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Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Video Coverage: Astro TVBS Asia “女人我最大之美丽约会”

Video Coverage: Astro TVBS Asia “女人我最大之美丽约会
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Kuala Lumpur, September 2014 – It’s women’s nature to concern about their appearance. Every woman wants to be pretty and confident.  Astro & TVBS Asia have organized 女人我最大之美丽约会 a few days ago which has featured 《女人我最大》beauty guru 蓝心湄, Hair makeup expert吴依霖& Makeup expert小凯老师. They have shared the beauty secrets with the attending audiences that day.

Pure Beauty, Watsons 独家销售as the main sponsor, Beautylabo Whip Hair Colour as partner sponsor, Paradigm Mall as venue sponsor, 女人我最大之美丽约会has been held on 7th September 2014 (Sunday), 2pm, Paradigm Mall, Petaling jaya.

Our team from & was given a chance to do a coverage on the event.

Video Coverage:

During the event, a workshop was done by 小凯老师吴依霖老师. They have taught the audiences on how to style up the hair and do make up through their workshops. Makeover has been done by these two experts on a few Malaysian female artiste including黄之豫, 陈楚寰曾洁钰陈雪芬 .

Besides that, there was also a quiz session with the audiences whereby the lucky audience has won away some exclusive prizes from小凯老师吴依霖老师!

After the workshop and quiz session, beauty guru 蓝心湄 has finally come on stage and greeted the fans. 蓝心湄 has shared with the crowd regarding her methods of keeping such a great body shape.

After 蓝心湄 came on stage, there was another two sessions of interaction with fans whereby the蓝心湄、吴依霖、小凯 compete to makeup their fans into the best “Chang Er 嫦娥”. It was a hilarious scene during the day!

《女人我最大》 will be aired every Monday to Friday, 9pm at TVBS Asia (CH 317).

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