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Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Birdman (Summarized Movie Review)

Birdman (Summarized Movie Review)
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Riggan Thomson, once known quite well as an iconic superhero, "The Birdman" is now washed up. He is now battling his ego and attempts to recover his family, his career and himself in the days leading up to the opening of a Broadway play.

Riggan has a difficult time juggling between the set, his replacement actor, his daughter, and other obstacles that prevent a proper staging of the play.

How will his ego affect his current life?

Will Riggan be able to shine again in his career?

Let’s fly like a bird into the cinema near you and watch it!

The Good

  • A fresh and unique experience. It made you believes that whole movie was taken in “one-shot”.
  • Interesting plot and storytelling on inner struggles and outer obstacles in life.
  • Dramatic yet comedic sequences that were realistically convincing.
  • Spectacular acting performances by the casts especially Michael Keaton.
  • Great beats and rhythms in the movie that made the flow even smoother than its already smooth “one-shot” filmography.

The Bad

  • A little of draggy but necessary moments.


This movie deserves a 9.0/10.0!

“Brilliant cinematography, top-notch acting and a realistic experience! A must watch for movie-goers!” –WLJack

“A movie with greater message delivered within.” – Fellow reviewer, Andrew Yem

Highly recommended to those who loves new experience in movie and great acting!

If you are someone who can’t accept realistic drama and don’t buy the idea of “one shot” film, you might not like it. Otherwise, I can’t think of a reason why someone would dislike the movie.

Million thanks to Nuffnang for the opportunity to attend the #NNPremiereScreening of the movie!  #BirdmanMovie

Published by WLJack.

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