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Monday, 14 May 2012

Press Conference of First Anime Festival Asia Malaysia (AFAMY)

Press Conference of First Anime Festival Asia Malaysia (AFAMY)
On 26 April, 2012, the Press Conference for the very First Anime Festival Asia Malaysia has been held in KL. Below are some of the pictures during the press conference:

KANAME  a renowned international cosplayer and AFA Cosplay Ambassador  

Maid and Butler Café Artistes

Mr Gaku Shinoda, Vice President of Dentsu Malaysia Sdn Bhd (left ) with Mr. Abe Foong, Managing Partner, Anime Festival Asia Malaysia and Director of Mochiro Sdn Bhd (third from left), Mr. Shawn Chin, Festival Director, Anime Festival Asia and Executive Director, SOZO with sponsors from Low Yat Plaza and Federal Hotel along with artistes.

ULTRAMAN  who will be showcasing a live show at the AFA MY 

Yeah. Take note here, Anime and Japanese popular culture fans! Because you are in for a special treat this coming June as Anime Festival Asia Malaysia will be staged for the very first time in Malaysia.  

An electrifying line-up of anisong (anime songs) stars from Asia’s music powerhouse, Japan will be showcased during the festival. The festival will also feature Japan’s top talent and latest offerings in the animation and Japanese Popular Culture scene. Visitors can also expect and anticipate the experience of being transported into Japan’s famous Akihabara without requiring a passport - with premium original merchandise, movie screenings, cosplay-related activities, and maid and butler café experiences.    

Commenting about the forthcoming AFA MY, Mr. Abe Foong, Managing Partner, Anime Festival Asia Malaysia and Director of Mochiro Sdn Bhd. said, “Anime and Japanese popular culture has a strong following in Malaysia. There are approximately 500,000 people who are exposed to anime and this number is growing with the industry. "

 “Through Anime Festival Asia Malaysia, we hope to make this an annual showcase of the latest and popular content and merchandise.  The festival will offer business opportunities to network with Japanese content providers as well and take this industry to a new level,” said Mr. Foong.  Mr. Shawn Chin, Festival Director, Anime Festival Asia and Executive Director, SOZO, said, “Through Anime Festival Asia, fans from the region have grown to love the Anime Festival Asia brand and associate it with premium anime and J-pop content. Today, we are happy to stage Anime Festival Asia Malaysia here in response to fans’ requests.   “We will offer our Malaysian audience an experience with top quality Japanese popular culture, with local interests and preferences, supported with iconic Anime Festival Asia favorites. With this, we hope that Anime Festival Asia Malaysia will grow into an event that Malaysians can be truly proud of and call their own,” concluded Mr. Chin. 

The highlights and more details about Anime Festival Asia Malaysia (AFAMY) has been posted in my previous blog post: 

Anyway, Anime Festival Asia Malaysia will be held at Tun Razak Hall 1 & 2, Putra World Trade Centre on 9 & 10 June 2012.

So,remember to jot down these venue and date information into your schedule or diary! Don't miss this golden opportunity to attend such a great event!

Ticketing details: 
General festival tickets are priced at RM15 per day, customers who wish to additionally access exclusive stage contents from Anime celebrities will need to purchase the Festival + Stage RM30 per day ticket.  
For access to the concerts in the evening, customers will need to get the RM88 / day (Free Standing) and RM168 / day (VIP Seating). To make it more accessible to fans, a RM308 2-day VIP Package & RM148 2-day Standing Package will also be available. 

For more information of the tickets, please visit

*Additional Info related with the event

About Dentsu Malaysia: It's a wholly owned subsidiary of Dentsu Inc, based in Japan and one of the three communication agencies within Malaysia, Dentsu Malaysia Sdn Bhd is a fully integrated communications agency, providing total communications solutions for both local and international clients. The Dentsu network which dates back to 1901 has its disposal powerful network support and resources. According to Ad Age Global, Dentsu is today the world’s number one agency brand and the biggest among all major networks in Asia. Dentsu is today an award-winning agency, spearheading innovation and changes in the global digital landscape. Dentsu is well known for its strong influence in anime franchises and has a dedicated entertainment and contents division overseeing its operations.     For more information on Dentsu Malaysia Sdn Bhd, visit:

About Mochiro Mochiro: It's a Malaysia-based company whose vision is to spread the sub-culture of Japan in Malaysia and also create awareness through Japanese festivals and events. Mochiro strives to provide the best of Japanese pop culture to fans by offering entertainments, events and festivals. Mochiro believes in creating high quality and latest Japanese popular culture and contents to appeal to Malaysians who are constantly looking to experience new trends in the scene.      
About SOZO: SOZO represents a cutting edge entertainment and you-marketing driven company. Made up of a diverse talented pool of industry professionals, SOZO is focused towards interactive marketing, developing animation and entertainment content and service platforms geared at engaging young adults at both regional and global levels. SOZO’s main mission is focused on delivering highly entertaining pop culture experiences, contents and products that will constantly engage, thrill and excite this young and restless market.  

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