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Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Shrek The Musical Review

Thanks to Yvents! , the organizing company of Shrek The Musical in Malaysia. I have got a pair of tickets to attend the musical show with my partner, Josephine. We have enjoyed the show and here's the review for it:

The singing and dancing were great. However, don't expect hip hop dancing or break dance like those in "Showdown" competition. The dancing were classical stage dance, tap dance and etc which mainly just to fit the singing of the show. The main focus would be the singing instead of the dance.  

The flow of the show is fast-paced and has done a successful job to link between each scenes. The character switching for each scene was smoothly done. For example, there are scenes whereby Princess Fiona switched between her older and younger self  & also switched into her Ogre form. The performers were able to make the switch in the nick of time.

Other than singing and dancing, other notable performance highlights include the puppeteer performance. Imagine, seeing Ginger breadman's talking with his lips moving. And also the manning of a giant creature! This Giant Creature is in my opinion the biggest limelight of the show!
(What is this giant creature? Well,if you have watched Shrek before, you will know. It's the creature whereby the knights are supposed to slain if they want to save the princess. )

The casting of fairy tale characters were great. The kids love them.

Overall,the musical show has successfully brought the story of 1st Shrek Movie onto the stage. It's entertaining and can bring a lot of joy especially for the family with kids or for people in a gang who love musical adaptation of films.

The Costumes were great as they were almost identical with the costumes shown in the movie. The dancers outfits were perfectly fitting for the scenes as well.

Props and Settings: 
This was the best part of the show. The backdrop were well made as they were able to bring the 3D effects to the audience. The switching of backdrops were fast between each scenes. 

The lighting has been well-coordinated too. There's a part whereby lighting play a major role in it. The lighting will make the house appear to be transparent so that we can see what happened between the conversation of Donkey and Princess Fiona.

The props were awesome, especially the Giant Creature I mentioned above! Seldom we would see such a creature at that large size to be presented on stage. And its eye could blinked as well. It was very cool! 

It was a pleasant Musical Show which is definitely suitable for family and for musical lovers! 
Nice performance!

I did not manage to take photos during the show as photo taking is strictly prohibited. But here's some picture taken from the Youtube trailer video: 

This show will be running from Tuesday (19th June 2012) till Sunday (24th June 2012) at KLCC Plenary Hall. 

You can book your tickets at:

For corporate and group bookings of more than 30 tickets, call 03-2287 2811 or email

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