be in the fray for prizes, in cash, kind and above all, fame and popularity.

Yahoo-MAS Cili Padi Awards will be running from 28th October 2013 to 11th November 2013. Malaysians who are above the age of 18 can enter the contest by uploading their short films of up to three minutes on Participants will need to place their best efforts to impress the judges, which will be including film aficionados like Lisa Surihani and Sharifah Amani, Marc Lourdes, Country Editor of Yahoo Malaysia and Khairul Syahar Khalid, Head of Advertising & Promotions Dept, Malaysia Airlines. The top 30 entries will be shortlisted and assessed by the judges on 18 November 2013.

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Official Media Release: MEDIVIRON UOA Clinic 12th Year Anniversary!

Official Media Release: MEDIVIRON UOA Clinic 12th Year Anniversary!
Filled with fun activities such as Celebrities appearance, makeovers, contests and catwalk!

KUALA LUMPUR, 25th OCTOBER, 2013 Mediviron UOA Clinic has celebrated its 12th Year Anniversary a few days ago with much pomp and fanfare to the delight of its top 30 premier clients, business partners, celebrities, media partners and team of bloggers.

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Trace Bundy LIVE In Concert 2013 @ Kuala Lumpur & Penang (15-16th November 2013)

Trace Bundy LIVE In Concert  2013 @ Kuala Lumpur & Penang (15-16th November 2013) 
Trace Bundy’s performance must be seen, not just heard. This November, he is coming over to Malaysia for a LIVE performance in his concert!

The details of his show is as stated below:
Trace Bundy LIVE In Concert 2013 @ Kuala Lumpur
Date: 15th November 2013-10-24
Venue: Robert B.Gaw Theatre, The International School of Kuala Lumpur (ISKL), Ampang
Time: 8.00pm
Ticket Price: RM 103, RM 63, RM 33 (Student)

Trace Bundy LIVE In Concert 2013 @ Penang
Date: 16th November 2013
Venue:  Wawasan Open University (WOU)
Time: 8.00pm
Ticket Price: RM 99, RM 69, RM 33 (Student)

Monday, 21 October 2013

Coverage: “The Hippocratic Crush II” (“On Call 36 小时II”) Promo Tour @ Paradigm Mall

Coverage: “The Hippocratic Crush II”  (“On Call 36 小时II”) Promo Tour @ Paradigm Mall

Kuala Lumpur 21st October 2013 – As mentioned in the previous coverage post about the press conference of “The Hippocratic Crush II”, the casts from the drama including Tavia Yeung杨怡、Lawrence Ng吴启华、Mandy Wong黄智雯 & Benjamin Yuen袁伟豪 have come to Malaysia on the past few days to run a 3 days promo!

Coverage of “The Hippocratic Crush II” Promo Tour @ Paradigm Mall
The first stop for the promo tour is at Paradigm Mall, UG Floor, Concourse Hall on 18th October 2013.  Many fans have attended the promo activity to support their favorite idols and the upcoming TVB series.

Casts Came On Stage To Meet and Greet The Fans!
Lawrence Ng 吴启华, Tavia Yeung 杨怡, Mandy Wong 黄智雯 and Benjamin Yuen袁伟豪 have appeared on stage to meet and greet the fans. It was a rushing journey for them because their schedule was quite packed that day. Just 2 hours prior to the promo event, they had their press conference with the media members. Right after their press conference, they had a LIVE interview with MyFM before coming to Paradigm Mall. However, they were very happy to see the amount of fans that have turned up to support them.

Introduction of their ownselves and their characters in the drama! Extended Trailer was revealed to the public!
The casts have introduced themselves and described regarding their characters in the drama. Tavia Yeung 杨怡 said that via this drama, she felt like she has really gained a lot of medical knowledge and even some skills in surgery. On the other hand, Lawrence Ng吴启华 who was here in Malaysia for the first time has been referred as华哥 (Wah Gor) by the host because he is a veteran in acting and has been in this field for many years.

All of the casts then told the audience more about the drama. (Quite similar to what they have told the media members during the press conference. Do check out my previous post about the press conference.)

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Coverage: “The Hippocratic Crush II” (“On Call 36 小时II”) Press Conference

Coverage: “The Hippocratic Crush II”  (“On Call 36 小时II”) Press Conference

The Hippocratic Crush IIOn Call 36小时IIComing Soon in HD To “Astro On Demand HD” on 4th November 2013!

Kuala Lumpur 20th October 2013 – 港剧潮流,顶级享受!” In conjunction with the airing of upcoming popular TVB drama “The Hippocratic Crush II” On Call 36小时II in Astro On Demand this coming 4th November 2013 (On air at the same time with Hong Kong), the casts from the drama including Tavia Yeung杨怡、Lawrence Ng吴启华、Mandy Wong黄智雯 & Benjamin Yuen袁伟豪 have come Malaysia on the past few days (18th October 2013-20th October 2013) to run a 3 days promo!

