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Monday, 24 February 2014

The Journey《一路有你》Broke Malaysia Record with RM 12.92 Million Box Office Sales!

The Journey《一路有你》Broke Malaysia Record with RM 12.92 Million Box Office Sales!

Achievement of Malaysia’s No.1 Local Movie!

Kuala Lumpur, 24th February 2014 – With the great support from the whole nation, it is a pleasure to announce that Astro Shaw’s Production: “The Journey” has finally broken the Malaysia record with total of RM 12.92 million Box Office Sales as on 23rd February 2014! This is definitely a historical moment to be remembered!

“Nation Director”, 周青元(Chiu导)[CHIU], was very surprised and found it unbelievable that the movie could reach such an achievement.

He humbly stated that, “
 “It was a miracle that 《一路有你》 The Journey” could achieve such a good result today. The movie has been giving me (CHIU) a lot of surprises everyday. Besides, recently many people were also discussing about the movie via social media and spreading the love and emotion in the movie to the others. We were even more delightful as the movie has received positive remarks from audience of different races as well. This is something beyond our own expectation.  It is a very touching, grateful and historical moment. This movie is a Nation Movie which involves the efforts from everyone of different races who have worked together to achieve the current success today! Thus, the achievement belongs to every MALAYSIAN!”

Director CHIU’s Original Reply in Mandarin:

Despite it is the 4th week for “The Journey” to be shown in the cinema, the box office sales is still very promising! Last week (20th February 2014-23rd February), the movie has sold a total of RM 2.22 million and became the best-selling local movie for the last weekend. And now, after 25 days of screening, it has broken the record with RM12.92 million box office sales and became the No.1 Malaysia Local Movie now!

In order to thank the audience for such a great result, “The Sofaman” who has gained a lot of affection from the audience, Ben Pfeiffer will be coming back to Malaysia soon for a series of activities to thank the audience!

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