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Friday, 23 March 2012

A short review of Twin Towers @live 2012 (23rd March)

Just came back from TWIN TOWERS @LIVE 2012...

Anyway, as you can see from my third picture..there's quite a lot of crowd that has come over to the concert..

From what I see, a lot of the crowd, if based on the way they dressed (pink t-shirt), come along with Korean banners and so on..It's no doubt that they came here for SNSD!

Yup..that's right..SNSD is what the crowd came here for...

this concert has successfully flooded the whole KLCC with people...and honestly, it's amazing how the organizer was able to seal a deal with SM Entertainment and become the first company in Malaysia who has FINALLY successfully bring SNSD here!

SNSD has performed six songs in total which include "the boys", "genie", "hoot", "run devil run", "mr taxi", "gee"..

More coverage on the concert will be done tomorrow. Thanks.

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