Press Conference:
The press conference for “The Hippocratic Crush II”  (“On Call 36 小时II”) was held at Astro Theater a few days ago (18th October 2013). All the four casts have attended the press conference and shared with the media members regarding their experience and thoughts during the filming process of the second season of The Hippocratic Crush.

First Time For Lawrence and Benjamin to do TVB Promotional Activity in Malaysia! The Casts Love The Malaysia Fans For Being So Supportive!
This is the first time for Lawrence Ng 吴启华 and Benjamin Yuen袁伟豪 to come over for a TVB promotional activity. Both of them were happy to be here because the fans in Malaysia are very friendly to them.

Tavia Yeung 杨怡 even received a gift from her Malaysia fans. It was a Hokkaido Cake. Lawrence Ng吴启华 has the luck to taste the cake too because he was there when she received the cake.

Mandy Wong黄智雯 enjoyed being in Malaysia. This is her second time coming over to Malaysia. She was here for the first time last year for the Astro TVB awards show whereby she has won her first award ever in her acting career. She felt closely connected to Malaysian fans and she felt grateful that the fans here are very supportive.

The Sequel Promises A More Dramatic and Touching Storyline!
During the press conference, all of the media members were given a glimpse on the trailer of this highly anticipated TVB Drama! Through the trailer, we can see that the sequel features a plot which is seemingly more dramatic and interesting. Via the trailer, we can speculate that some of the main characters might be faced with disease or life-threatening situations which will definitely build up the hype for the TVB fans.
In addition, the introduction of the new characters also seems promising enough to spice up the show. The most prominent one is the new character by Lawrence Ng. It has been a long time since Lawrence Ng has filmed for a TVB series. He used to be famous for his role in Healing Hands series as Dr.Paul. This time, he will be taking up the role as a doctor again.

Saturday, 19 October 2013

Coverage: Agatha Christie’s “The Mousetrap” 60th Anniversary Diamond Jubilee Year @ Malaysia

Coverage: Agatha Christie’s “The Mousetrap” 60th Anniversary Diamond Jubilee Year @ Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur, 18th October 2013 – Just a few days ago, our team was invited to attend the opening show of Agatha Christie’s “The Mousetrap” on 16th October 2013 at Auditorium DBKL. The opening show was also a Charity Gala Performance in the presence of YMM Tunku Ampuan Tuanku Najihah binti Tunku Besar Burhanuddin and the British High Commissioner, HE Mr. Simon Featherstone in aid of Yayasan Tunku Naquiyuddin.

Prior to the show, Y.A.M Tunku Naquiyuddin Ibni Tuanku Ja’afar has given a speech to thank the British Theatre Playhouse for making the play available in Malaysia and congratulate them for their 10th anniversary of establishment. 

Synopsis of the show: (As stated in Press Release)
“It is the Winter of 1952 and seven people are stranded by a snowstorm at Monkswell Manor, a
remote country guest house, cut off from the roads and from the phone.

A policeman, Sergeant Trotter, manages to reach the house to warn them there has been a
murder at a nearby farmhouse but, no sooner has he given his warning then, suddenly, an
elderly guest is murdered. There are only six of them remaining and suddenly those six realise
the truth - that one of them in the house is the murderer.

Finally Sergeant Trotter believes he knows which of the six is the killer and he calls them
together to set a trap which will reveal the identity of the murderer - but who is it and can he or
she be found in time, before another murder is committed?”

Who is the real murderer? Let’s find out in Auditorium DBKL from 16th-20th October 2013.
Review of the stage play:
Well-written Play!
The main reason why “The Mousetrap” is one of the longest running plays ever is because its story is very mysterious and well-written. The mysteries behind the murders are intriguing. The way the plot was presented has been leading the audiences in many directions making them feel like as though they can guess the real murderer. Then, in the end, there is the “twist”, which caught everyone off guard. It was definitely a “wow” for me and my fellow colleague who have attended the show. Both of our guesses were wrong and the real identity of the murderer really surprised us.

Convincing Acting That Is Truly Entertaining!
Apart from having us puzzled with the mysteries, all the audiences will definitely agree that the casts have performed spectacularly with their convincing acting that could draw us all into the play. The casts Tim Wallers (as Giles Ralston) and Isla Carter (as Mollie Ralston) have performed very well that could convincingly make us believe that they are really a real couple. The other casts including Katherine Heath (as Miss Casewell), Tony Boncza (as Mr.Paravicni), John Faulkner (as Major Metcalfe), Sarah Whitlock (as Mrs. Boyle), Richard Keightley (as Christopher Wren) and Thomas Richardson (as Detective Sergeant Trotter) have also put up quite a good show throughout the play. I personally enjoyed Tony Boncza’s performance very much because the way he speaks is very fluent and natural. Richard Keightley has also done a good job in presenting a geeky yet humorous Christopher Wren on stage.  

Nice Set-up for Monkswell Manor!
The backdrop for Monkswell Manor is very well-built giving the audiences a believable impression of how a country guest house would look like. The props are also very well placed under the sufficient lighting. For example, the radios, the sofas and other furniture inside the guest house have been well-lit making every detail viewable by the audience.

