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Thursday, 17 January 2013

"27th Samsung Galaxy Golden Disk Award" Coverage

"27th Samsung Galaxy Golden Disk Award" Coverage (Special Thanks to CORNETTO MALAYSIA)

A few days ago on 15th and 16th January 2013, one of the grandest KPOP EVENT has invaded Malaysia @ Sepang International Circuit! It's the 27th Samsung Galaxy Golden Disk Award!

Although it is an award event, it actually feels like A GRAND CONCERT featuring MANY MANY POPULAR Kpop Groups such as T-ara, KARA, 4 Minute, Super Junior, FT Island, G.Dragon, Epik High, Sistar and etc. All of them have provided the audience with a lot of very very nice performance which has surely made the day for all the KPOP Fans!

Here's some photos which I have taken throughout both day of the event:

Day 1 photo:

With so many Popular Kpop idols in this event, the whole Sepang International Circuit was flooded with audience!

Day 2 Photo:

Get your CRAYON! 
For more photo, you can view it at my FACEBOOK PAGE Photo Gallery:
27th Samsung Galaxy Golden Disk Awards Photo Gallery

Anyway, here's the lists of winner for both Day 1 and Day 2:

Day 1 Winners:

Album of the Year: Super Junior (Sexy, Free & Single)

Golden Disk Award Album Division: Infinite (Infinitize) / B1A4 (The B1A4) / FT Island (Grown-Up)/ CNBLUE (3rd Mini Album Ear Fun) / 4minute (Volume Up)/Beast (Midnight Sun) / KARA (Pandora)/ Super Junior (Sexy, Free & Single) /SHINee (Sherlock)

New Rising K-POP Star: EXO / JUNIEL

MSN Southeast Asia Award: Super Junior

JTBC Best Artiste: Beast

Malaysia’s Most Favorite: CNBLUE / KARA

Next Generation Star: BTOB

Most Popular Star: SHINee

Producer of the Year: Han Seong Ho of FNC

Best Dance Performance: Hyuna & Hyun Seung (Trouble Maker)

Best Group Performance: Infinite

Day 2 Winners:

Song of the Year: PSY (GangNam Style)
Golden Disk Award Song Division: T-ara (Lovey Dovey)/miss A (Touch)/Sistar (Alone)/2NE1 (I Love You) /Heo-Gak/f(x) (Electric Shock)/BIGBANG (Fantastic Baby)/K.will (I Need You)/Secret (Poison)/'G-Dragon (Crayon)/PSY (GangNam Style)

New Rising K-POP Star: B.A.P / Lee HI / Ailee

Single Album of the Year: Teen Top (It’s)

Best HIP HOP Star: Epik High (UP)

MSN International Award: BIG BANG

Galaxy Star Award: Sistar

CeCi Popularity Award: G-Dragon

InStyle Fashionista Award: Lee Hong Ki

By the way, I would like to take the opportunity to truly thanks CORNETTO  for giving me the opportunity to attend the event with a VVIP (all access) Pass!

Thanks to CORNETTO, I was able to see it with my own eyes all of the AMAZING Moments whereby my favourite KPOP artists performed right in front of me!

And thanks to CORNETTO, I have this golden opportunity to do a COVERAGE on this event!

Me and the  VVIP passes from CORNETTO!
That's all for now! Remember to check out my photo album in my FB Page for more photos ya!
FB Photo Gallery

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