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Monday, 3 October 2011

TVB Drama Preview: Super Snoops 荃加福祿壽探案 (3/10/2011 onwards)

TVB Drama Preview
Super Snoops  荃加福祿壽探案 (3/10/2011 onwards)
This drama will air in Hong Kong from 8:30pm to 9:30pm, Monday to Friday on TVB.

Synopsis (Translated from by W.L Jack)
During a winter night of one of the year, three kids who at first do not know of each other met each other in a tumbledown house. These three kid are Kung Chak Lam (played by Wong Cho Lam), Chung Duk Lam (played by Louis Yuen) and Chui Seui (played by Johnson Lee).
The three of them become very close immediately even though just met. They both made a wish. Duk Lam hopes that he can become a "good fighter", Chak Lam hopes that he can move through walls and Chui Seui hope that he can have the ability to make women tell him the truth on anything.  Chak Lam and Duk Lam wonders if their wishes will come true. Chui Seui assures them that, " If you are willing to have faith, anything can also become as you wish." After that night, they separated from each other. Big changes have occured in each of their life.

Several years later, Duk Lam become someone who is willing to sell ladies' underwear in order to earn money for a living. Chak Lam is a lovesick guy and his property is being cheated away by girls. He even owe a huge amount of debt. In order to clear his debt, he is even willing to crossdress in order to get more money. Chui Seui became someone who never tell the truth. He is being pressurised by upper authority in work and he has also taken bribes. He has to talk a lot of lies to please others in order to survive in his work.

On the other hand,a female inspector San Chiu Tong (played by Liza Wang) has been involved in a gunfight a few years ago during an operation. Her subordinate died in the gunfight. She felt guilty as she felt that it's her fault that her subordinate died. Plus, the operation itself still has a lot of unsolved mysteries. So, she eventually spent her life trying to solve those mysteries till ignored her family and her work. Consequently,her husband left her and she was also being kicked out from police force. She was depressed since then.

In order to raise her daughter,she has to use her remaining property to start up a private investigation business.  Tung accidentally encounters the three pitiful young men, Chak Lam,Duk Lam and Chui Seui. Eventually the four of them become a team and uses their own distinct abilities to investigate cases.

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For those of you who loves Liza and the three Gods, this is a drama that you should not miss!

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