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Saturday, 17 May 2014

Coverage: C2AGE RAVE 2014 @ HELP College Of Arts and Technology

Coverage: C2AGE RAVE 2014 @ HELP College Of Arts and Technology
Kuala Lumpur, 17th May 2014 – Over the last weekend, our team has been given a chance to do a coverage on an anime event which was titled C2AGE RAVE. It was a pleasant two-day events and it’s a treat to the cosplayers as well as fans of comic, anime and games.

Meet The Popular Cosplayers In Person!
There were quite a number of special guests who have made an appearance during the event this year. The list includes Zeasonal, Plallen Mikk, Clive Lee, Hiiro and Reika Arikawa who were all prominent cosplayers which have a lot of fans.

Earlier on during the first day of the event, there was a press conference held whereby these guests were interviewed by the media members. Later on, there was a meet-and-greet session with them for their fans. All of their fans were crazy over them as they saw their favorite cosplayers appeared right in front of them!

Competitions and Activities everywhere!
The event has involved many floors. Each floor has its own activities being carried out simultaneously.

Competitions of different were carried out such as Art competition, Cosplay Competition, Eating Competition, DOTA 2 Tournament and etc.  

Booths of Merchandise and Exhibitions!
Besides activities, there were a lot of booths during the event. Some were booths selling anime-related merchandises while some were booths for display of figurines and etc.
It’s definitely a good shopping day for anime-manga fans!

As for exhibition booths, it have displayed many cool stuffs from different themes such as Star Wars, Lego, Iron Man, Transformers and etc.

Cosplayers Assemble!
Apart from the activities organized by the committee, another major attraction during the event was the presence of hundreds of cosplayers who were roaming around like usual visitors. Some cosplayers themselves have their own activities independently at the ground floor near the stage area. They have gathered at that place since early in the morning and they have become the shooting targets for the cameramen who were present on both of the days.

It’s like a gathering of old friends.  A lot of the cosplayers seemed to know each other. Some of them were dancing along to some HATSUNE MIKU song while some of them were just chatting and hanging around with each other who cosplayed the characters from the same series.

Either way,the way the cosplayers enjoyed themselves have brought some extra joy to the non-cosplaying visitors too!

Overall, it was really an interesting event especially for the fans of cosplay, anime, manga and games. Those who have missed the event, you can check out some of the photos taken by our team during the first day of the event. Here is the link of the photo album:

It’s an annual event. Our team sure looking forward to take part in the event again next year! Until then, stay tuned to our website for more info of the upcoming anime events in Malaysia!

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