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Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Coverage: Lee Min Ho Global Tour in Malaysia 2013

Coverage: Lee Min Ho Global Tour in Malaysia 2013

29th June 2013 - Korean “City Hunter”, Lee Min Ho  has just performed in Malaysia for his “Lee Min-Ho Global Tour in Malaysia 2013” last week! On Saturday (29th June 2013), Jazzy Group has brought Lee Min-Ho to KWC Fashion Mall (15th Floor Event Hall) as a treat for all of the Malaysian Minoz.

“Lee Min-Ho Global Tour in Malaysia 2013” started at around 8pm on 29th June 2013. Before the showcase started, the event hall was filled with Minoz from not just Malaysia, but also from other countries such as Japan, Indonesia and Singapore. The hall was packed with Lee Min-Ho’s fans anticipating for his showcase to begin.

At around 8pm, there was a short introductory video shown on the white curtain at the centre of the stage. Then, Lee Min-Ho appeared right at the middle of the stage. All of the fans were very excited as they saw their tall, well-built and handsome idol appeared right in front of them.

The first song Lee Min-Ho sang was “My Everything”. This was a song he specially dedicated to all of his fans! It was a very nice song and most of his fans seemed to be singing along when he was performing this song.

The second song he sang was, “You and I, Us”.  During this song, there was a very nice background shown on screen and Oppa Lee Min-Ho was riding on a bike placed at the centre of the stage. There was also a female dancer who appeared as the role of his girlfriend on stage. I am sure the crowd would be very jealous of the dancer for getting so close with Lee Min-Ho.

The showcase then proceeded with a short interview session. During this session, he greeted the fans with, “Apa Khabar?”. He was also asked regarding his favourite food in Malaysia. His answer was “Nasi Lemak”. Apart from all these general questions, he was then asked to be seated as the host asked him a few “secret questions” which would only be exclusive for the fans who have attended the showcase. (Questions such as his most embarrassing moment when one of his fans actually pinched his thigh and the way he responded, his phobia and etc)

After the interview session, he continued with another two songs which were “Pieces Of Love” and “My Little Princess”. He then left the stage for a break after these two songs. His guest artists, Monsterz then came on stage to keep the fans entertained while Lee Min-Ho was preparing in the backstage. Monsterz sang two fast paced song which has also heated up the atmosphere and made the audience go wild. Shortly after Monsterz’s performance, Lee Min-Ho came back on stage performing a fast song, “Love Motion” and dancing on stage too!

After this, there was a short video on screen showing that Lee Min-Ho has brought something from Innisfree to be given away to his fans in Malaysia. He came back on stage with the emcee to continue the showcase with the fans interaction session. There was a lucky draw session and each of the lucky fans have the chance to win the goodies, handshakes and maybe something “extra” from Lee Min-Ho. Malaysian fans were smart indeed, all of them were managed to get the “extra” hugs from Lee Min-Ho plus the goodies!        

Lee Min-Ho then sang the last song, “Without You”! Shortly after he went to backstage, everyone did not leave the concert venue but continued to shout for “Lee Min-Ho! Lee Min-Ho!” and “Encore! Encore!”

He did not disappoint the fans as he came back on stage with his encore song, “Say Yes” He sang and danced along with his dancers. He even went from left corner to the right corner of the stage along with his dancers and took a bow at each corner to show his appreciation to his fans!

That’s the end of the showcase. It was a simple but nice fanservice event for all the Minoz!  I am sure all of Lee Min-Ho’s fans left the venue with a smile as they were able to witness their favourite idol performed on stage in front of them!

Million thanks to Jazzy Group for bringing Lee Min-Ho to Malaysia!

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