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Sunday, 24 March 2013

Coverage: Twin Towers @live 2013 Day 1 (Featuring U-kiss and Demi Lovato)

Coverage: Twin Towers @live 2013 Day 1

It has been a great weekend last week with the kick-off of the exciting TWIN TOWERS @LIVE 2013 on 22nd March 2013. The event was lined up with performances by Atilia, K-Town Clan, U-kiss, Demi Lovato and etc!

Date: 22nd March 2013
Venue: Plaza KLCC

The concert was not just all about singing. It was also filled with a lot of other performances such as hip-hop dancing, drums as well as fashion shows.
Quite a number of the local artists were also been given the opportunity to perform on this international stage.

Atilia on stage

K-town clan rocking the stage

One of the main scream during the event was during the appearance of the hot K-pop boy group, U-kiss! 
A lot of fans came here just to watch their performance!

After the awesome performance by K-pop U-kiss, the concert was proceeded with other miscellaneous acts such as fashion shows, drums and etc.

One of the weirdest fashion I have ever seen. Pillow man?
But still I have actually quite enjoyed the fashion show.
Drum performance (mixture of eastern and western drums)
There is some issue during the first day event though. There was a heavy rain that night. Thus, a number of the audience who did not have umbrella or raincoat have left the area before the last act, which was Demi Lovato's performance.

However, Demi Lovato's fans were still patient enough to wait till the end for their idol to come out on stage! Their patience were worth it as at around 11.40pm, Demi Lovato appeared on stage and this was the peak of the night! Everyone was screaming for her!

Demi Lovato's performance has been a splendid one! And I am really glad to see her LIVE because she was charming and her voice was really amazing! The concert ended with an encore by Demi Lovato singing, "Give Your Heart A Break"!

Overall, the first day of Twin Towers @live 2013 was a nice one!
But personally I have enjoyed the second night even more. Why?
Check out my blog soon for the coverage of the second day of Twin Towers @live 2013!

For more photos of the day 1 event, please visit the link below:
Twin Towers @Live 2013 Day 1 Photo Album

For Day 2 coverage, please click here: Day 2 coverage

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