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Wednesday, 9 January 2013

SAMSUNG THE MAIN SPONSOR for 27th Golden Disk Awards!

SAMSUNG THE MAIN SPONSOR for 27th Golden Disk Awards!

Annyeonghaseyo! As mentioned in two of my previous blog post! Yup! One of the greatest Kpop event is about to invade Malaysia soon! I have blogged about the details of the event and also blogged about the OFFICIAL TELCO for the event! 

Now, I am leaving the best part of the event for the last,which is to blog about THE MAIN SPONSOR which has MADE OUR DREAMS COME TRUE! 

YUP! It's none other than the BELOVED South Korea Company SAMSUNG!

The details are as below:
Date: 15th January 2013 (Tuesday) & 16th January 2013 (Wednesday)
Time: 7:30pm till 10:30pm (for both days)
Venue: Sepang International Circuit, Malaysia

Well,what do I expect in the award?

A vast amount of cool and DAEBAK performance from all of my favourite KPOP celebrities!
With Music and dances which are going to rock your body!

A massive amount of crowd consisting of people with the same interest in KPOP culture!
Like a GRAND Gathering of fans and celebrities in one venue!
I can expect a lot of noises will be made by the fans when their favourite idol granted with awards!

A flooding of JOY and EXCITEMENT that's gonna be ONE OF THE BEST EVER!

The attendance list

Oh yeah! Just in case you haven't knew about it yet, one of the coolest updates is the list of performance:

Wanna feel the "POISON" from SECRET?
You know they are TROUBLE MAKER! But I am sure you would feel the same as me, feeling like wanna whistle the same whistling sound inside the song! And anticipating for this HOT DUET to perform LIVE! :)
I am sure there will be a lot of shouts when the girls saw the SEXY, FREE & SINGLE SUPER JUNIOR comes on stage!
Sexy eyes, sexy nose, sexy mouth~~ Oh my goodness, I am sure a lot of guys will indulge in the SEXY LOVE with
Let's have a BEAUTIFUL NIGHT with the FICTION that is going to be brought to you by BEAST!
Let's get VOLUME UP with 4 Minutes!
And of course there are MANY MANY more to expect from this event! The performance by other performers such as B1A4, K.Will, SISTAR, f(x).....So many till it's feel like a unbelievable dream!

Personally I really really wish to see the artists below to perform:

STEP! MISTER! All of their songs are superb!

Luckily, I manage to see them LIVE during MTV World Stage that day. If not, I would be regretting my whole life! Hmm..but really really wish can see them again once more...
Hope can see them perform PANDORA! 

PANDORA is one of Kara's latest song, it is really catchy and the dance choreography in the music video is AWESOME! 

I also hope can see these girls WIN some awards during this event!

And, I am also very glad, because one the members of KARA, Nicole is going to be one of the host emcee of the night! She's charismatic, and with her around, the event will surely be lively!

Other than Kara, I also really wish to see him.

Why so serious? And his significant "HAH?" words during his song totally stuck inside my mind all the time!

He is really ONE OF A KIND! He makes me realize that CRAYON can actually be a catchy word for a Dancing-stimulating song!

To be honest, one of my biggest regrets of life is, not being able to attend BIGBANG ALIVE TOUR CONCERT! 

Actually, I really hope all members of BIG BANG can come again..because they are one of my favourite KPOP Group!

Really hope there won't be more regrets! Wish to attend the 27th GOLDEN DISK AWARD!
But sadly, I do not have any tickets or passes... :-(

Hey, but, readers and fans, got a news to share with you guys. As I have mentioned from the starting of this post that the MAIN SPONSOR is SAMSUNG,right?
SAMSUNG is kind enough to provide a golden opportunity for all of us to grab a chance to win the tickets to attend this event!

How to win the tickets? Check out the description below:

First of all, you need to like SAMSUNG MOBILE MALAYSIA PAGE:

Then, you should check out the apps below:

All you need to do, is just submit a video to the apps, like how you do it down here:

Then, you will enter into a screen and you can start recording your videos:
Me using the apps and clarifying"I AM KPOP FANS!"

It is actually a very cool apps! I have tried using it! Other than can be used to record your video, you can use it for viewing pleasures.

There are a plenty of cool videos submitted by other users. Some of them are really talented and some of them are really funny and entertaining! In support to our love in KPOP! Let's go and submit a video!
Stand a chance to win tickets as well!

Besides, it's really a brave attempt for the guys to try out the video submission, so let's COME AND SUPPORT them by LEAVING SOME ENCOURAGING COMMENTS,ok? :-)

Below are some of the entries whereby I have left some comments in it!

Well,some contestant can sing quite well. So, I have left some encouraging comments!
And some contestant has submitted some funny videos which can definitely bring you some laughter!
So, this apps is really a fun apps to be used. Go check it out,peeps!
Who knows? Maybe you can become the winner in the video contest?
And then you can watch your favourite KPOP idols LIVE in the upcoming 27th Golden Disk Awards!

Once again, a million thanks to SAMSUNG for being the main sponsor for the event!

Anyway, I have always been a super Kpop fans since last time, and this time I really wish that I can attend the awards. I love to make coverage for events, especially Kpop events.

But sadly my POCKET is EMPTY, my ACCOUNT is EMPTY, and it's AN EMPTY DREAM for me if I could only dream of going to this event but not going there for real!

I hope Nuffnang and Samsung can give me an opportunity to attend this event! If I could attend the event, I swear I will surely update on the events ASAP via my FB page or twitter! Can you guys be the genie to grant my wish? :)

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