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Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Coverage: 羅志祥 【獅子吼】全馬唯一一場大型媒體歌迷見面會 Show Luo’s “Lion Roar” Press Conference + Autograph @ Paradigm Mall (27th December 2013)

Coverage: 羅志祥 【獅子吼】全馬唯一一場大型媒體歌迷見面會 Show Luo’s “Lion Roar” Press Conference + Autograph @ Paradigm Mall (27th December 2013)

Kuala Lumpur, 30th December 2013- Just a few days ago, Show Luo羅志祥 has come over to Malaysia for a promo tour of his latest album 【獅子吼】(“Lion Roar”).

Date: 27th December 2013
Venue: Paradigm Mall

After 19 years of involvement in the entertainment career, Show Luo has surfaced as the Asian legendary king of dancing. Currently, this is his 10th album and it is his first album being released in his New Recording Company, Sony Music.

Show Luo's 10th Album! Powered by New Recording Company Sony Music!
In this latest album, Show has tried a few new attempts with the great support from his new company. He has produced 4 songs by himself in this album. Besides, this album has also allowed him to have some collaboration with a few prominent female celebrities such as Gain from Brown Eyed Girls, Shu Qi and Ah Sa (Charlene Choi).

Phillipe & David Blond, the men behind Show Luo's costume fashion in this album!
Apart from that, Show has also cooperated with Phillipe & David Blond who have worked with many western celebrities before such as Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry and etc. This is the first time for Phillipe & David Blond to work as fashion designer for a Chinese singer. Both of them have designed costume sets which were unique and exclusive for Show Luo!
During the event, many SFC (Show Fans Club) members have shown up and waited there for quite some time before the event started. All of them waited eagerly to witness their favourite idol LIVE in front of them!

On that night, Show Luo has appeared with a golden hair and a black t-shirt. He has greeted the Malaysian fans in Cantonese.  

Q&A session with Show Luo!
During the media Q&A with Show Luo, he mentioned that his schedule is already all packed up and he would be busy till 2016. He wished that he could get more sleep in between. Other than that, he was asked regarding his buddy, Jay Chou’s news. He responded that he has no idea of it. When he was asked whether he has any good news to share, he replied jokingkly, “What good news do you guys expect to hear? I am pregnant.”

About his love life and relationship, he admitted that he hope to get into relationship in the future, but currently he still preferred to be single. The reason is, he likes to do things which he enjoyed, focus in his work and spend more time with his mother. Due to all of these commitments, to him, relationship is currently something less priority in his life.

Meeting The Malaysian Fans! Show Fans Club were hyped up!
During his meet-and-greet session, he said that the Malaysian fans were quite shy that night. The emcee then asked the fans to do a louder “lion roar”! The fans screamed and cheered. Show seems smiling when the fans were so supportive!

He said that there were some people who commented that he looked like a Thailand transsexual. However, instead of feeling sad, he was quite happy because he thinks that Thailand transsexuals are very pretty.

Apart from all these, Show has also taken photos with some lucky fans on stage. He also has an autograph session for his fans that have purchased his latest album.

Below is the information about Show Luo’s songs in his latest album “Lion Roar”:
(Provided by Sony Music Malaysia press release)
時尚流行電氣舞曲再進化, 金曲製作人小安操刀, 小安老師說:「每次和求新求變的小豬合作都很有挑戰性,這次的作品結合electro-hophouse以及dubstep的元素,期待看到小豬更顛覆突破的演出」。
2. 愛騙我
小豬以第三者角度自剖多年前失戀心情,親自創作R&B 情歌, 跟製作人畢國勇 K.Y.B 合作.聽小豬唱出在愛情中受過的傷,謊言總是感情的殺手。
小豬藉由創作寫出被誤解的心情,邀來一同工作12年的堂弟兼助理阿松填詞,兄弟倆齊力寫下「羅氏」創作,嘻哈加強烈重拍曲風 ,態度爆裂.感受獅子吼般的氣勢!
由製作人阿弟仔量身打造節奏重拍電音舞曲.就讓音波震翻耳膜,阿弟仔老師說:「小豬是一個上進的歌手,一個努力的舞者,一個用功的音樂人! 他叫羅志祥,一個值得我們好好幫他的藝人」。
小豬寫給父親的真情創作 ,其中編曲還特別加入父親最愛的老歌「青春嶺」旋律.除了唱出對父親的思念,更提醒聽眾要把握當下珍惜身邊所有的人!

The event was definitely a treat for Show’s fans! Million thanks to Sony Music Malaysia for the coverage opportunity!

Photograph credits: ZhiChao
Photograph edited and article written by: WLJack

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