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Sunday, 17 August 2014

Video Coverage: The Reveal of Members for Demi KeQing可晴 Girl Group – Precious!

Video Coverage: The Reveal of Members for Demi KeQing可晴 Girl Group – Precious!
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17th August 2014, Kuala Lumpur- Led by KeQing可晴, a new dance and sing girl group has been formed in collaboration between Easternworld Music & VF Production. The group is named as “Precious” and consists of 4 members.

Video Coverage:

The members of Precious include:
KeQing可晴 - Leader of PRECIOUS
Hera – used to be member of Fearless, champion group for Astro Battleground 2014
Estee – previously an actress for dramas
莹莹Yin Yin – previously a host for TV program

More info about the members can be found via the link below:
The concept for PRECIOUS!
Precious is a group with the elements of “创新,动感,勇气,机会” that allow the members to chase their own dreams. It is not an easy job to form a girl group in Malaysia. This is such a precious opportunity for all of them, Ke Qing, Hera, Estee and Yin Yin.

Nikon Supports Precious!
Nikon felt that Precious has a good image which is suitable in representing Nikon. Thus, Nikon will be supporting Precious even at such an early stage of the girl group formation. This is such a golden opportunity for them!

Precious has a lot of potential. Their Facebook fans page is increasing tremendously over the past few days since the reveal of the members! Hopefully they can have a bright future ahead!

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