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Monday, 15 September 2014

Video Coverage: Shila Amzah “LOVE” Live In Malaysia

Video Coverage: Shila Amzah “LOVE” Live In Malaysia
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Video Coverage: Shila Amzah “LOVE” Live In Malaysia (
Photo Credits: Official Photographer
Kuala Lumpur, 15th September 2014 – Our beloved artiste who has made Malaysian proud at the international stage, Shila Amzah has had her concert in Malaysia on 13th September 2014 (Saturday) at Mega Star Arena. Our team from & has been given an opportunity to do a coverage on the event.

Video Coverage

Shila Amzah’s overwhelming popularity was evidenced by the full-house concert in Malaysia! There were approximately 2,000 people who have attended the concert and the audiences are from multiple races.

As the kick start of the show, Shila began her first performance with “Yang Teristimewa” and “Bebaskan/Ada Sahaja”. She has composed and written these songs at a very young age as one of the songs was actually created by her at the age of 13 years old.

Throughout the show, Shila has spoken in multiple languages including Malay, Mandarin and English so that all of her audiences could understand her. She also said that, regardless of the races who attended her concert, everyone is actually one, one big family!

During Shila’s concert, she has altered some of the song lyrics and even mixed-and-matched different versions or languages of songs during her performance on stage. The most prominent one is during her performance of 记得

In Malaysia Concert, she has invited a JAMES 楊永聰who is famous for his song, “Long Time No See好久不見” as her guest artiste.

Shila has sang many songs which she was famous for especially during her career in China such as想你的夜, 最长的电影 & etc!

It was a touching moment when Shila gave a speech regarding patriotism as well as love during her performance of “Warisan”. She said that while she was dedicating the song for her beloved country, the real dedication of the song was for her father! She has invited her father to go on stage to sing with her.

After Shila’s performance of her “last song”, Memori Tercipta, the audiences did not leave the hall and they screamed for an encore. Without disappointing the fans, Shila came back on stage with her song Patah Seribu which was blended with her Mandarin version, 下一步.
Shila Amzah “Love” Live In Malaysia has been a very amazing concert and I believed everyone who has attended the concert would agree with me. The concert has brought many laughter, joy as well as tear-dropping moments by Shila’s voice which could convey stories and feelings to the audience.

For full written coverage, please visit:

Shila Amzah “LOVE” Concert In Malaysia 2014 is jointly organized by Mega Ultimate Sdn Bhd and Shila Amzah Entertainment Berhad, Mega Star Arena as the official venue, MyFM & Era FM as Official Radio, Warner Music Malaysia as the Official Music Label, Paradigm Mall as the Official Mall, Premiere Hotel as the Official Hotel, AirAsia as Official Flight and Alexandre Christie as the Official Watch. Special thanks to Spectrum, Kortex, ESS, Mega Visual and Mega Music World.

Million thanks to Mega Ultimate for giving us the opportunity to do a coverage on the event!

Credits to official photographer for the photographs.
Published by WLJack.

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