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Thursday, 18 July 2013

"Turbo" Movie Review

"Turbo" Movie Review

“Turbo” is a new 3D comedy animation from the makers of “Madagascar” and “Kung Fu Panda”. Turbo is a snail whose original name is “Theo”. All his life, he has been living a slow and steady life along with his fellow garden snails. However, he has a big dreams of racing in Indy 500 because he is inspired by his idol, Guy Gagne (a racer champion in Indy 500). Due to his nature of being sluggish and slow as a snail, this dream seems to be an impossible dream. What’s worse is, he has been a misfit in his group of garden snails and has always been mocked by the others. Despite all these, he has never given up hope. One twist of fate made him gains the power of super-speed. He then met a goofy fast food worker, Tito who also has big dreams.

What will Turbo do with his newly gained super-speed?

How will the chemistry between Turbo and Tito turn out to be?

Will Turbo be able to achieve his dream to become a racer in Indy 500?

Let’s start your engine, turbo up and find it out in your nearest cinema.

Review: (Lazy to read the full review article? Read the summarized review here: Review)

“Turbo” is the latest animation from Dreamworks Animations featuring the voice acting from a few notable actors including Ryan Renolds, Paul Giamatti, Samuel L.Jackson and even Snoop Dogg. Plus, Ken Jeong is voicing over for a female character in this movie.

It is a nice animated movie with some meaningful messages in it. It inspires us to never give up in life. Plus, it also has some funny moments which will definitely please the kids. However, if you have been a fans of 3D animated films, you will be able to see or feel some familiarity with this movie. There are a few scenes which will remind you of the other animation movies such as “Toy Story 1”, "Ratatouille" “Madagascar” and mostly “Cars”. 

But nevertheless, “Turbo” is unique in its own way too. I love the way they presented the perspective of snails in this movie though.

As for the storyline, it has a straight-forward, simple and predictable plot. Well, but don’t get me wrong, the plot is still good enough to keep you entertained. It’s just that the storyline does not really create much suspense or surprises. 

On the other hand, the CGI and effects in this movie is good, as expected from Dreamworks Animations. The character designs are very cute and adorable too. 

The narrative and voice acting in this movie is decent. Some of the dialogues are really funny and memorable. I think most people who have watched this movie will definitely remember the dialogue, “white shadow”. It has been repeated for a few times in the movie. I found it funny because it has really blended well with the scenes which is aimed to create some laughter.

Overall, it is a pleasant movie with some inspiring moments in it. Though it can’t rival with some pixar movies with similar theme, It is a definitely a “wow” movie for kids. But still, it might not be suitable for all adults. Some adults might find the story a bit exaggerated. Well, this is a kid movie after-all I guess. Why so serious?

It is not the best animation movie but it sure is a relaxing and enjoyable movie for family with kids or for couples who can enjoy the nonsensical animation storyline.

What I like about the movie:
  1. Meaningful messages delivered through this film
  2. Aimed to please the kids
  3. Imaginative perspective of the snails’ world
  4. Funny dialogues
What I dislike about the movie:
  1. Predictable plot
  2. Many familiarity with other animation movies

This movie deserves 6.5/10.0!

It is a creative animation movie which targets at the hearts of the kids! It has its inspiring moments which will deliver meaningful messages to the young ones! I would definitely recommend it for the family with kids!

However, not all will be pleased by the jokes in this film. Some parts are a bit exaggerated, so the adults who are serious-type or expecting a super high-level jokes, might not really like the show. Despite that, I am sure not all adults hate it though.

(Special thanks to Nuffnang for the invitation to the movie premiere of "Turbo")

Reviewed done by WLJack.

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