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Sunday, 6 October 2013

[Sponsored Video] Intel Presents: Intel Tablet x flume - Look inside! Intelligent Sounds!

[Sponsored Video] Intel Presents: Intel Tablet x flume - Look inside! Intelligent Sounds!

Hey, guys, I came across this cool video a few days ago and I thought it’s really awesome! The video is about a robot, known as  ‘Felix the Robot Conductor’ (Not Wall-E , although does look similar) who used INTEL TABLETS to produce music which can definitely hype everyone up! Besides, it has also showcased that musical instruments can be controlled by the tablets to run on their own in production of great music.

So what is this all about?
The video is known as “Intelligent Sounds”, a short film that Intel has launched on 26th September 2013. It visually demonstrated the magic that Intel-powered tablets possess. As many people have already known, Intel has a long history in making processors for PC and laptops to provide the consumers with great computing experiences. However, I am sure many are still unaware that Intel also presents inside tablets.

As a celebration for the world-class advancements that Intel had made in providing the top notch mobile experience, Intel has created this “something” which is beyond our expectation! This “something” is an incredible magical universe whereby tablets are the masters of creation,  highlighting it’s what within the inside that matters! With Intel Inside®, extraordinary experiences can be brought to life!

Collaboration with Flume!
This time around, Intel has cooperated with Flume for this latest project. Who is FLUME, you asked?  He is actually an award-winning beatmaker and producer who has worked with some of the musical industry most exciting artists. However, this time, his newest song features a very distinctive and different set of collaborators – A BAND OF TABLET COMPUTERS and INTEL!

“Intelligent Sounds” is a brave attempt in technology which sees “Felix The Robot Conductor” and his tablet-powered band members, and their instruments come to life to perform the latest Flume original track created exclusively for this purpose.

As you can see from the video again, each “member” of Intelligent Sounds’ tablet was programmed with synthesized notes and triggered to play through on cue, while the robot arms were pre-programmed to press the required notes in time with the final song.

Flume has admitted that the “Intelligent Sounds” project was one of the more challenging yet more enjoyable task throughout his career.

“I love the challenge of writing music for a particular project and a defined theme. I find working within these boundaries inspires, rather than limits, creativity. This project was a great opportunity to showcase what can be achieved when technology, innovation and creativity come together,” he said.

So now, Intel invites all of you to live an unbelievable experience and to…Look Inside™!

This video was launched 10am, September 26th AEST.

Some fun facts:
•          “Intelligent Sounds” is a video to take the viewers through a creative, energetic unexpectedly magical world.
•          Intel is inside tablets nowadays and Intel’s technology can run and power extraordinary experiences which can be evidenced in this video. Even a whole band made up of tablets can come to life with Intel’s technology.
•          For 45 years Intel has given us the vital intelligence that powers most computing devices. This time around Intel is trying to deliver a leading mobile experience with their intelligence in Intel-tablets.
•          Jayant Murty, Intel’s director of brand strategy and integrated marketing for the Asia Pacific region, said the short film is designed and aimed to be an entertaining light and sound experience that can also encourage viewers to have an insight of the technology which is at the heart of their tablets. “It is common place to have tablets play your music but it’s rare to have tablets create it. Intel technology transforms these devices from tools for consuming content into innovative instruments that allow for incredible self-expression,” he said.
•          Flume is also known as Harley Streten. Based in Sydney, Australia, Harley has just wrapped up his second headline tour of the US.
•          Flume is always experimenting with new forms of technology to create music in his styles. He was an ideal collaborator for this piece because he likes to use mobile technology to capture inspiration on the go.
•          The Monkeys and Finch, an independent production company helped to create this cool content.
•          2000 developers hours, more than 60 active intel-powered tablers and twelve weeks of production were used in the production of this project.
•          Intel technology was used throughout the production of the production of the film. All tablets featured in the film were Asus Fonepad™ which runs on Intel® Atom™ Processor Z2420.

Fans can view and share “Intelligent Sounds” here:

and learn more about Intel-based tablets and the making of the video here:
Intelligent Sounds:
Making of video:

You can also “like” Intel Facebook page:

[Post sponsored by INTEL]

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