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Sunday, 6 October 2013

929 Go Green Campaign《929大手拉小手绿色寻“保”大行动》: Collected more than 20,000kg recyclable used items!

929 Go Green Campaign929大手拉小手绿色寻大行动》
Celebrities & Public Cooperatively Contributed To Recycling and Successfully Collected more than 20,000kg recyclable used items!

Kuala Lumpur, 7th October 2013 – Organized by Astro本地圈,培才华小 and 美门中心残障关怀基金会协办, with MY FM & MELODY FM as the official radio station, 929 Go Green Campaign929大手拉小手大手绿色寻大行动has taken place a few days ago. This event has involved more than 500 people consisted of the public participants, celebrities and also some volunteers. Via this event, 20,831 kg of recyclable and reusable items were collected and it’s 2 times more than the original goal of 9,290 kg . 

929大手拉小手大手绿色寻大行动》has successfully collected 20,831 recycled and reusable items(from right Astro 本地圈artist盛天俊、颜慧萍、赖淞凤、赵洁莹,and 刘界辉。)
Astro本地圈hopes to promote the awareness regarding the importance of recycling into parents and their children via this event, Go Green Campaign929大手拉小手绿色寻大行动》. During the event day, the most happening activity《寻对对碰》 has invited many local artists to be involved in it. The celebrities and the other public participants were divided into teams and were given the task to collect items at assigned locations in SS2 housing area. The 3 groups with the most collected items were granted with prizes as their rewards.  

The celebrities who were involved in the activity include颜江瀚, 赵洁莹, 赖淞凤, 颜慧萍, 黄毓敏, 关萃汶, 陈韵传, 刘元元, 刘界辉, 盛天俊, 林长金, as well as the the top 10 finalists of Miss Astro Chinese International Pageant 2013Astro国际华裔小姐竞选2013 and MY FM DJ 庄靖毅&符雁蓉The contestants were divided into 8 groups. One of the groups which consisted of赵洁莹and颜慧萍 was assigned to the furthest location for items collection. Although it consumes a lot of time and energy for them to travel back and forth from the starting point to the assigned area, 赵洁莹, 颜慧萍 and their teammates completed their task willingly for the sake of supporting the recycling campaign!  

Throughout the process, 颜江瀚’s team collected the items using the “Old Newspaper collectors” style in order to attract the others for contribution. On the other hand, Miss Astro Chinese finalists have a better treatment from the people in their surrounding. Besides of being able to get help from the public in transporting the items, they were even offered a ride back to the starting point. Some of the Miss Astro finalists were even invited by the people in the neighbourhood to their house for a rest or a drink. However, since they have their own responsibilities, so they sincerely rejected the offering.  

The most touching scene during the event was that even the handicapped volunteers from美门中心have given their maximum efforts in collecting the unused items. It’s really memorable. Besides, there were people from the public who have already prepared their items to be collected in support for the recycling campaign.

Within 2 and a half hour, all the teams managed to collect a total of 5 kg of recyclable items.  符雁蓉’s team has successfully collected 958kg of items, thus making them the winner for《寻对对碰》. The first runner-up and second runner-up has separately collected 820 kg and 688.4 kg of items.

Worth mentioning is, 《班级环保比一比》 which was organized by the school has also managed to collect a total of 10,000 kg of recycled items. Last but not least, there were also other activities which have been conducted during the event including coloring contest, sharing session as well as Celebrities performance!  As mentioned in the previous post, through this event, we can definitely “Feel the warmth of recycling together!”“在这里,做环保,最温馨

Published by WLJack. 

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