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Thursday, 4 October 2012

T-ara First Showcase in Malaysia Coverage

Million thanks to Jazzy Group for bringing us this wonderful event with one of the most popular South Korea Girl Group, T-ara!


Overall, the showcase has been conducted right on the time at around 8.30pm. First, it started off with some introduction of the girls’ members. Then, the girls came out with their first song being “Roly Poly”. The whole venue was filled with excitements as the girls appear right in front of us! Cheers and joyful shouts were heard as the girls greeted the fans with Bahasa Malaysia!

Then, their next song was "Lovey Dovey". It was such a pleasure seeing the girls shuffling on stage. It was then proceeded with "Bo Peep Bo Peep" whereby the girls wore "paws" on their hands during the performance. After the performance of "Bo Peep Bo Peep", the fans got the opportunity to receive rewarding gifts from the girls as the girls threw the "paws" on their hands to the fans!

The next song was "I Go Crazy Because Of You". The girls have changed into their second costumes  before they performed this song. 

The crowds were waiting patiently as the girls went backstage for a change of costumes.

After their 4th songs, the showcase continued with lucky draw and game sessions.

These two fans were so lucky! Apart from being able to stand on the same stage with T-ara, they even have the chance hug them and also take photos with them.

After that, the next song that T-ara sang was "Why Are You Being Like This?" and it was followed by "Day by Day"

Prior to their 7th song, they told the crowd that they love Malaysia!!

Their 7th song was "Sexy Love", their latest hits! All of the fans were excited and their fan-chants could be heard clearly throughout the song! The girls said that this was their last song. 

However, the fans were smart and determined. Immediately after they have finished singing "Sexy Love", the fans started to scream for Encore.

To please the fans, T-ara reappeared onto the stage for the encore by singing their opening song again, "Roly Poly"!

 After the performance were done, the showcase was proceded with Hi-5 session!

Rilakkuma cosplayer was detected!!!

And there was a surprise too..not just for the fans, but for one of the girls..
A birthday surprise was done to Soyeon! All the crowd in the hall sang "Happy Birthday" song to her.
She thanked all of them and told them, "Cinta Padamu!"

Basically T-ara has two costumes throughout the performance which you can see from the pictures above. First was the red and white colour themed costume and the second was the black and white coloured costume.
Both types of costumes look very nice on them! 

(However, I hope they can also wear the costumes featured in their "Day by Day Dance Version"Music Video because it's very nice to see them in that set of outfits. Nevertheless, both of these sets of outfits were nice too! )

(Photographs taken by authorized photographer of, John)

I am sure T-ara QUEENS and the audience were glad to witness their beloved girl group, T-ara performing Live in front of them!
Thanks a lot to Jazzy Group for making it possible to bring T-ara to Malaysia!

For more photos of the event,please visit:
T-ara Malaysia Showcase Photo Gallery

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  1. Great set of photos, what camera did u use? I thought photography wasn't allowed so I didn't bring mine :/


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