Great synchronizing of Sound Effects!
The sound effects used in this play has been synchronized well with every action by the characters in it. The most prominent one was when the murder was committed. The sound effect made us feel like we are actually inside the crime scene itself.

Overall, it was really a great murder play and we have really enjoyed it very much. Well, we would really wish to expose more about the murderer but everyone who has attended the show is required to keep it as a secret.  This is a tradition for many years and we shouldn’t break it. Let more people enjoy the thrill and excitement in discovering who the real murderer is!

So, who’s the real identity of the murderer in “The Mousetrap”? Find out in Auditorium DBKL before it’s too late!

For more information on tickets and promotions please log on to:

Besides the show, a charity auction was also carried out during the interval between ACT 1 and ACT 2 of the opening show.

That’s all for our coverage on Agatha Christie’s “The Mousetrap” opening show.
Millions thanks to Milestone Production for the invitation.

Published by WLJack.

Friday, 18 October 2013

Coverage: 1st Golden Wau Awards 金筝奖

Coverage: 1st Golden Wau Awards 金筝奖
Kuala Lumpur, 18th October 2013 – Our Malaysia 1st Golden Wau Awards has happened a few days ago on 15th October 2013 (Tuesday) at Pullman Hotel, Bangsar. It was filled with glitz and glamour as it was attended by a lot of well-known celebrities from both local and international.

Red Carpet Ceremony
It was no doubt a star studded red carpet ceremony. From the beginning of the red carpet session until the end, the fans and media members were greeted by many prominent figures in film industry.

Try and see whether you can spot any faces which are familiar to you?

Many of the international artists have also attended the event as a support and encouragement for our very 1st Golden Wau Awards. This is definitely a step forward for Malaysia film industry!

For more photos on Red Carpet Ceremony, can visit our facebook photo album: 

Awards Ceremony
Despite being organized for the first time, the event was very well managed and it has a good flow between awards and performances. Almost every time after two awards were given, the audiences were entertained by either LIVE Performance or some comedic sponsored videos for Sweet Dreams, the main sponsor for 1st Golden Wau Awards. All of the funny videos were parodies from the scenes in local films.

Many awards were given out during that night as an encouragement for all the people who have worked hard in this industry.  (The lists of awards and the winners can be found at the end of the post.)

There are quite a few highlights during the awards show:

The “daughter” Elanne Kwong awarding the “mom” Kara Hui!
I am sure most of you have watched “The Wedding Diary” before and if you did, you will know that Elanne Kwong is the daughter for Kara Hui in the movie. Ironically, the award for Best Supporting Actress was granted by the “daughter” to the “mom”. Kara felt very happy and she said that Malaysia has provided her with many great opportunities in her career.

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Penny Tai “Unexpected” Live in Malaysia 戴佩妮 “純屬意外音樂會” (29th November 2013)

Penny Tai “Unexpected” Live in Malaysia 戴佩妮 純屬意外音樂會

Recently, Penny Tai戴佩妮 has been very hectic in promoting her latest album “純屬意外” . She was finally able to have a meet-the-fans session in Hong Kong after a long period of time. She has stated in Facebook that she felt very satisfied although she was only able to sing 3 songs for the Hong Kong Fans. However, she was very happy to see the fans that have been supporting her all the time. After that event, Penny has come back to Malaysia to attend an awards show, ”第十三屆全球華語歌曲排行榜頒獎典禮”. She has also performed in CD-Rama Music Carnival on 6th October 2013, 3pm in One Utama New Wing to promote her upcoming concert show on 29th November 2013. 

During the pre-sales sessionall the fans were able to watch the premiere of 草莓麵包” Music Video. The fans were also able to get her autograph during the promo event.

Brought to you by HOMESOY & WOW Professional HairCareorganized by The WonderLand+ Sponsored by FAIRY BEAUTYMusic Label Sony MusicOfficial Radio 988Official TV 8TV八度空間,Official Karaoke Neway & CEO, Official Online Music Partner KKBOX, Technical Support SEGA IRAMA, Official Ticketing Agent, Ticket Charge & Official Promo Partner Speedy Video, Penny Tai “Unexpected” Live in Malaysia戴佩妮純屬意外’ 2013大馬音樂會” will be held on 29th November 2013.

The details are as listed below:
Penny Tai “Unexpected” Live戴佩妮純屬意外’ 2013大馬音樂會
Date    29.11.2013 (Friday) 
Time    8:30pm 
Venue  KL LIVE
TicketingRM60, RM80, RM100 All are seated tickets
Ticketing Hotline 03-92228811
Ticketing Website

During this upcoming show, Jamie Wilson, Andy Peterson, John Thomas, Sze Wan & Wan Gigi who are all international-standard instrumentalists will be performing LIVE together with Penny.  

Do come along and explore the unlimited surprise and unexpected LIVE performance by Penny Tai!

The concert tickets are selling at the price of RM60, RM80 & RM100 whereby all category are seated tickets.

For more info, please visit:

To purchase the tickets online, you can check out:

Published by WLJack.

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