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Sunday, 4 August 2013

Coverage: Opus Jay Chou World Tour Live In Malaysia 2013

Kuala Lumpur, 4th August 2013- Jay Chou, the king of Mandopop was here in Malaysia for his Opus World Tour 2013 Concert. He has performed for 3 nights in Malaysia from 2nd – 4th August 2013. (This coverage was done based on the concert on 3rd August 2013)

*Sorry for the photo quality because I was not given the authority to use DSLR during the concert. So all the photos in this coverage post were taken using iPhone.

Before the concert has started, there was a white screen curtain covering the stage and a CGI animated opening was shown on the screen. Shortly after the animated opening video, the curtain was removed and Jay Chou was standing in the middle of the stage singing the song, 惊叹号”. The whole stadium was full of screaming and shouting as he appeared. After the first song, he proceeded with the two other songs, 龙拳 and 最后的战役”. He then left the stage and there was a change of props on stage.

A giant house like screen was rolled out. The concert continued with the songs from his most recent movie, “The Rooftop” 天台. During this session, two guest artists have appeared, who were Cindy Yuen 袁詠琳 and Darren. This was the part of the concert which felt like a LIVE Musical of The Rooftop. Some of the songs sang during this part were 打架舞”, “天台and 比较大的大提琴”.

In between the gaps of each session, there was a magician alike mime actor who came on stage to entertain the crowd with some funny acts. The next session was the part whereby Jay sang songs from the movies which he has taken part before, including Initial D “一路向北and Secret “不能说的秘密”. After that, he sang 双节棍”. During this song, he thrown his nunchuck to the audience.  
Throughout the concert, there were many fireworks and confetti!

Then, a very exquisite grand piano has appeared from the bottom of the stage with Jay sitting in front of it. Jay sang 明明就”, “世界末日”, “Mine Mine”, “安静”. The background of the stage was filled with very nice animation and occasionally it also showed video of Jay playing the piano. (from front view)

During the next session, a few dancers with Chinese Zombies costumes came out. For a moment, I thought Jay would be singing “本草纲目”, but he then proceeded with 公公偏头痛”. A few more 中国风 songs were sang including 青花瓷and 红尘客栈”.  He then stopped for a while and interacted with the fans. He said that the lyrics written by 方文山were too complicated, that’s why he couldn’t sing the lyrics that clearly. If the lyrics were easier, he would be able to sing with clear pronunciation too.

After the 中国风session,  Jay’s supportive singers came on stage beatboxing and singing acapella of 水手怕水”. A big bell clock appeared on the screen and Jay sang “大笨钟.

Jay then sat down on a stool with his guitar. He thanked the fans for the support throughout the past 13 years. In order to repay his fans, he sang a few of his classics such as 彩虹”, “牛仔很忙”,”星晴and “回到过去”. He then jokingly told to the fans that he used to put his names inside his old song not because he was vain. It was mainly because he couldn’t think of any other lyrics to fit during that time in the song, “完美主义”.

Jay has also inserted the lyrics, "Malaysian, I love you" or sentences with similar meaning inside some of his songs, showing his appreciation to the Malaysian fans!

The highlight of the show was the HOLOMAPPING effect which has created a few clones of Jay in hologram who performed the songs alongside with the real Jay. A few other songs were sang including 开不了口and 乌克丽丽”. The show then ended with 阳光宅男”. Every fans were excited and stood up during this last song!

It was overall a superb concert which has definitely amazed the fans! Without any doubts, Jay Chou is really the king in Mandopop!

Million thanks to KL SOGO for sponsoring my blog to the show. Appreciated it very much!

Million thanks to KL Sogo for sponsoring the coverage!
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