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Monday, 25 March 2013

Coverage: Twin Towers @live 2013 Day 2 (Featuring 2NE1 and Backstreet Boys)

Coverage: Twin Towers @live 2013 Day 2 (featuring 2NE1 and Backstreet Boys)

On 23rd March 2013, it was also the day for 60+ Earth Hour. In conjunction with Earth hours, Twin Towers @live 2013 has also allocated a slot for this electricity-saving programme.

The giant switch was turned off and the audience get to witness the progressive shutting down of lights from the peak of the twin tower buildings to the base.

Apart from that, the day 2 event of Twin Towers @live 2013 has just as much variety as during the day 1 event. It was consisted of performances by local artists such as One Nation Emcees, beatboxer Shawn Lee, Malaysia superstar Mizz Nina and etc. The night has also been liven up by miscellaneous performances as well such as dances, drums and etc.

After a series of performances, here comes one of the biggest act that night, K-pop sensation girl group, 2NE1! Just like during day 1, a lot of the audience came here just to see them perform. I am sure Malaysia K-pop fans were really very excited because they finally get to see 2NE1 performing LIVE.

There's a surprise birthday celebration for Bom!

After 2NE1's performance, it's finally the time for the main highlight of the night to come onto stage. It's the Backstreet Boys! This year is their group's 20th anniversary.
Thus, as a reward, the boys sang around one hour of songs for the audience!
All the audience were very excited watching their performances! 

Wanna have a look of the crowd that were there for Backstreet Boys performance?

Here's some pictures during Backstreet Boys' performance:

Backstreet Boys were very sporting during their performance. They have even done the Gangnam Style horsie-dance on stage in the middle of their performance. They were also good enough to allow 3 fans to come on stage and sing to these lucky fans right by their side.

Trust me, the atmosphere during Backstreet Boys were overwhelming! Most audience knew all the lyrics for their songs and thus you can hear a lot of fans singing along!
They said they will come again to Malaysia this year. So, for those who have missed their marvelous performance, you might have something to look forward to this year! 

Overall, Twin Towers @live 2013 has been a FANTASTIC show which has complemented well with the grand F1 Championship that was happening on that same weekend! Bravo to JoJo Events for the wonderful events with an awesome line-ups!

For more pictures of Twin Towers @live 2013 Day 2 event, please visit:
Twin Towers @live 2013 Day 2 Photo Album

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