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Wednesday, 12 September 2012

"Resident Evil: Retribution" Movie Review

"Resident Evil: Retribution" Movie Review

"Resident Evil: Retribution"  is the sequel to the movie of “Resident Evil: Afterlife”. It continues from where it left off in the last movie whereby Alice and the survivors are surrounded by their enemies. T-virus which is created by The Umbrella Corporation's continues to ravage the Earth, causing the global population to turn into the undead. In order to save the world, Alice needs to fight alongside with Ada Wong and a few notable characters adapted from resident evil game franchise.

Will Alice and Ada Wong able to save the world?

Who are the other notable game characters being introduced into the film this time?

Be the RESIDENT in the cinema this Thursday to find out what EVIL is going on in this movie!

First and foremost, this is the 5th instalment for Resident Evil movies. So, for those who have loved the previous 4 movies, this is definitely the movie for you this week!

For those who have never watched the previous 4 films before, no worries. This movie has done a great job in summarizing the happenings in the previous movies within the beginning 10 minutes of the show. So, you will definitely not lose track despite not watching the previous ones! And take note, this movie has a very loose connection with the storyline in Resident Evil games. So, game fans must be more open-minded to accept the modification of plot in order to enjoy the show! By the way, the storyline is quite straight forward this time and spend more focus on boss battles and runaway sequence which make you feel like you are watching the fun cut-scenes like the ones in the games.

Apart from storyline, another main attraction this time is the adaptation of Ada Wong (played by Li BingBing) into the movie franchise! Ada Wong is one of the most favourite female character in Resident Evil game franchise! So, I am sure the Ada Wong fans will definitely be delighted with this addition into the film. Overall, Li BingBing has done a convincing job as Ada Wong, her look and costume looks almost identical to the game counterpart. However, the Ada Wong in game is more calm and cooler in personality. But still, I believe you guys will love Li BingBing as Ada Wong! (*Sadly, her on-screen time is so much lesser than what I have expected.)

Commenting on acting and casts, of course, Milla Jovovich is undeniably amazing in portraying the character of Alice. She’s done a good job in her action moves and she’s definitely the Icon for Resident Evil film!  Besides, there are also introduction of some other famous characters from the Resident Evil games into this film. One of them is a very important guy lead character from Resident Evil 2 and 4. Can you guys guess who?
About the zombies and monsters, Resident Evil 5 game fans will be pleased to see some familiar creatures from RE5 to appear in this film, such as those hard-to-beat Majinis. The action sequence in the film is also not bad and quite well choreographed. Slow motion effect like the one in “Abraham Lincoln: The Vampire Hunter” can also be seen in this movie, but in a lesser amount.

Anyway, the movie has also provided a small amount of scare factors to the audience as there are a few scenes whereby the zombies suddenly appear! With some loud and terrorizing sound effect!

However, there are some flaws in the movie though. Some scenes are quite awkward when slow motion effects are being used in the scenes which do not feel right. There are also some minor plot holes. Some characters’ response is quite weird. For example, some character actually acted like nothing happened despite the fact that their peer died. Some weird dialogues can also be heard in this film.

Besides some of these awkward moments, the movie is actually not bad and quite entertaining! 

What I like about the movie:
  1. Decent amount of actions
  2. Some shocking scenes
  3. Adaptation of some of the most favourite game characters from Resident Evil games
What I dislike about the movie:
  1. Some awkward slow motion scenes
  2. Some weird response and reaction by the characters

This movie deserves a 7.5/10.0!

It is an entertaining film if you can accept the fact that the story is different from the one in games! Overall, it is quite fun and entertaining!

However, for those who don’t like the previous 4 Resident Evil movies, I think you guys will dislike this movie too.

(Reviewed by W.L Jack, blogger for

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