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Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Recap on 2013 红星关怀·生命有爱 LIFE IS LOVE 慈善音乐会

2013 红星关怀·生命有爱 LIFE IS LOVE 慈善音乐会

温昇豪自由发挥almost missed the concert due to typhoon
11 overseas singers attended to contribute their“Love”
温昇豪 and 自由发挥 who was coming to Malaysia for the first time almost missed the show due to typhoon. Luckily, they were still managed to reach the venue before the concert started. However, 自由发挥’s luggage hasn’t reach the airport in time. So they have switched their costumes into “Love” event t-shirt creating an extra effect during their performances.
Organized by Malaysian Red Crescent Penang BranchMY FM as the official Radio FMRedBox & GreenBox Karaoke as the media partner KK Box as mediaKBS 韩国美人、aeioustudio Infinity Dimet as sponsored. 2013紅星關懷、生命有愛》charity concert was successfully held on 13th July 2013 in Straits Quay!

Kimberly 陈势安 has high popularity
Joanna 王若琳Brought her personal band to Malaysia
During the concert,Joanna王若琳 has brought her personal band over to Malaysia and performed in a LIVE BAND style. She has performed a few songs including “Chitterchat”, “You and Me” and etc.
Kimberly who has been popular for her song “愛你” was cheered and shouted in joy by the audience as she appeared on stage. In fact, there were fans who gave her present during the concert. In order to have a closer interaction with the fans, Kimberly even went down to the ground to shake hand with the fans. The whole crowd that day were singing along with her during her “愛你” song. On the other hand, 陈势安 has purposely come back to Malaysia for the concert.  During the interview, he has revealed that he would be releasing his latest album this end of the year. He hoped that his fans can stay tuned for his new album.

马嘉轩 represented Penang by speaking in Hokkien when welcoming the emcee
马嘉轩who was born in Penang has spoken in Hokkien dialect welcoming Taiwan emcee吴恩星. Her appearance began with the song “认错” and her singing has earned her a round of applause from the floor.《相信着》is 马嘉轩’s latest release, it has also able to make the fans to clap hands and sing along when she was performing the song. During interview,马嘉轩has revealed that her music company was in the midst of plan to allow her to expand her career in Taiwan. She hoped that everything will go smoothly.陈仁丰 who has been in a 5 years hiatus to further his study in musichas also appeared LIVE to perform in a solo style. (playing instrument and singing at the same time). He stated that this was his first performance after taking a break for 5 years. “问号少女可晴has also appeared LIVE in the concert performing《收留》,the song which has been one of the 2013 MyAstro至尊流行榜颁奖典礼《至尊金曲》。

张起政created the main theme song for the event,named asLOVE
张起政,who has recently awarded 《最佳迷你专辑》in AIM has made a lot of songs for other celebrities before. This time, he has created the main theme song for the event named as “Love” and he performed the song himself too alongside with  马嘉轩、可晴 and 陈仁丰. This song is a heartwarming song which has definitely deliver the message of “Love” to the crowd.

蔡健雅performed for Finale  梁文音appeared on stage with short hair
梁文音 who hasn’t been here to Malaysia since two years ago finally came to perform in our country for this concert which was held in penang. She has appeared on stage with a new short haircut and performed “最幸福的事”. Besides, she has also performed 3 songs from his latest album. Last but not least, the finale of the concert was performed by Tanya蔡健雅. The moment she entered on stage, there was a big round of applause and cheers from the audience. During intereview, 蔡健雅 said that she has forced herself to take a break for one day before the concert because she would be performing 6 songs including《抛物线》and《陌生人》. Lastly,蔡健雅has ended the concert with her most iconic songBeautiful Love》。

Song Lists:
Joanna 王若琳   -  Coins\Remote Control\Chitterchat\亲密爱人\You and Me\
马嘉轩 - 认错\相信着
陈仁丰 - 幸福意外
可晴  - 收留
张起政 - 爱像瘟疫蔓延+说爱了
马嘉轩、陈仁丰、可晴、张起政 - 大会主题曲《Love
Kimberly 陈芳语  - 没有办法没有你\Never Change\爱你
陈势安   - 势在必行\再痛也没关系\天后
梁文音  - 最幸福的事\你为什么那么快乐\心里的孩子\月光地毯
自由发挥  - 3D舞力全开\G.Y.M
温昇豪  - 何苦\别找我麻烦
蔡健雅  - 红色咖啡鞋\抛物线\陌生人\说到爱\Beautiful Love

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