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Friday, 20 September 2013

Sponsored Post: Celcom ESCAPE is my sweet escape!

Sponsored Post: Celcom ESCAPE is my sweet escape!

Recently, I have downloaded this cool new app, Celcom ESCAPE into my newly bought smartphone and it has been a great complement for my phone. Why did I say so? With the Celcom ESCAPE apps, I am able to have a world of entertainment right on the palm of my hand.

Anyway, I am currently back in Kelantan for my Final Year Pursue in Medical Degree (M.D). Some of you might not know yet, but there is no cinema here in Kelantan yet. So, it’s kinda hard for a movie lover like me to find source for movie entertainments here.

However, with this app, I was able to keep myself entertained with some of my beloved movies after stuffing my brains with medical books input!

Come, let’s discover the app here!

Check out the homepage interface of the apps:

With ESCAPE, you will never be alone!
Entertainment and Movies right on your hand.
Movies addicts have no more worries anymore when going travelling! Whenever you feel like watching a movie during your travel, just ESCAPE! 

With this app, I am able to access through a variety of movies from Hollywood, Korean, Indonesian, Hindi as well as our local movies easily via an online movie library that has a great amount of contents. Besides that, the apps will also update me on news, concerts, TV series & events LIVE.

With it, I will be able to ensure myself get updated on those irresistible moments or umissable events!

The apps will show a slider with highlights for the users to get a quick glance on what is hot now!

The apps has more than 500+ movies including collections of different genre which offer us distinct feelings such as Thrills (Thriller genre), Giggles (Comedy Genre), Bullets (Action Movie) and etc!

All these can be assessed at a very cheap cost but with a very convenient way. (Movies can go as cheap as at 80 cents per hour)

Of course, it does feature some concerts and red carpet events footages as well. The images delivered via this app are in top-notch resolution. The delivery of the high-res images is possible with the use of a cool adaptive streaming technology. This allows the users to enjoy excellent video quality across different devices.

Different devices! Same Excitement!
This app is accessible in my 5 years old laptop and my newly bought smartphone because it is compatible with iOS, Android, MacOS and Windows! The apps could function well in all these different devices but still able to provide the same amount of joy to the user!

It’s a FREE to download apps!
What’s more is, it is a FREE to download apps! You can download the apps on your mobile and ESCAPE on the go!

Pause & Play function, so convenient!
With its distinct Pause & Play function, I can pause the chosen movie on my tablet and continue watching the movie on another device anytime and anywhere I want. With this, we will never ever miss our favourite shows anymore!

How to use the apps?
Visit and register at to ESCAPE now! (Only for Celcom subscribers nationwide)

Wow! I am so glad that I am a Celcom Subscribers!



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