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Wednesday, 6 August 2014

“Into The Storm” Movie Review

“Into The Storm” Movie Review

An unprecedented onslaught of tornadoes suddenly ravaged the town of Silverton. The town is at the mercy of deadly cyclones, even as storm-trackers anticipated the worst is yet to come. Everyone has different reactions in this scenario, some seek shelter while some run towards the vortex for once-in-a-lifetime shot.

Will the people be able to survive the tornado?

Want to know how devastating a disaster can be?

Let’s storm into your nearest cinema now to catch it!

"Into The Storm" let you experience the terror of tornadoes via the eyes and lens of the characters in the movie such as via the view of professional storm-trackers, normal citizens and thrill-seeking adventurer. A lot of the scenes are shot from the point of view of the camera hold by the characters themselves. These increases the realism of the situation and allows you to watch the whole happening of tornadoes like in FPS (first-person shooter games).  It is something unique because most other disaster movies were filmed at 3rd-person view.

The storyline for the show is on the other hand a little bit lack of complexity and predictable. Basically, you can predict what is about to happen and who is about to die. But one thing good about the show is it introduces to us more about the tornado-chasers or storm-trackers. They involve quite a number of scientific facts into the show and demonstrate to us how these people do their work, in tracking storms. (The tank-like vehicle for chasing the storms is cool!)
It’s quite educational and this is something different from usual disaster movies which just involve normal civilians running away.  

The pacing of the film starts off a little bit slow and dull in the first 15-20 minutes of the show as they introduce the characters superficially in a not-so-interesting manner. However, things get intense once the first tornado strikes. It is a joyous ride once the tornadoes come in waves and you get to watch the storm from the vantage points of different people.

Being aware that this is a disaster movie, the main character of the movie is the storm and not the human characters. Most of the human characters are lacking of character development. Not much background story is told for each of them. Of course, we would be more familiar with these two groups of people by the end of the show as most screen time involves them, a group being the father-son combo while the other group being the storm-tracker group. I personally prefer the scenes involving the storm-tracker. The father and son scenes are okay too but the scene involving the son and his love interest is a little flat. Apart from these two groups of people, there is also a duo of youtuber-wannabes who appeared just for a brief comic relief. Otherwise, the other characters in the movie don’t make you care them as much. You don’t even feel anything when you watch them die due to the lack of emotional attachment with them.

The acting performance on the other hand is not too spectacular. Although I personally think that Richard Armitage and Sarah Wayne Callies are convincing enough in delivering their roles as parent and storm-chaser respectively, the others didn’t put up too much of an impression to make you remember them. The dialogue in the movie is a little bit dull too.  

Of course, I need to praise the team for delivering a great vision of tornadoes via decent CGI graphics and great sound effects. (The seats in the cinema are basically trembling due to the sound effects as the storm strikes.)

There are also some meaningful messages delivered via this film such as family bonding, how we should tackle disaster, the importance of appreciating our life and etc.

What I like about the movie:
  1. View from the perspective of different people through their eyes and camera lens
  2. Great vision of how devastating a tornado could be
  3. Decent CGI graphic
  4. Great sound effect
  5. Educational introduction about the storm trackers

What I dislike about the movie:
  1. Predictable plot.
  2.  Inconsistent pacing.
  3. Poor character development and weak acting performances in overall.

This movie deserves a 7.0/10.0!

“Educational disaster movie. Entertaining and would be a great experience for audiences new to disaster-genre movie!” – WLJack

“Good movie. I seldom watch this kind of movie and I enjoyed it.” – Fellow reviewer, Jose Yap

Overall, it’s a fun movie, not too great but not bad as well. You will enjoy it if you just want to witness the power of Mother Nature! Recommended for those who love disaster movie!

The people who expect to feel emotionally swayed from this disaster movie will mostly get disappointed. However, the disaster was decently-delivered in this movie! So, if you just go into the theatre to witness how a storm would be like, then most likely you would enjoy it!

Million thanks to Nuffnang for the opportunity to attend the #NNPremiereScreening of the movie!  #IntoTheStorm #IntoTheStormMy

Published by WLJack.

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