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Monday, 19 January 2015

Time Is Money 《十万夥急》movie review (summarized version)

Time Is Money 《十万夥急》movie review (summarized version)

*From now onwards, full movie review segment will be posted in Please take note.

“Time Is Money” is the first movie directed by Kang Kang. It revolves around the story of Chen Mo (played by Kang Kang) who is one of the second generation of rich family. Due to his addiction in gambling, he lost everything in which his dad has passed over and this infuriates his old man. His dad left him a painting by painter Chu Zhong Tian (played by Mark Lee) and it is only worth $100,000 Taiwan currency which is not enough to pay off his debt.

After he and his underground boss saw the news in television about a painter and how to boost up the painting’s value, the underground boss forced him to fly to Singapore to kill Chu Zhong Tian.

Zhu Yue Po (played by Ng Man Tat) hates Chu Zhong Tian because it’s Chu Zhong Tian’s fault that he was being placed inside a jail.  Because Chu Zhong Tian was surrounded by enemies, he accept the gallery broker recommendation to seek for Malaysian beautiful gallery broker, Hu Jing ( played by Wang Yu Rou)’s help to sell his painting while fleeing from danger.

Finally, 3 of them meet in Malaysia and start their evil scheme against each other.

What will happen in between three of them? Who will win in the end? 

Let’s find out whether the movie is worth your time or your money in the cinema near you.

The Good:
  • Some Slapstick comedy scene which can make you laugh!
  • Great cameo appearances such as Henry Thia, Jacky Wu and etc. Loves Jacky Wu’s appearance. (However, the cameo appearance were totally non-related with main storyline)
  • Some really laughable performances by some casts. Personally, I love Alvin Wong’s performance who portrays an old hotel manager in Malaysia.
  • Ng Man Tatt singing for the movie theme song.

The Bad:
  • Nonsensical script which at times felt a bit lame.
  • Forceful character development.

What can you expect from the movie?
You will enjoy the comedy if you watch it with low expectation on storyline.

This movie deserves a 5.5/10.0!

“While the storyline is not that inspiring, I did find myself laughing to some of the jokes and slapstick comedy scenes in the movie!” –WLJack

“A few of the scenes are funny!” – Fellow reviewer, Andy Lim

Highly recommended to those who love Kang Kang and wish to support his first movie!

Published by WLJack.

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