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Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Video Coverage: Press conference of Astro Star Quest 2014 Finale “Astro新秀大赛”

Video Coverage: Press conference of Astro Star Quest 2014 Finale “Astro新秀大赛

16th July 2014, Kuala Lumpur – The finale of Astro Star Quest 2014 will be happening this weekend, 19th July 2014(Saturday) at Stadium Bukit Jalil Outdoor Parking, 8.30pm. This contest is produced by Astro 本地圈, mainly sponsored by London Choco Roll, H2)+ as cooperating partner and MyFM as the official radio station.

Our team from and have been given the opportunity to attend the press conference for the finale of the competition.

The current Top 5 finalist for Astro Star Quest 2014 this year include Ron彭世豪、Elaine李宜玲、Yuii陈静宜、Uriah徐凯 & Sean许益凯.  

Video Coverage:

Experience Sharing by all the Top 5 Finalist!

Ron stated that he didn’t like his mother to watch him singing because his mother always try to advise him to change his way of singing into her style. Uriah said that he will try his best during the finale to achieve a standard which he has set for himself during the previous few rounds of the contest.

Yuii preferred to sing pop songs more compared to Chinese New Year songs which she often sang when young. Elaine felt lucky to be able to get into the finale and will her best in the finale.

In the past, Sean has quitted schooling for some time due to some friends’ influence. However, he has continued his study after realizing the importance of academic qualification.

All of the finalists wished to just enjoy the stage and try their best. They have planned and agreed that the winners would spend all the cash prize in treating the fellow candidates for a trip together.

 “Astro Star Quest 2014” "我的至爱新秀"voting session has been open to public now. The audience can begin to vote now until the dateline on 19th July 2014, 10pm. The prizes in Astro Star Quest 2014 finale include the prizes which worth more than RM400,000. The champion can receive a Corolla Altis which worth more than RM110,000.

Astro Star Quest 2014 Finale “Astro新秀大赛 will be held on 19th July 2014 (Sunday)8.30pm and will be aired LIVE via Astro Wah Lai Toi (CH 311) and Astro 至尊HD (CH 310).

For more info,please visit: or facebook page .

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