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Monday, 25 August 2014

Video Coverage: Press Conference of ntv7 Daddy Dearest 阿爸

Video Coverage: Press Conference of ntv7 Daddy Dearest 阿爸
(Full written coverage can be found here: )

25th August 2014, Kuala Lumpur – ntv7, the Home of Feel Good is going to bring you a story of a father who leads and protects his family through many storms of life in the channel’s brand new Chinese drama entitled, “Daddy Dearest”. The drama will be aired every Monday till Thursday at 9.30pm on ntv7 (Channel 107) starting from tomorrow 26th August 2014.

The drama has featured a great line-up of actors and actresses including veteran actor Jordan Voon, Remon Lim (Best Actress, Golden Awards 2012), Yise Loo, Moo Yan Yee and Ernest Chong (Best supporting Actor, Golden Awards 2010).

Press Conference Footage:

During the press conference which was held a few days ago, “Ah Pa” in the film, Jordan Voon mentioned that his most challenging and memorable moment during the shooting of the drama was during the process of “whitening the hair”!

Yan Yee has shared with us a little about her role in the drama. She has also praised Leslie who is playing the role as her husband in the drama!

In the past, MayJune was always casted as the characters of the girl next door type, friendly and down to earth girl or daughter to rich family. This is the first time she took up the role as a third party in a relationship.

Yise has also shared quite a lot of her experience during the press conference. She said that she’s stuck between a pair of real couple as Josh who is MayJune’s real boyfriend was casted as Yise character’s love interest in the drama.

While Josh has some intimate scene with YiseMayJune also has some intimate scenes with Leslie too. But fret not, due to the limitation, the intimacies of the scenes are only at the minimal level. 

For more info about the show, please visit:

Don’t forget to catch “Daddy Dearest” starting 26th August 2014, every Monday to Thursday at 9.30pm on ntv7 (Channel 107)

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