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Sunday, 30 June 2013

Press Conference: Astro On Demand Triumph In The Skies II "冲上云霄 II" 记者会 Coverage

28th June 2013 – The wait is over. After 10 years, fans of popular TVB drma “Triumph In The Skies” can now rejoice as Astro bring the series and the all-cast members to Malaysia.

The original cast members Francis Ng, Ron Ng and Nancy Wu joined by new cast members, Chilam Cheung and Fala Chen have made their first overseas appearance to promote their new “Triumph In The Skies II” which is going to be premiered in Malaysia Astro On Demand (CH 361) and also in the stunning High Definition (HD) on the recently launched Astro On Demand HD (CH 350).

Press Conference Of “Triumph In The Skies II” in Malaysia:
Date: 28th June, 2013 (Friday)
Time: 7.00 pm
Venue: D’Italiane Restaurant, Paradigm Mall (Ground Floor)

A few media and bloggers were invited to take part in the press conference of “Triumph In The Skies II”. At around 7.00pm, the artists have arrived at the restaurant. They were greeted by all of the media members. Photographs have been taken as they walked from the entrance to the stage in the restaurant.
First, they have introduced a little on the drama. This time around, they have travelled to more places as compared to the previous one. Francis Ng mentioned that one of his most memorable moments during the drama shooting, is, when they get to go eat at Paris.

Q: How do the casts felt about the drama shooting?
-Most of them were asked regarding their experience with Francis Ng, as he was one of the best movie actor in Hong Kong. So, Ron, Nancy and Fala were asked whether they felt any pressure while doing the same drama with Francis. Ron, despite being the “younger brother” to Francis in both the first and sequel of the drama, stated that he would still feel a bit scared when working with Francis. He said that Francis likes to pinpoint him when he made a mistake. Either way, all three of them Ron, Nancy and Fala agreed that Francis is actually a very humorous person behind the scene.

-Regarding Chilam’s experience for being newly introduced into the film, he said that it was okay for him as his role is also a new character in the drama. So basically there aren’t many worries for him to adapt with his work in this drama.

- Francis claimed that the production of this drama has actually allowed them to play their roles without much restriction. They did not need to follow the scripts too rigidly as contrary to other dramas whereby the actors have to act based on what the directors want. This drama gave them the freedom to act according to their own will and the director will expand their characters based on the personalities set by the actors themselves. He joked that, Ron always created his own dialogues in the dramas.

The conversation of the casts can be found at the link below:

Other media members were also given a chance to ask the casts some questions.
One of the media members asked Fala regarding her relationship in real life. But Fala has responded cleverly that the main spot light for the conference this time should be about the drama. In the end, she just asked all of the media members to continue to support this drama!

That’s all for the press conference coverage. The On-Ground Event coverage will be published soon. Stay Tuned!

Million thanks to Astro for giving me a chance to take part in this promo tour event!

(Articles posted by W.L Jack. The similar article can also be found in admin’s page

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