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Sunday, 19 October 2014

“Deepsea Challenge 3D” Movie Review

“Deepsea Challenge 3D” Movie Review

Not all places on Earth have been visited before. There are places on Earth itself which is as remote from us as distant planets. After years of work, a team of engineers led by National Geographic Explorer-in-Residence & prominent filmmaker James Cameron (“Avatar”, “Titanic”) has built a high-technology submersible that allows humans to visit the deepest part of this hidden world that lies in the ocean.

The National Geographic film DEEPSEA CHALLENGE 3D records the astounding journey of Cameron and members of his engineering and science team as they prepare to make history, fulfilling lifelong dreams in the process.

How Cameron’s journey started in exploring the sea?

What awaits Cameron deep down the sea?

Let’s witness the historical moments of deepsea exploration in your nearest cinema now! In 3D!

Deepsea Challenge 3D follows the real-life story of James Cameron, the man who brought us the movies of “Avatar” and “Titanic”. It has always been his dream to explore the mysteries of the ocean. His interest has begun since he was a child, inspired by the “Undersea World of Jacques Cousteau”. This movie is the complete documentation of him achieving that dream.

Since it is a real life story, the plot quality of such movie genre usually varies according to the subject. However, James Cameron’s life itself is a very interesting asset to be shared with the audiences. He has done many amazing things in life and the movie was able to capture a lot of these moments and present it thoroughly on the big screen.

The pacing is a bit slow at some scenes as they are actually the real footage of his exploration deep down the sea. Otherwise, the chronology of his team preparing for the deepsea exploration is delivered in a smooth pacing.

Most of the scenes are LIVE taken footage and I am really impressed at how determined they are in achieving their dreams. Plus, the details they have provided in this movie are really comprehensive. We even get to see some of the rare creatures deep down in the ocean as they are being brought in front of our eyes in 3D!

Besides all these, I need to praise the musical scores in this movie. Despite being a documentary video, the background soundtracks are very powerful and as epic as a blockbuster movie. I really enjoy the music very much!

Apart from that, this movie is actually really educational and inspiring. A lot of the scenes and footages have been associated with speeches by either James Cameron or his teammates. These lines are either science facts or really inspirational quotes by Cameron himself!

The movie is actually a really good documentary movie with very little flaws. Although some scenes are really slowly-paced but they are really interesting if you love science. However, some might doze off during these scenes. Besides, some scenes felt like commercial ads for James Cameron as they have highlighted on his passion and past achievements a bit more than expected.

What I like about the movie:
  1. James Cameron’s life is amazing!
  2. Real life footage presented in a comprehensive chronological order.
  3. Great background music.
  4. Scientific and inspirational.

What I dislike about the movie:
  1. Pacing might be a bit slow at some scenes.
  2. Commercial like scenes.

This movie deserves a 7.0/10.0!

“Ever dreamt of looking at the deeper part of the sea? You can watch it here in this movie!” –WLJack

“A good documentary movie but not for everyone!” – Fellow reviewer, Jose Yap

Highly recommended to those who love National Geographic and for those who love science!

If you are not the type who enjoy documentary movies, this is not for you and there are many other choices of movies in the cinema now!

Million thanks to GSC Movies for inviting me to the premiere screening of the movie.

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