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Friday, 20 April 2012

Twisted Love Gala Night + Review of Movie

Yup..the Gala Night for Twisted Love has just happened last thursday (19 April 2012)..
Thanks to, was given two invitations to attend the Gala Night..

Below are the pictures during the Gala Night..

The casts of the film arrived at 8.30pm and there's an interaction section with the fans before the movie starts.
All the casts and crew in this film are friendly and nice. The notable ones, Zhu Mi Mi and Mark Lee are indeed funny celebrities.
Part of the funny conversation that took place was when Mark Lee claimed that during the filming session, Lim Bing Bing has feeling towards him because " Girls will definitely have feeling when saw handsome guy", jokingly referring himself as the handsome guy. However, Zhu Mi Mi was doubting about this fact.
Later during the game session of Q&A, Zhu Mi Mi was self-admitting herself as a pretty girl. It's quite funny during the session as all the fans seem overjoyed with their personalities.

At 9.00pm, it's about time for the movie. One good remarks about this Gala Night was about the refreshment being served before the movie, all of the lucky people who were selected to attend the Gala Night were very satisfied with it.

Ok. So,basically the movie is comprised of 3 different stories. Since the movie is not in Cinema yet, so I won't talk much about the story as I don't want to leak out spoilers. However,the synopsis can be found in the previous post I have blogged last week :

I am gonna give the short and brief review about this movie:
First, about the overall presentation of this movie, it is a really SCARY movie. It has a lot of special effects that will chill your spine and make you horrified, one notable element is the sound effect. The Sound effect has effectively draw the audience into the atmosphere and the next amazing element is the scary film shot in this movie. A few of the scenes are well-shot that they really can cause you to have a palpitation.

Second, is about the theme of the story. This movie has been using a fresh theme that, "Human sometimes are even more scary than Ghost". This is depicted when there's a story about a girl who died in the hotel. There are two guys inside the hotel. They are trying to hide the girls's death and to prevent so, they have murdered anyone who are about to discover the death of the girl. This theme will trigger you to have new thoughts and fear that Human is actually much scarier than ghost.

Third, it's about the progress of the movie. The movie progresses well and some jokes were being placed intermittently throughout the movie as well to lighten the heart of the audience before letting them to enter into another roller coaster of horror again. Mark Lee and Zhu Mi Mi did play a good role in it.

Overall the movie is quite worth watching and the scary movie lovers will definitely have affection towards this movie.

Apart from the movie, the atmosphere during Gala Night is quite fun too because throughout the session of watching the movie, there were many laughters and screams as well.

Well,that's all for now, stay tuned my blog for more updates on this movie and also on other events updates.

Last but not least, million thanks to Newskaki for the invitation! :-)

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  1. It is very nice and informative blog. I go through your post about movie reviews daily.


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