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Friday, 15 June 2012

Twins Concert 2012 Coverage + Review

Million thanks to Nuffnang for providing me with a pair of invitations to attend Twins Concert. However, due to unforeseen circumstance, I could not attend the concert as I have no transport to come back KL after the concert. Plus, the hotels are fully-booked or is a bit too pricey. So,I decided to give my tickets to one of my friend who is a Twins fans for quite some time.

Here’s some of the photos taken by my friend followed by his review on the concert:

Review by my friend:
Performance: Twins concert was like a performance which has compressed their 12 years journey in music industry into a 2-hours show. Although they have performed a few shows in other countries around the world, it’s quite obvious that Gillian's tempo in dancing was a bit off-beat. On the other hand, we can also see that Charlene has grown a lot on stage. There’s a lot of time whereby Charlene has helped to support and back up Gillian on the stage. Overall, their performance in singing and dancing were still able to satisfy the fans and kept them excited.  Their sincerity and determination in delivering the best performance for the fans can be felt by the fans themselves.
In addition, their Band group was very professional. During the second Encore, they were able to play the whole song of any songs that are being suggested by the fans immediately during that time.

Costume: Their costumes this year and their costumes during 2010 concert were quite similar. However, both were also as attractive and gorgeous.

Verdict: It was a very nice performance. Well done!

That’s all from my friend’s review.

Thanks to Twins for bringing the excitement for the fans who have been supporting you guys for so long!

Not to forget, thanks to Celcom for bringing them here!

From me, thanks to Nuffnang for providing the invitation! Really appreciated it!

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