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Friday, 4 October 2013



Have you ever wondered? How would it feel if you let your computer controlled by FBI’s most wanted criminal?

To have a better insight into the situation above, you should get ready to tune into AXN from 6th October 2013 onwards! This is because AXN is going to have a good show for all of you, the audience who loves detective genre dramas. 

The name of the show is known as “The Blacklist”. This is a drama which has a very new and different perspective from other detective genre dramas. In this drama, one of the most wanted criminal, Red Reddington wants the world to “SEE THE BIGGER PICTURE” and to do so you need to be on his list.

In the drama, Red Reddington mysteriously turns himself in and he offers to give up on everyone who he has ever cooperated with. However, there’s a condition for that. He will only work with a new FBI agent who he seemingly has no connection with. So what is the main motive behind his mysterious act? Is there any conspiracy behind? Let’s check it out!

To find out more, you can get to his hidden access to the list ‘behind’ AXN’s official website:

Type in the word BLACKLIST on homepage and you will surrender the control of your computer to Red.
Once Red has taken control, he will show you an incredible world of privilege and unrestricted access to some “secret”!
This is all part and parcel of AXN’s Launch of 2013’s MOST ANTICIPATED SHOW, “THE BLACKLIST”. And just as Red plays games with authorities, this launch campaign is unafraid to do the same with the audience!

The Blacklist will be on air from 6th October, 10pm (9pm JKT/TH) and 7 and 8 October 2013, 10pm (PH).

Fun Facts about “THE BLACKLIST” and AXN Asia
  • The Blacklist stars James Spader, Megan Boone and Harry Lennix.
  • It was written by Jon Bokenkamp and the director is Joe Carnahan.
  • James Spader is well-known for his roles in films such as Pretty in Pink, Stargate and Crash.
  • His most popular television roles are Alan Shore in The Practice, and Robert Calfornia in The Office.
  • AXN Asia is a pay TV, cable and satellite TV channel owned by Sony Entertainment Pictures, and it is available throughout the 19 channels around the Asia Pacific region.

Characters in “The Blacklist” (Photos from AXN ASIA Website)
James Spader stars as Raymond “Red” Reddington on AXN’s action thriller “The Blacklist.”
Ryan Eggold stars as Tom Keen, the loving and easygoing (but secretive) husband to Elizabeth Keen in the AXN drama “The Blacklist.”
Megan Boone stars as rookie FBI agent Elizabeth Keen on AXN’s high-action government crime thriller “The Blacklist.”
Let’s find out the secrets this 6th October 2013!’
For more information, please:
Find out at AXN Asia Website
Watch preview of The Blacklist on AXN Youtube Channel
"Like" AXN Asia on Facebook
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