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Friday, 29 March 2013

Coverage of Della 丁噹 【真愛好難得】Fans Gathering @ Malaysia (Neway Puchong Casa Square)

Coverage of Della丁噹 【真愛好難得】Fans Gathering @ Malaysia (Neway Puchong Casa Square)
Last weekend, I was provided with the opportunity to attend Della 丁噹 【真愛好難得】Fans Gathering at Neway Puchong Casa Square.

Just in case you guys do not know yet, Della is going to have her concert on 31st May 2013 (Friday) & 1st June 2013 (Saturday) in Arena of Stars, Genting Highlands. So, the gathering on last weekend , 23rd March 2013 was organized in conjunction with her concert promotion in Malaysia.

Here's some photo taken during the fans gathering:
The gathering was consisted of more than 50 of Della's fans!

The Della's fans who was asked to lead the welcoming song for Della's appearance!

MYFM DJ Jym,the host of the gathering and Della!
Della and the fans!

Della was showing some love to the fans!

There's a short Q&A session between Jym and Della.
Anyway, Della is a very friendly artist and she really cares about her fans.

*Just a hint for those of you who love Della:
She actually really reads the fans' comments in her Weibo.
So, if you have something to tell her, can try to leave a message for her in Weibo! 
Della was patient enough to sign more than 50+ posters for the lucky fans!

The fans surprised Della with an early celebration of her birthday!
Della was about to leave. So, she gave all her fans a high-5 before leaving! 
Della and us who got the invitation via Neway!
Can spot me? :-)
There are a lot more photos in my FB page, you guys check out the photos here:

Last but not least, million thanks to Neway for the precious opportunity to attend the gathering!

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