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Monday, 12 September 2011

TVB Drama Preview: Men With No Shadows 不速之約 (12/9/2011 onwards)

TVB Drama Preview
Men With No Shadows 不速之約 (12/9/2011 onwards)
This drama will air in Hong Kong from 9:30pm to 10:30pm, Monday to Friday on TVB.

Synopsis (Translated from by W.L Jack)
Gong Dong Gin (played by Bobby Au Yeung) is a medical graduate. He is very obsessed with pharmacological studies. He has cooperated with a drug company to research and develop a new type of drug to cure cancer. However, there are patients who died during the R&D trials. He can't accept the fact that people dying during the trials of his new drug. Thus,he quit in R&D and then become a clinic doctor.   
Gin has been clinging his life together with his mom since young. Gin has been living well,but he can't forgive his father for leaving away from them.The woman who is now married to Gin's father, Sung Chu Jiao (played by Gigi Wong Suk Yee) coincidentally has a Chinese traditional Medicine Centre next to Gin's new clinic. 

Gin is an honest yet clumsy person. Due to him being too focused in his medical studies and R&D, his social circle is very small and his love experience is very little. Until he met with Fong Siu Fong (played by Tavia Yeung), who came to his clinic to be treated. Gin knows that she has a chemical allergy and he has develop a type of anti-allergy drug to cure her. In order to follow the medical code,that,doctors can't have any relationship with their patients within 3 years times,he did not confess to her and planned to confess to her after the 3 years period is over. Unexpectedly, 3 days before the 3-years period is over, Fong applied for the job as the nurse in his clinic. He promised to hire Fong then.  

Just when Gin has finally have the chance to develop his relationship further with Feng, he met with a car accident. His car bumped into Tai Feng's car(played by Raymond Lam). Gin's heartbeat is stopped for a while. When he is being rescued in hospital, he dreamt of meeting with "Devil". Gin beg for mercy from devil,claiming that he's a good person and he still yet to discover a new drug which if successfully being developed can be used to save a lot of people. He also stated that he still hasn't confess to the girl he likes. That's why,he don't want to give up his life so easily. 

Gin came back to life,and then he immediately confess to Fong. But he was being rejected. He felt disappointed. All of the sudden, Feng(played by Ramond Lam) pretends as a patient to seek for treatment at his clinic. Gin was shocked when he realized that Feng has no heartbeat. Feng has died and has taken the form as a Devil. He came here to take Gin's life away.

To save his own life, Gin negotiated with Feng. Gin suggest a bet,if he can really prove himself as a good person as mentioned by his ownself,then Feng promised to set him free. Gin tried his best to became the original him, and try his best to play a role as a good guy. But eventually realized that being Good Guy is not as simple as it seems. And it became even harder since Feng has been creating a lot of obstacles for him, letting him lose every of his bets in proving himself good.

Then,Gin negotiated with Feng again, stating that he still need to take care of his mother,plus he hasn't able to succeed in new drug development and hasn't able to win Fong's heart yet. He said that he can't rest in peace if his wishes haven't come true. Feng then gives an excuse that he wanted to try the taste of being a human. He stayed by Gin and secretly help Gin fullfil his wishes. If Gin's wishes have been fulfilled,Feng will take his life away. 

Character Info (taken from

Picture from the drama (taken from

I am looking forward to watch this drama tonight! Because I am Bobby Au Yeung's Fans!
Anyway,for Lam Fung fans and Tavia Yeung fans,stay tuned for this drama too ya!

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